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" The Great British Hat Makers "

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Chepstow, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. cleaned my 55 meyser sold as a 57 and without me doing much apart from a slight hat jack to hold it whilst i steamed it, fits me fine now. And man that was so tight b4. *shrugs
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  2. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Went to a flea market yesterday and lo and behold: I found another hat (not many to find on the flea markets over here I must say). This one caught my eye right away. Another T&W Lees fedora in Eventide grey. Overwelt brim at 5cm (with contrsting stitching) and crown 10cm at the pinch. I have posted one of these before that was missing it's sweatband and I took the overwelt edge out of. This one has the sweatband pretty much unsaveable and the liner missing. There was no room for negotiations because the asking price was only 1 euro. I will have it restored by Penumbra hatco (replace the sweatband and add a liner). After it's done I'll post it again. This one was imported by Jacobs&Vles of Amsterdam (quite a few of their hats have shown up lately for some reason). House of England was a menswear shop with shops in Amsterdam, Hilversum and Bussum. This is one of their later hats, because the quality of their sweatbands on their earlier hats was far superior. The felt quality is still there though.

    lees eventid_01.jpg lees eventid_02.jpg lees eventid_03.jpg lees eventid_04.jpg lees eventid_05.jpg lees eventid_06.jpg lees eventid_08.jpg lees eventid_09.jpg lees eventid_10.jpg
  3. Pretty impressive find for a shiny new Euro. The restoration story will be followed.
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  4. You did well!!!!!!!
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  5. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Mike, Hatman, thanks. Can't really do any better than this. In the pictures it still looks a bit mottled (I took them before steaming). I'm confident it will turn out to be a very nice looking hat.
  6. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Another hat revisit today (did one in the borsalino brotherhood too). I posted this T&W Lees fedora before, but the pictures then didn't really do it justice. It's more or less the same hat as the one above: Lees fedora in the colour eventide grey, but this one I took the overwelt out of. The sweatband was completely missing so I had to sow one in myself (the first one I did). Still one of my favourite hats. Brim at 5,5cm and crown 10cm at the pinch. Don't mind the grumpy look; it was still early.

    lees eventide_5.jpg lees eventide_2.jpg lees eventide_1.jpg lees eventide_4.jpg lees eventide_3.jpg lees fedora_2.jpg lees eventide.JPG
  7. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Posted this one yesterday in the homburg nation thread, but it belongs here too. Moores homburg in grey (I have one of their homburgs in black too). The colour is called flannel on the label, which is interesting because a T&W Lees hat I posted recently had the same colour name, which makes me wonder if the dyes the factories used may have come from the same source. Size 57, bound brim at 6cm and crown 11cm at the pinch. Fairly stiff, even for a homburg, but very high quality hat. Moores was one of the largest of the English hat manufacturers. Located in Denton, near Manchester, where the factory still stands but is no longer in use of course.

    moores grey_02.jpg moores grey_01.jpg moores grey_03.jpg moores grey_04.jpg moores grey_05.jpg moores grey_06.jpg moores grey_07.jpg moores grey_08.jpg moores grey_09.jpg moores grey_10.jpg
  8. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Another find I did yesterday. I was quite surprised by this one. This is an Englsih hat made for the German market. Its shape and finishing is however completely different from what I would expect from an English hat for the German market. The hat has straight sides and unusual finishing. The ribbon is narrow to medium. The felt quality and finishing is of very high standard however and it fits me like a glove. So all in all a very pleasant surprise. Battersby fedora in brown, size probably 56 (label inside the hat was removed). Raw edge brim at 6,3cm and crown 10,5 cm at the pinch. Lovely coloured liner without any covering of the crown patch. Very unusual is that the bow ends are not stitched to the hat and make a full loop. Battersby was located in Stockport, near Manchester. The factory was in trouble soon after the war (fur shortage in 1949 due to myxomatosis) and in 1956 merged with Woodrow&Sons and again in 1958 with Joseph E. Ward. In 1966 the company was one of the five to merge into Associated British Hat Manufacturers. This one I think dates from the early fifties.
    Rest of the pictures in the second post.

    battersby_02.jpg battersby_01.jpg battersby_03.jpg battersby_04.jpg battersby_05.jpg battersby_06.jpg
  9. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Battersby part 2

    battersby_07.jpg battersby_08.jpg battersby_09.jpg battersby_11.jpg battersby_12.JPG
  10. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

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  11. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Bob, thanks. Now and again a hat pops up you don't expect and this certainly was one of those.
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  12. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Karl, thanks. Wait till you see the last two!
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  14. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Steve, thanks. Battersby is not a brand eou see that often. So far I have only seen homburg hats by them, so this one was a no-brainer.
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  16. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Mike, thanks. And to think I left quite a few hats that were just as nice (well maybe a bit less) that I could (and maybe should) have bought as well. Can't save them all I guess.
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  17. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Here's a very interesting one I had to wait for quite a while. Well worth it though. Saml. Mortlock&Son extra quality hat in brown (chocolate according to the label). Size 59 (7 1/4 English), raw edge curled brim at 5,5cm and crown 10,5 cm in front. Just put a centre dent in this one. Not quite sure what to make of this. Looks like a homburg, but doesn't really fit the classic homburg make. There's no brim binding and the ribbon is very narrow (1,2 cm) for a homburg. The hat is unlined. Mortlock was based in London and not a manufacturer (a bit like Lock&Co) but a hatter. Judging by the label it could have been made by T&W Lees or Moores (who have similar labels). I think this one could be late thirties or forties. Sorry guys: this one will probably go to Italy as part of the third hat-exchange.

    mortlock_02.jpg mortlock_01.jpg mortlock_03.jpg mortlock_04.jpg mortlock_05.jpg mortlock_06.jpg mortlock_07.jpg mortlock_09.jpg mortlock_10.jpg
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  18. Cool
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  19. jlee562

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    I believe that would qualify as a Lord's Hat.
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