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So trivial, yet it really ticks you off.

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by GHT, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Probably the only circumstances under which the phrase, "We're pregnant!" would be appropriate...as long as those words aren't spoken by the father, that is. :D

    But I agree with you. Regardless of the arrangement, as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult it's fair game and fine by me.
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  2. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    Hand on heart it works for me, she has been my one and only for the last fifty years. Fifty-one if you count what we got up to in the year before we married.
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  3. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    Even Justice Kennedy, penumbrist sage scribe extraordinaire in Obergefell would be hard pressed to squeeze plurality inside 14th Amendment cite.
  4. I'm happy for you. Seriously. I have known other such couples, and they are apparently equally content in their marriages. So they are either sincere or the finest actors the world has ever known.

    Alas, I have known many, many others who ...
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  5. But I ain't Justice Kennedy.
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  6. Congrats. Thats no easy task.
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  7. 3fingers

    3fingers Practically Family

    My reservation with plural marriage beyond the fact that I don't like the idea is quite simply the ability to provide for what amounts to multiple families. My limited exposure to such arrangements has shown what amounts to a baby daddy with the women and children involved dependent on the state for support since the male is unable/unwilling to pay the tab. Legalization of such deals would open up the field for every shiftless T,D&H to get on board. If you can support your lifestyle, knock yourself out, but don't ask the rest of us to subsidize it.
  8. So trivial, yet it really ticks you off.

    The Photobucket 3rd party hosting logo picture where there should be pictures of fedoras.

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  9. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    Thank you Tony.
    Kind of you to say so, thank you.

    Believe me, I don't want our relationship to sound like roses and rainbows. We weathered the storms just like everyone else, it was our good fortune to find the right person at the first attempt, something that I am always grateful of.
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  10. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    Well let's see if we can't put that right. You can't have a fedora without the rest of the ensemble though. Here you go:
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  11. 3fingers

    3fingers Practically Family

    I'm not sure what they were thinking. Uness it was an attempt to grab cash on the way out the door, Photobucket has commited hara-kiri. Extorting your customers never ends well.
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  12. I knew a guy who married the young woman he met, like, a few days earlier. They stayed married, and happily so, by all outward appearances, until he croaked 40-some years later.

    I recall him always talking about her. It was apparent that he was still quite smitten, a good couple of decades into their marriage, when I first made his acquaintance.
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  13. I grew up (in the 80s) down the street from Mr. And Mrs. So-and-so and Mr. So-and-so's buddy from Vietnam.

    I was in college before I figured out that they were a polygamous couple. I should've considered my frequent childhood mistakes, since I thought they were two Mr. So-and-so's and one Mrs. when I met them at parties. And their chuckles at my mistake and my mother's horror should have been clue #1 and #2.

    And Mrs. So-and-so apparently frequently discussed polygamy with my grandmother. Given what little I know of my grandmother (who died 3 years before my birth), her acceptance doesn't surprise me. While by the late 1980s the polygamous couple had become more accepted, my grandmother was one of the few people who visited their house and they were welcome in hers in the 1970s (Or rather my father's house, while he cared for my aging parents. Although I have no qualms saying that while my father's name night have been on the mortgage, it was my grandmother's house until she died.)

    Strong women and all that.

    When I realized in college that they were a polygamous couple, I lost all hesitancy about polygamy. It might not be for me, but the three of them had a 40+ year relationship, only death separated them. I can respect that. Heck, given what I saw of their interactions as a kid, they were some of the most respectful partners I ever met.
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  14. MondoFW

    MondoFW One of the Regulars

    It's a shame, the Lounge lost some great pictures. I find it actually infuriating looking at threads from, like, 2008, and all the participants are praising someone's photographs. I can only sit there thinking, "I wonder what this looked like..."
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  15. That has happened on forums all over the world. I was one of the fortunate and was able to retrieve all of the images I had stored there before they put the site on lockdown and held peoples' photos hostage. I know it's expensive to maintain a website like that, but I'm sure their money problems started long before they chose to discontinue free third-party hosting and they could have found a much better way to handle the problem.
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  16. I received email from photobucket yesterday informing me of new website which will be
    launched in the coming weeks that will offer;

    “unlimited photo hosting” with no limitations on bandwidth consumption.
    Store up to 300,000 photos. Unlimited 3rd party hosting.
    Perfect for forums, blogs and personal websites for 27¢ a day or $99 annually."

    Mac had dumped it in the junk section of my incoming mail. :cool:
  17. $99 annually??? That's quite a difference from the $400 per year that they all but demanded after they blocked all of their "free" users' third-party service. :mad:
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  18. I couldn't agree more. It was how they did it as, as you note, you felt like they were taking you hostage.

    I'm fine with a free site in particular saying we are no longer going to be free. But to do that in a not obnoxious way, (1) explain - at least at a high level - the economics (we lost X, we need Y to break even or we'll have to shut down, etc. - and be honest about this), (2) give your existing customers time to transition (a month at least where we can, without pressure, download our pictures back) (3) offer some "legacy" options - we'll continue to support your old pictures, but no new additions to this "service" (so that all those websites don't go blank) for some reasonable number (Apple charges $1 - $5 a month for additional storage) that isn't $400 a year and, then, (5) offer your new service priced however you want.

    Had they done some version of that, I'd respect and support the company (it's how Apple got me to buy additional storage). But what they did felt like a sneak attack / extortion. Fine, they were - I'm guessing - within their legal rights, but even as they now offer some more reasonable pricing, I'd rather pay more elsewhere than ever give them a dollar. And from what I've read here and elsewhere - a lot of people feel this way.
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  19. This is what is offered as of now. I haven’t kept up with PB to determine if this
    is a revision to bring back customers.
    Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 7.36.57 AM.png
    I have Mac and early on I purchased iPhoto ($25) from Apple which I use to edit/store my files.
    I use the Fedora option to upload images.
    The images that Fedora cannot upload because of the size, I use “Imgur”
    or “TinyPic” so that I can then upload to Fedora Lounge.
    I believe PB owns these and others sites as well.
    I also believe their priority is with the commercial or business customers.
    I agree with Fading Fast with the manner that PB handled the transition
    that has left a sour taste for most non-commercial customers.

    One of the nicest features about Fedora Lounge, is the ability to re-edit
    or delete a post.
    Another is the bartenders or moderators. Of all the forums I visit,
    they are the best with the way they handle things and the vast
    knowledge they provide us.
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  20. Imageshack is holding many of my pics hostage. I had 2 accounts with them & I can't access either.

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