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The Mummy clothes

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Ken, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Edward, I've searched French Foreign Legion field jackets of that era and come up with several other kinds, but have yet to see this one (except in snapshots from the mummy). If someone knew what to call it (as in, a "bag" can be a rucksack, kepi, or messenger) I think I'd have an easier time finding it... Even if someone could tell me what regiment he was in and what rank he held it would be helpful.

    edit - "Non-commissioned officers were distinguished by red or gold diagonal stripes on the lower sleeves of tunics, vests and greatcoats." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Foreign_Legion So he's a non-commissioned officer, but regiment and style would still be helpful...

    As for the boots, I know the rubber soles wouldn't look period, but I was thinking to paint/coat the sole to look like leather, or at least blend better. I need the tread for hiking/climbing purposes.

    Elmonteman, great shirt! I like this style shirt, and wear it wherever I can.
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  2. After the Great War many Legion units were issued leftover American OD tunics. The duster-like, white Gandourah was also a very popular item as an over-garment. This was in the beginning of the Rif war. They were also issued the standard Mle1920 French great coat, in Legion green. As for a vareuse (jacket) they still have the Mle1901 French Colonial Khaki drill kit. Very much used in the Levant with pith helmet. I have one Lieutenant's Vareuse from the 20's in my collection (and it fits!!!!). I'll try to find a pic of it.

    Actually the typical Legionnaires kit from the Rif was would have consisted of the Mle1914 kepi (or even pith helmet), the Mle1920 Capote or greatcoat, and white drill culottes and chemise. Along with the old style boots and puttees. But this is not always the rule. The old M1867 uniform like you see in all the movies (like the original ones they BURNED up in the Laurel & Hardy movie, Flying Deuces) were long out of service even by 1915! Except for a short issue during the Gallipoli campaign.

    Original Legion equipment and uniforms from this era is a bit difficult to locate and they did have a low survival rate. And when you can find it , it's kinda pricey.

    Vive la Legion!!!!!!

    Avec mon complements........
    "Lieutenant" Renault;
  3. Thank you for the info! Are there any "replica" or civilian equivalents to this jacket? [​IMG]
    and is this the "Mle1920 Capote", or is it something different? if so, what...?
  4. Actually that looks like a Brit Officer's service tunic! But it had French Capitaine rank on the sleeve! The French equivalent of that tunic (vareuse) is the 1939 pattern. I really can't tell as the collars on the two are a little different. The French collars are cut a bit odd. BUT, the pockets look correct for the '39 French pattern. It's hard to tell about the service ribbons. As they are kinda out of sync for anything resembling French.... I believe "What Price Glory" had the Brit officers Service tunics for sale! They look VERY sharp!

  5. Story

    Story I'll Lock Up

    1. Same thought : brass buttons (US tunics had subdued Eagle buttons), bellows pockets.
    Note - flat lower pockets, they'd have to be modified
    The tunic here has bakelite buttons, but bellows pockets

    2. The Captain's rank was caught by the film nerds - supposedly non-French national FFL officers where rare in that time period.
  6. Actually only half true. There were many Brit, White Russian, Swiss officers, (and even a Dane Prince Aage!), in the 20's and 30's, but yes, as a rule, non French officers were a rariety .... Reason for the was due to the loss of so many officers in the French service during the Great War. This opened up billets for much needed officers during the Rif war in Maroc. Probably the most famous of the non French officers in the LE (Legion Etrangere) was a Georgian Prince, Col. "Amil" Amilakvari who commanded the 13eme Demi-Brigade de al Legion Etrangere,
    1er Brigade Francais Libre, in North Africa. He was killed at El Alamein.

    I would wager this vareuse was probably pulled out of movie wardrobe with the rank insignia already in place. Who knows????

  7. Story

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    Considering the effort they put into doing a decent job with the overall period look (vehicles, weapons, clothes), the CPT's rank was probably part of the back story (O'Connell taking over the Legion detachment, after the COL fled).


    Folks over here would be able to give a better idea on the complete outfit
    Check out the weapons bag one of them made
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  8. "(O'Connell taking over the Legion detachment, after the COL fled)."

    LOL! Legion officers do not flee! (I know, it's Hollywood!!!!). But still a bit funny!

  9. Rick O'Connell's Tunic

    I had the same thought regarding the tunic appearing British, but as I know very little of the Legion I wasn't so sure. WPG's tunic [​IMG] is sharp indeeed, and may be just what I'm looking for. I can't tell the fabric type from their pics, but it looks wool and I'm looking for more of a canvas-type. It may still work, however.
    If you look up the insignia on his sleeve it shows he's an NCO, or "Non-commissioned officer" - it's my understanding that the rarity was among commissioned officers, and that quite a few non-french Legionnaires made NCO...

    Story, it seems these are incomplete links?
    This guy seems to have a pretty good outfit put together (for Rick. The others... :p ) Unfortunately, it seems he chose not to make a jacket and I'm looking for something I could use as a Bush-jacket as well as a "costume piece."
    Thank you all for your input, any and all help is appreciated!
  10. "If you look up the insignia on his sleeve it shows he's an NCO, or "Non-commissioned officer" - it's my understanding that the rarity was among commissioned officers, and that quite a few non-french Legionnaires made NCO..."

    Trust me, they are Capitaine's bars on this uniform pictured. Depending on the rate, NCO ranks are on the sleeve at an angle for this time period. And they are much shorter. Or,,, they were a large chevron on the lower sleeve stretching from the bottom seam to the top seam of the cuff. With the point of the chevron pointing up the arm. It all depended on the uniform too! Whether a capote or vareuse. French insignia can be complicated for many!!!!

    As far as a tunic, the one you have posted above is the Brit enlisted mens tunic in wool M1902 .

    However I believe this is the one you seek! Check this link......


  11. Story

    Story I'll Lock Up

    1. Heh. I know the difference, first hand.

    2. Yeah, dumped the root URL in by mistake. In any event, that forum has an open search function. By typing in Mummy, one can find




    Looks like the costume designers fumbled, since a movie synopsis I'd read before bedtime claimed that the O'Connell character was supposed to be a Corporal.
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  12. LOL! And to complicate the issue, in the French military there are TWO Caporal ranks! Caporal and Caporal-Chef! If he were a caporal, he would have had one simple bar at an angle on his sleeve. FYI, many General ranks in the French army, the Caporal rank is worn as a tradition on te upper left sleeve.! This dates back to Napoleon when he was given the rank ceremonially after manning a gun in the Caporal's position, during the Italian campaign!

    All the rank discussion is interesting but pretty moot, once the proper tunic is located!!!!!

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  13. Thank you! :D I may keep looking around a bit, but so far this does seem to be the closest anyone has come to finding it for me. Rank may be important later, but for now as you said, I'm looking for a tunic... Especially as I will use it for more than a "costume piece" but rather an idea board for a good vintage-style travel/adventure/shooting/camping jacket. I'd like it to be styled after Rick O'Connell's, but slight variations are ok, as long as it captures the... panache he carries with him. ;)

    Story, no offense was intended (re NCOs/insignia) I was simply trying to clarify what I had found from research, in case anyone else was reading our thread to get information for their projects... Thanks for the links! their posts seem a bit inconclusive, but I'm sure if I e-mailed or PM them they'd have more info.

    Also found a pair of vintage boots that might work if anyone else is interested, though I still like the others... [​IMG] http://onlinemilitaria.net/shopexd.asp?id=678&bc=no
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  14. Chasseur

    Chasseur Call Me a Cab

    In terms of a non-wool, canvas or twill jacket, like the Mummy jacket, you might look at British style belted bush jackets. WPG has a cheap one:

    During WWII and in the early years of the Indochina War, many French officers and soliders wore British uniforms and kit with French insignia and I have seen photos with them wearing this style of jacket.

    Here is General (later Marshal) Leclerc in one that looks quite similar in the early days of the Indochina war.

  15. Alex Oviatt

    Alex Oviatt A-List Customer

    I have to say that on this topic--or slightly off this topic--that the clothes that David Manners wears in the original The Mummy were spectacular--there was a dinner jacket that he wears, the cut of which takes your breath away....
  16. I'm not sure if this has been addressed in the same thread before, but is Rick O'Connell's jacket in The Mummy 3 supposed to be a U.S. B-3 jacket? Does anybody know a manufacturer that offers the same color tones as his in the movie? Most I see are generally darker than that.

  17. jOshtafarEYE

    jOshtafarEYE New in Town

    Sorry this is such an old thread, but I am really curious at a particular hat shown in The Mummy (first movie)

    There is a character named "Mr.Henderson" he is one of the Americans going to Hamunaptra, has blonde hair. Well, in the beginning of the movie namely the boat scene when everyone is jumping over board and he & the other Americans are shooting their pistols and also very briefly the scene when Hamunaptra first reveals itself.

    He wears a hat in both of those scenes and I would like to know where I can find one myself, it looks fairly generic; I am more interested in that hat because the crown, if I am correct, doesn't rise too high. Finally, is there a specific name to this hat in question or is it just a matter of going out and trying hats on for proper fitment? Although I am afraid it may just be the latter and in that case I apologize ahead of time for wasting yours & my time.
  18. I believe it is supposed to be a B3, but I'm sure if I recollect accurately there is something that gives it away as not an accurate repro - slash pockets or something of the sort. Eastman do a nice Roughwear B3 in a russet hue:


    Aero also do a 'redskin' B3:


    I have one of the WPG versions, and highly recommend it. I just wish I'd bought a green one as well while they were still available.

    Boer War uniforms seem ,to me, to be approaching the correct style, though lacking the lower pockets:

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  19. Are you able to post a picture of it? By the way, your screen name is irie, mon.
  20. jOshtafarEYE

    jOshtafarEYE New in Town

    Dammit, you know I've been looking for pictures all over the internet to no avail. I've tried looking up scene clips on youtube to try and snatch a print screen, but no luck. I guess it doesn't help that he only wears the hat at the beginning of the movie on the boat and shortly there after. The only thing I can suggest is to watch the actual movie and fast forward, but seeing as that is much more of a hassle to do (knowing the internet) I don't expect much response after this, but that B3 jacket is pretty damn nice, I may have to get one myself.
    Oh and thanks, my friend actually gave me the idea, he burned me a CD once and labeled it "Joshta" and I basically took that and made it my own.

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