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Show us your Guns!

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by Undertow, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Following are a few pics of some of the vintage rifles in my collection.

    The picture bellow is of my WWI Western Front rifles.


    From top to bottom they are:

    Berthier Mousqueton d'Artillerie Modèle 1892

    Lebel Mle 1886 M93

    Gewehr 98

    Lee-Enfield SMLE MKIII*

    M1903 Springfield

    The following picture is of a 1949 Savage 99 in .300 that I recently inherited.


    While not a "firearm" in the traditional sense it still fires things that go "BOOM" and could easily take out anything encountered in "The Lost World". It is also the crown-jewel in my armory.


    She is a fully functional WWI German Granatenwerfer 16 affectionately named "Belching Bertha".

  2. While no great fan of militaralia, you display is impressive. On the other hand, I do love that Savage 99!
  3. No worries mate - militaria isn't everyone's cup of tea; and many thanks for the compliment on the display and the Savage.

    I have several bits-n-bobs of WWI kit that work wonderfully for high adventure in all parts of the world.
  4. Welcome Correus, I DO like militaria and love your collection. Three WW1 firearms here, a 1915 P-08 with Imperial Acceptance marks, a 1917 built Colt 1911 and a November 1917 S&W 1917.
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  5. Cool...

    I've never really been into the pistol side of firearms. However - I'm supposed to receive a 1916 P-08 and an M1911 dated either '17 or '18 (not sure which) from the same relative I inherited the Savage from. They have not gotten to the pistols yet, they are still going through the rifles and shotguns.

    The relative's "official" will left everything to a single family member with instructions to dispose of items as they had discussed. In the years before he died he was saying things like "be sure so-n-so gets this" and "you know who this should go to" - that sort of thing; yet he omitted a lot. Everyone in the family knows I'm into WWI so that's why I'm the one who's "supposed" to get them. He also had a couple Russian and a Japanese pistol from WWI but I'm not really interested in those. He also had a couple WWII Lugers, his issued M1911 and a couple Japanese pistols as well. Not really interested in those either.

    There's another safe that contains more rifles and shotguns. I'm hoping there might be a Winchester M97 Trench Gun!
  6. Nice, That Savage looks like one I lucked into at a gunshow about ten years ago, also in .300 Savage. Mine is an EG model as that one appears to be, and I think about a 1957 vintage. It came with a Weaver K4 scope with one of the Lee dot reticules.
  7. Sweet....

    Does yours have the rubber recoil pad?

    Mine has Weaver mounts but a Lyman All-American 4X scope.

    Unfortunately I recently found out that the one I've inherited has been heavily modified. It was made in 1949 and it was not originally tapped for a scope, nore did it come with swivel sling attachments. These were added later but no clue as to when.

    The worst part though is that danged butt pad! The EG versions didn't come this way evidently, they had iron butt plates. At some point SWMBO's grandfather cut the stock down and added the pad!!!! About the best I can do is take it to a gunsmith and have "grind to fit black plates" added.

    Oh well...I don't want it for it's value or collectability, I want it because of who it came from. It doesn't hurt that it is a nice big game rifle and will look cool with the Land Rover!!!

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  8. Well put. The personal connection far outweighs the vagaries of the market.
  9. Yesteryear

    Yesteryear One of the Regulars

    Brand new Smith&Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, added to my trusty Shield 45. I couldn't pass up on another one, with the current $75 rebate sale going on right now.

    Disassembled for pre-range inspection/cleaning.
  10. Well, I got the 1911 Bob-tailed today. Man, it feels SO good in the hand and carrying it IWB was a pleasure. Fusion Firearms makes the MSH, Novak rear sight and a Williams fiber optic bar up front. G10 grips and a Wilson checkered front strap piece round it out.
  11. MikePotts

    MikePotts Practically Family

    Those Wilson chequered front straps are awesome :

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  12. Mine has a red ventilat red recoil pad, sling swivels and the Weaver scope is in a on piece Redfield mount. The receiver also appears to have been D/T for a receiver sight. Considering that it's a bit over 60 years old, around ten years younger than myself, it's in good shape. Has a rather nice trigger pull for a lever rifle too. It's a gun you just don't see very often in this part of the country.
  13. And those strips fit a Sig 220 as well
  14. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    G-Baer Thunder Ranch Bobtail.jpg G-Fusion Bobtail.jpg
    Pretty hard not to like a bobtailed 1911.
  15. Nice....

    I saw one for sale last Saturday at a local gunship - $1,599.
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  16. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Just got this airsoft pistol in. Reminded me of the AMT Hardballer from The Terminator (1984), although it's just a generic .45 longslide:
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  17. Well, I've been trying to post other photos and it tells me the file is to big. Had another Jäger flinter to post. They are all just like Earlier photo. Dunno,,, can't make em smaller on this iPhone.

    Oh well. Trying to get caught up here! Very nice piece being posted. Some real beauties. Sorry my visits are short and sweet now.


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  18. BobHufford

    BobHufford My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Glad to see you back Bob. I've been using this image sizing app and it works quite well.


    Looking forward to more pics of your guns once you have the images resized.
  19. Bob, hope you've been scarce for good [fun] reasons!
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  20. Kirk H.

    Kirk H. One Too Many


    My latest 45. A Sig P320 Carry.

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