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Sited in Harrogate

Discussion in 'The Front Parlor' started by KittyTwoShoes, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. KittyTwoShoes

    KittyTwoShoes New in Town

    I was shopping at M&S in Harrogate and saw a gal with a wonderful vintage ensemble on. Despite having a rainy day, she looked fantastic. I'm not sure if we have any Yorkshire members on the forums. Hair and makeup were perfect as was the outfit ensemble.

    We have quite a number of vintage shops in Harrogate that sell authentic dresses, furniture, etc from WWII era and onward and many of the Yorkshire villages and towns hold special WWII era 'days' throughout the year.
  2. GHT

    GHT My Mail is Forwarded Here

    You might be interested about A night at the museum with a roaring 20s twist. The event takes place at York's National Rail Museum. It's themed around the 1920's because of the newly restored Flying Scotsman, which was originally built in 1923. The party is on the 28th of April and there's no entry fee.
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  3. I'll be going to that then.....but what to wear?
  4. Re the lady in M&S , we go to Harrogate to stay at The Old Swan (where Agatha Christie disappeared to) frequently and do some antique and vintage shopping.
    There in an antiques quater down in the Montpellier area and there is a lady who runs a shop(Elegant Era) selling vintage repro dresses, good ones made in the UK not at silly prices.
    The lady who runs the shop is always dressed full on fifties and nicely turned out. ..The Montpellier pub around the corner is well worth a visit for great food and fine English ales!
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  5. GHT

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    Well for what it's worth, if the weather is really cold, I shall wear the zoot suit:
    But what I would like to wear is a linen suit that has a sewn in half belt at the back, it's new, I haven't had the chance to pose in it yet.
    blue linen.jpg
    blue linen 1.jpg
    To complete the outfit I have an original 1920's tie with an art deco style and this reproduction round collar. The original would have been detached.
    blue linen 2.jpg
    Hat & shoes to finish off the look:
    My wife will probably make some 1920's outfit, she made a fringed dress sometime ago but rarely wears it to themed parties because, as she puts it, you can buy fancy dress ones for a tenner, she's right and naff though they are, her classy one still looks similar. A good snob is my missus.
    That sounds interesting, I might look that up instead of staying in expensive York. I also hate having to take pot luck on a Travelodge. Thanks for the heads up
  6. They regularly have offers on, £99 per night bed, breakfast, evening meal and room for two people...free parking and easy walking into Harrogate. ...decent charity shops, Space Vintage &Retro and the Montpellier antique quarter makes worth while....stop off at Ilkley on way back for charity shops too!
  7. KittyTwoShoes

    KittyTwoShoes New in Town

    There are vintage stores down Cold Bath Road as well - both clothing and furniture. We enjoy browsing through Space Vintage and Retro, and even name dropped Fedora Lounge as the folks there never heard of this forum before.

    As I'm in the 'big momma' sizes (or Chubbettes range back in the day), I love browsing the vintage stores for clothing, but with my size, I find Lindy Bop works for me at the moment.
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  8. GHT

    GHT My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Have you heard of Lady V London? They too have a range for all sizes. Click on the link then look for Lady Voluptuous.
    If you go to any of the vintage inspired events like Twinwood or Pickering, look out for a lady who sells goods from America. From Las Vegas actually. The US company is called Vintage Vandalizm. You can buy direct from them, but you do have the cost of post and packaging and, if your purchase is big enough, import duty. I can't remember the British lady's name, but if I recall it, I'll let you know.
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