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Veldtchoen Boots, unknown maker.

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by chamboid, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. chamboid

    chamboid One of the Regulars

    Just won these on ebay, been after a pair for a while, listed as a size 8, but think the measurements fit more like a 7.5 UK which is lucky, cause thats my size. They look to be in fantastic condition and some lovely detail, the grain looks so course, and nicely polished out at the toe, really like the leather pull tab rather than the tape ones like A.Sergents.

    Anyone have any idea of the maker? If so would love some info...

    Can't wait to receive them and see if they do fit as well as i think they will.

    Hope you all like



  2. No more wet feet! Great boots great price ...hard to find them now.
  3. Most possibly made by Lotus. A GREAT Vintage Veldt maker. If not Lotus, there were quite a few UK makers that made that exact style of boots from the 40's thru the 60's. GREAT find & GREAT price! Congrats & keep us posted on arrival.

  4. chamboid

    chamboid One of the Regulars

    I don't think they are Lotus, the details are slightly different, I don't know if Lotus' have the, 'V' vamp construction on the sides, or the leather pull tab on the back. I will keep you posted when I receive them, but it's going to be a long weekend, so Tuesday hopefully, but wednesday more likely. I am surprised no one else bid on them
  5. HA! Lotus has done ALL of the traditional Veldt designs. I have seen so much variety with Lotus on a "basic" style. Very impressive maker. They may well have invented them all.
  6. The Shooman

    The Shooman A-List Customer

    What does "Veldtchoen" actually mean? ls it a design or something?
  7. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    The upper doesn't tuck underneath the welt for stitching. Instead it comes out and is stitched. Effectively meaning that where the welt would normally be is a direct continuation of the upper. Manufacturers have always claimed this improves the waterproofing (since water doesn't seep in through the stitching of upper to welt). I have always felt that unless the shoe/boot is very well designed, it can make them look very broad. That said, I have a couple of rather nice pairs (from Cheaneys) using the 'Veldtchoen' construction. They are very similar in style to the ones purchased by Chamboid (v shape on the side - double row of stitching to mark a toe-cap) except they don't have the rear notch. See page 69 of 'shoe us your shoes':

    I believe it is a South African term, and that British copied it from the style used by the Boers in the late 19th century.
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  8. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

  9. rayban

    rayban New in Town

    You're right. The word 'Veldtschoen' comes from South Africa. And the South African language is basically/partly 17th century Dutch.

    Literally translated 'Veldtschoen'means 'fieldschoes'. Schoes to be worn in the outdoors and constructed so that you don't get wet feet.

    My initial reaction when viewing the ebay pics was: Crockett & Jones (Coniston?). But then they would probably be signed somewhere on shaft inside.

    They look lovely, you were lucky!
  10. chamboid

    chamboid One of the Regulars

    Interesting use of the exclamation 'HA!' there, wonder in which vain it is meant? But yes field shoe in Dutch, which I believe we're first manufactures being for the army, but this might just be faux history and I'm sue I'll be corrected. I was indeed very luck, pray to Northhampton they fit. Have been after a pair for about a year, and when ever they come up in my size they almost always have a commando soul, which ain't my bag.
  11. "ha" as in that is a common mistake for people to assume that Lotus was responsible only for models with the straight wing... since it is their most famous and popular model. "HA" as is i had thought that same thing until i ran across an old Lotus catalog page which showed multiple styles all lined up next to each other.
  12. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    My guess is Lotus. I went into a second hand shop in Rushden (Northants) yesterday and he was selling a very similar pair. They didn't have the 'v' construction at the side, but they did have the notch at the back. And the pull says 'Lotus'. I will post photos in the next couple of days.

    If anyone is interested in the boots I will post a link to his website. I can't recall the price or the size (I was in a rush and was in the middle of buying an outfit for my wife).
  13. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    Further to my earlier reply: This website has a diagram for Veldtchoen construction (and some history on Lotus):


    Further to the earlier comment that this style was made up to the 1960s, here is this style in the current 'Hoggs of Fife' range:
    I believe these are made by Joseph Cheaney.
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  14. chamboid

    chamboid One of the Regulars

    So I received them today, and they are as they look in the photographs, striking. The leather at the front is incredibly hard, so I have rubbed Pecards into them as deep as it will go, and waiting for them soak it in. But the main thing is they fit! and have a beautifully aged patina. The rubber sole is nailed on and very thick, so I might get that changed at some point to something sleeker with more grip. But very happy.

    I don't think any more pictures are necessary, but if any one would like to see some more, I will try to satisfy.

    Isshinryu101 thats interesting, love some of those old pages, and especially Lotus ones, do you still have the page, or know where I could peep at it? keep meaning to buy a Lotus advert and put it on the wall.

    So I now have these beauties, and and mintish pair of Lotus (for certain) velt shoes. very dry feet, perfectly intime for our british summer!
  15. The Shooman

    The Shooman A-List Customer

    Oh yes, the old Veldtchoen' construction. l always thought the definition had two meanings: the construction and/or a style of shoe, that's why l asked.

    Veldtchoen' construction actually doesn't have a welt, that's not possible with such a construction. The upper is turned out with a `rand' placed on top, and the lining is gemmed to the insole. lt looks like a welt, but it is impossible to stitch a welt on when a turnout is done with the added complication of a gemmed lining.

    The diagram showing Veldtchoen' construction is just another variation of it, but it isn't a proper functioning welt, it is a bonwelt/rand that is clearly being used here. Rands and bonwelts play a completely different role to a welt in shoe construction.
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  16. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    As promised, here is a shot of the rear notch and the accompanying 'Lotus' logo, that would appear to identify your boots as Lotus.


    What is interesting is that I frequently visit second hand and charity shops in the Northamptonshire area. Since it was the world centre of footwear manufacturing for so long, one might expect to find beautiful shoes and boots, at least occasionally. For one hundred years, most of the men in the county would have worn nothing but well-made shoes and boots. Nothing! Ever!

    But then the above pair turn up and, ironically, they are a boot manufactured by one of the handful of good quality companies not based in Northamptonshire (and they are boots found in Rushden, one of the main centres of East Northamptonshire's boot production). Odd, really.
  17. orangegoose

    orangegoose New in Town

    Hi there, i'm really sorry to bump this thread but I would love to know the name of the shop in rushden - I have been trying to find a pair of lotus boots just like those! Thanks for any help.
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  18. I saw those and nearly bid, the unsureness re size put me off, good buy though!
  19. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    No need to apologise for 'bumping' a thread on a nice pair of boots!

    The shop in question is: Station 109, 1 East Grove, Rushden, Northants, NN10 0AP. 01933 419 516 email: skelets@btinternet.com
    website www.station109.com

    The website only has a fraction of the stock. So I recommend phoning Mick and asking whether he still has the Lotus boots. Tell him they were upstairs on a rack next to a cabinet with medals in it. I don't know how quick his stock turns over, but you might be lucky. And I have no idea of the size - again you might be lucky.
  20. orangegoose

    orangegoose New in Town

    Thank you, e-mailed :)

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