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Thin, lightweight cafe racer jacket?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by SklounstDraxxer, May 17, 2017.

  1. Wested Leathers do lamb (Doctor Strange's Indy jacket is one of theirs). Wested are a more budget affair price-wise, and perhaps not as classy as the likes of Aero, though much cheaper and certainly very nice for the money. FWIW, I've also owned an Indy in their goat leather, which is a bit tougher than the lamb, but still very light (much lighter than Aero's).

    Yes, it's made from sheep (now..... originally is was from a very specific goat)- I think it's slightly tougher than lamb, but as light. From what I'm aware, I think the sheepskin that Lewis currently offer is basically capeskin... as were most British-made lether jackets back in the day.

    From dictionary.com: "a firm, washable leather used especially for gloves, originally made from the skin of goats from the Cape of Good Hope, but now from hairy lambskin or sheepskin." http://www.dictionary.com/browse/capeskin
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  2. SklounstDraxxer

    SklounstDraxxer Familiar Face

    Yeah, Doctor Strange did recommend Wested to me also. I see that they do make a cafe racer which looks reasonably similar to a Buco J-100: http://www.wested.com/firenze-retro-blouson-style-jacket-in-brown-nappa-lambskin-1691-p.asp. I see that it's in brown lambskin, but I'm assuming they could do the jacket in goatskin.
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  3. Wested does custom work for very reasonable rates, so I'm sure they'd make that one in goatskin. I'd request a cotton lining too, it's much more comfortable than synthetics in warm weather.

    Just don't kid yourself that it's comparable to a far more expensive jacket. Wested's stuff is great for what it is - well-made for the price - but they don't try to compete with the premium makers.

    And, if you haven't already realized: This will be your first cafe racer, but it's unlikely to be your last. Lots of us started with the less-expensive jackets, and after wearing and loving them, decided we needed "more". More authentic details. Better hides. Custom fit. One of THAT kind. One of the OTHER kind...
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  4. SklounstDraxxer

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    My wallet groaneth!
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  5. nick123

    nick123 I'll Lock Up

    Check the classifieds OP if you haven't to get an idea of a DD J-100 in Horween. One's for sale here.
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  6. SklounstDraxxer

    SklounstDraxxer Familiar Face

    Thanks for the tip! Looking now.
  7. Anothwr option might be the Mascot Black Cafe; it's a pretty light hide, authentic to the original late fifties/ early sixties jackets.
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  8. technovox

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    I've owned a couple of goatskin jackets- a Langlitz, a Thedi, and the Levis/Aero Blue Black, among others. My experience with goatskin is that it doesn't really take on much character after years of wear...and I've found the pebbled texture to typically feel a bit "plasticky."
    Whenever I head down to SoCal in the summer, I always choose my Diamond Dave J-100 in the Shinki. It's very light --lighter than my Aero Vicenza(s) and even lighter and thinner than my other Himel Shinki. I've worn it in Laguna Beach on a summer night, and it was perfect. And one of the best fitting jackets I own.

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  9. Doctor Damage

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