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Vanishing cream and cold cream?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Kitty_Sheridan, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Are they the same? I'm reading an article in the 1939 Film Review book and it talks about vanishing cream a lot! Can you still buy it? I know you can stil buy cold cream.
  2. Not the same - I believe Vanishing Cream is so called as it vanishes into the skin as it moisturises, whereas cold cream sits on top of it and cleanses!
  3. I don't think they are the same. Cold cream is for cleaning your face/removing make up. Vanishing cream is a moisturizer.

    My hubby uses a vanishing cream after shaving because the liquid aftershaves always burn his skin. This soothes his skin and softens it. He likes the Lucky Tiger brand:

  4. And depending on the vanishing cream...some have 'skin tone evening' properties, but this is not in the fundamental definition of 'vanishing cream' which is called that as Fleur says, because it absorbs into the skin.
  5. That sounds more like it, the article suggests that one uses vanishing cream and a dab of rouge for everyday wear!
    Thanks for solving the conundrum....;)
  6. VoodooDolly

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  7. Dawna

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    And here I always thought vanishing cream was something meant to make spots vanish! Thanks for the info, ladies!
  8. Claireg

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    Hi there

    As it happens you still can buy it..
    I have started manufacturing a 100% natural version, in a pretty vintage style glass jar - it's based on an actual recipe from the 1930's.
    Only downside is that I am in NZ - but I will post and Im trying to keep the postage as low as possible.
    my site is www.queeniemay.com
  9. I had to explain to my daughter the other day why I call conditioner cream rinse.
  10. Boots used to make a rose vanishing day cream, in their vintage apothecary line. I believe you can still order it from their website. I loved it and still have a jar at home, from when they sold the line at Target. It is a lightweight moisturizer that "vanishes" into the skin, as someone else said. I did find it made a great primer for makeup.
  11. therizyflapper

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    oh how I would love to be able to aford those lovely products! :) i have heard sooo many good reviews on it! :)
  12. Claireg

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    well dont despair keep an eye out..Im running a few giveaways very soon
  13. therizyflapper

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    oh I shall keep an eye out! :)
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    I was going to reply with a link to Idda Van Munster's blog post about Queenie May--- but no need now! Thanks! :D

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