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Spiewak & Sons

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Havana, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Havana

    Havana One of the Regulars

    Hi, I recently saw a couple of great looking, new G-1's at a local Army Surplus store. They appeared to be made to military specs and definitley had a nice military snug fit. The tag was labeled Spiewak and Sons. I believe they were out of New York. Is anyone familiar with this manufacturer? I did quick web search and couldn't find much.
  2. The company actually made contract A-2s during WW2-

  3. jake431

    jake431 Practically Family

    Yep - and they make pretty high quality repros for the Japanese market. But not exactly like their WW2 issue ones which is too bad - same company, still family owned - they have the patterns, but they won't make them from the patterns because people are different now, which is too bad cause the best fitting original A-2 I've ever worn was a Spiewak.

  4. MudInYerEye

    MudInYerEye Practically Family

    Occasionally Kaufmann's Army Navy on 42nd Street will have a few of the Spiewak-Japan items. The B-10 and B-15a are not too shabby and were priced reasonably at around $150-$175, but they aren't in the same league as McCoy's or Rickson's.
  5. jake431

    jake431 Practically Family

    I really wanted one of their B-15A's to kick around in, but when I contacted Spiewak they said they weren't available.

  6. MudInYerEye

    MudInYerEye Practically Family

    Next time I'm near 42nd St I'll stop by and see if they have any left in a 44 or 46 if you are interested.
  7. jake431

    jake431 Practically Family

    That would be great, thanks!
  8. Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange My Mail is Forwarded Here

  9. johnnyjohnny

    johnnyjohnny Practically Family

    spiewak and sons...here's one to look at

    i found a spiewak and sons, probably 70s-90s military spec reissue. nice pix:


    seems they were indeed u.s. world war 2 contractors, but do not seem to make a-2s anymore as i googled them and could find no a-2s in their catalog. anyone know where to find these japanese spiewak a-2s online? i'd like one


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