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Single Button Double Breasted Suit??

Discussion in 'Suits' started by PackRedman, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Hello All,
    I recently came across a picture of a suit that cut like a double breasted suit but with only a single button. It is almost like a square hemmed single breasted suit but there is too much over lap of fabric for it just to be that. Does anyone have any more information on this style of suit or is it a new modern twist on a double breasted suit. Either way, I must say the style has rather grown on me.
  2. Mathematicus

    Mathematicus One of the Regulars

    I have seen things like that in many late 80s garments, but especially on overcoats. Never been a fan as it looks unbalanced to my eyes; however, it is easy to add the corresponding button on the left side and maybe two decorative buttons above to make it into a 4 X 1 double breasted which I like more.

    Regardless on what I think, if you like it and it fits well I see definitely nothing wrong on that. It may be tough, however, to make it fit right if you don't have an athletic physique. By the way, the fabric of that suit is very nice.
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  3. I don't think I've ever seen anything exactly like this as vintage (though it has, to my eyes, echoes of some WW2 and post-WW2 military stuff, especially in the East Bloc where I can see saving on buttons appealed for basic workwear type uniforms). I would suspect it's simply a modern fashion affectation.
  4. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    That's a mess.
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  5. There is one view that counts.


    I think it needs a second button, for balance, but that of course would render it a traditional double breasted suit.
  6. Dirk Wainscotting

    Dirk Wainscotting A-List Customer

    Must be a modern fashion twist, but I think it looks fine. I didn't know the polo/roll neck and suit had come back into vogue (or the axe-murderer stare).

    There have been all sorts of unusual jacket configurations, in the film The Wrong Arm of the Law Peter Sellers is wearing a SB jacket with hidden, fly-front buttons which also has four visible buttons on it arranged as if it's a DB!
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  7. Patrick Hall

    Patrick Hall Practically Family

    I think it's a confusing single-double-breasted hybrid. But then I'm not even a fan of two button double breasted coats. I think you need at least four for things to look balanced.
  8. Thanks for the all the information guys. It is much appreciated. I doubt it is something that I would end up owning but I thought it was an interesting design. I am big fan of Asymmetry and I love the cut and fabric of the whole suit (especially the trousers).
  9. Tiki Tom

    Tiki Tom Practically Family

    Interesting. I have never seen the likes. Looks vaguely 1960ish. Maybe its the turtleneck. Wouldn't wear it myself: not a fan of "one" button, plus (as noted) could be seen as unbalanced. That having been said, I think the gentleman in the picture does pull it off. The fabric is lovely. It may be a rare photo of an attempt at sprezzatura that actually works. (The whole look, I mean. Looks very relaxed/casual yet put-together. Eye catching, but not fussy.) Sorry, I apparently love using the S-word.

    Okay, Dirk, that got a laugh out of me. Thanks.
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  10. Saves me the trouble of typing. ⇧ What he said.
  11. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    Must be a Huntsman if it only had one button!!

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  12. Very original indeed... And what about a more traditional but still advanced 4x1, to add some more balance to it?
  13. The jacket needs more buttons and lapel to qualify.
  14. super17

    super17 New in Town

    Based on the cut of the jacket I wouldn't add any other button.
    I actually prefer it as it is.

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