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So trivial, yet it really ticks you off.

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by GHT, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. No matter how you slice it, it's still "liberty cabbage."
  2. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    A difficult divorce and the Teutonic side of the EU equation seems none too pleased by the breakup. I think PM May will prove an excellent Prime Minister.
  3. GHT

    GHT My Mail is Forwarded Here

    There are those of whom are not of her political persuasion who will think differently, but ever since she came to office she's been attacked all round for her, you won't believe this, her shoe collection. She's also had to deal with those who question her childless state. Yep! When it comes down to the big issues, you can forget Trump, the resurgence of Putin, Islamic State and all the world's turmoils and hotspots. A Prime Minister without kids and lots of shoes, you cannot be serious.
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  4. People who forget to put the settings back to normal after watching a DVD because afterward when I want to watch TV I always have difficulty with the remote! :mad:
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  5. "We've come so far."
  6. Fortunately, the press here seems to have moved on from Trump's hair (granted, God knows what is really going on up there), because for awhile during the campaign, it was mentioned all the time.

    Whatever you feel about Brexit, May did not draw an easy card having to navigate the country through that (I'll leave it at that, don't want to cross the political line).

    If the British Public wanted to, could it vote to eliminate the monarchy? The reason I ask is it voted to leave the EU, so where does the public's power to call the shots stop regarding our very recent discussion on the monarchy?
  7. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    The question of Brexit and thoroughbreds in-out UK and EU came up recently, and Ms May's shoes were mentioned-also that she once owned a thoroughbred.
    So, the Englishmen were of a consensus that all else didn't matter, she understood the racing business and was probably a closet racetrack degenerate.;)
  8. How do they know how many shoes May has? Like do they watch her feet or talk to her cleaners or....
  9. I wonder if they asked David Cameron how many shoes he had?
  10. I may be making a leap, but I think I see your implication.

    Here's something interesting though. I was out with a large group of friends several months ago when the talk turned (naturally) to the election. It was serious at times and at other times not.

    When it came to Hillary (and you can believe me or not), it was the women, not the men, who were discussing her pants suits, her hair style, etc. in detail (and sometimes catty). To be sure, some men added comments, but it was - trying to be as accurate as I can - 80% or more driven by the women.

    Now everyone jumped on Trump's hair. But no-one talked about his clothes to the best of my memory. IMHO, that is in part because he wears the same basic dark suit / tie combo that 90%+ of our male politicians do.

    And as to shoes, I'm going to say it and if I'm beaten up for it so be it, women are much more aware of other women's shoes than men are of women's shoes. There are all sorts of one-off exceptions, but if you go to a wedding with another couple, on the ride home, the women will be talking about the other women's shoes (and outfits) way more than the men will be.

    I am trying to be factual as to my experience and not biasing my "reporting" and noting where I gave my opinion. But as to it being women talking about women's shoes and dress more than the men - I stand by that as being what I've seen repeatedly in my life.
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  11. I had a lot to say about both candidates during the election, but I can assure you that neither me nor any of my crowd ever discussed either candiate's hair or clothing. I had a lot to say about Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan back in the olden days, but somehow shoes and hair never came up. Even though in both cases the targets were very very tempting.

    That said, I think it's a given that a female politican will be judged on her appearance far, far more often than a male, regardless of the gender of the person doing the judging. A brief dip into the frothing cesspool that was Facebook during the campaign season will prove the point.

    There have been exceptions, of course -- people said Harry Truman dressed like a Kansas City ward heeler and compared Tom Dewey to the man on the wedding cake, others pointed up Winston Churchill's resemblance to a malevolent toad. But female candidates and female celebrities in general will pretty much *always* have this stuff flung at them. This is called "institutional sexism," and men and women both are guilty of perpetuating it.

    I don't need to know about Ms. May's shoe collection. Her views and policies alone are enough for me to form a judgement about her.
  12. Nine. He had nine shoes. Four pairs, and that one shoe, that all men have, who's mate was lost many years ago, but we just can't seem to muster up the courage to throw out the orphan.
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  13. And the funny thing is Truman was a haberdashery man (although, his business failed, so maybe that says something about his attire).

    And you clearly move with a smarter more intellectual crowd than do I - as Trump's hair and Hillary's pants suits came up from time to time as do similar catty comments about other politicians.

  14. With regards to shoes.
    You should visit Italy. ;)

    "Le scarpe sono una cosa molto sacra con gli uomini." :cool:
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  15. I kept an orphan hiking boot for a couple of years. Finally found it's sibling at my oldest daughter's house. She had "borrowed" it for a class (she teaches fourth grade) and never returned it. With the return of that one I was still way over ten.
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  16. Trivial but true.....for me.
    Regular wearing of loose tennis apparel & tennis shoes for a length of time
    after years of suits has made me feel like a "country bumpkin".

    All my hiking, western boots, dress shoes are not as comfortable as before.
    Same with suits & ties.

    I tolerate the bomber jackets because of the soft leather &
    are comfortably warm.

    With the warm weather almost year-round, it's mostly cargo shorts,
    t-shirt & bare foot at home.
    But lately I keep bumping my big toe , so I put on some sneakers
    without socks.

    "Life is grand!". :)
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  17. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    D'accordo, ma Ho visto piu uomini che donne indossano sandali a Roma e Napoli.;)
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  18. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    I noticed this too, and it was unfortunate. I always found Hillary quite attractive, though the issues were punji stakes laid out for her.
  19. Comfort over looks perhaps? :D
  20. Nah, mostly my crowd is working-class millennials. They couldn't possibly care less what a politician wears. They'll criticize each other's clothing and hairstyles, but they pay absolutely zero attention to that of celebrities of any kind.

    Truman was absolutely savaged by the prep-school crowd for his flouncing around in double-breasted pinstripe suits, bow ties, and brown and white wingtip shoes. "Did you SEE that, Dickie? (takes sip of old-fashioned in a glass decorated with sailboats) I tell you, it's just not DONE!"

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