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Vintage Eyeglasses

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Matt Deckard, May 5, 2005.

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    Dale is right, Shuron is a great company to deal with, has plenty of sizes, and is still made in the USA. I have 2 pair and love them.
  2. Retro Spectator

    Retro Spectator Practically Family

    I guess Shuron is a better way to go then. It seems pretty useful to get several pairs to try on. I often have a problem with glasses being too small, since I have a wide face. I would assume that I would need a 48 or 50.

    Note that I wouldn't be getting them very soon, since my mother said that I just got new frames (8 months ago, made in China, overpriced $300). I guess I will have to wait to get them unfortunately, unless I could convince her to get them. I feel she forgets I have my own money often.

    Reading the Shuron website, it seems they can tell you if any nearby stores carry their frames. Should I try this first?
  3. Fastuni

    Fastuni Call Me a Cab

    If you have your own money already (I assume from a job), why do you need your mother to make purchases for you?
  4. Retro Spectator

    Retro Spectator Practically Family

    I can't buy anything online. You need a credit card to my knowledge. I don't have a job yet, but I am searching. This money I have is saved up from gifts from relatives. One reason I show Amazon links a lot is because you can convert cash into Amazon money via gift cards.
  5. Fastuni

    Fastuni Call Me a Cab

    Most online stores take Paypal - which works with your bank account. No credit card required.
  6. Retro Spectator

    Retro Spectator Practically Family

    I have a bank account, but I don't control it. My cheapskate of a father has control of it. I used to have my own account, but I had to withdraw all the money to buy a computer. I don't know if there is even money in there anymore, since I have to pay for car insurance, despite not owning a car. The only money I know I have is in my wallet.
  7. tmal

    tmal Familiar Face

    vintage eyeglass frames

    Time for me to buy new glasses. I'd like vintage frames - 40's %& 50's especially. Can anyone recommend online sources? I've searched and cannot find anything. Naturally I am looking for good service, and proper fit. thanks.
  8. 31 Model A

    31 Model A One of the Regulars

  9. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Here are nearly 900 posts about this very topic. Good luck.

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  10. tmal

    tmal Familiar Face

    thank you! but now I will never be able to make up my mind.:cool:
  11. pnbarber

    pnbarber New in Town

    I bought my RONSIR ZYL directly for Shuron. Very helpful. I sent my frame to Lensfactory to get the lenses made. They too are great.

    I have a great pair of tortoise Art-Craft frames I'm sending for my next pair. Shuron's are the very similar to Art Craft's are the original makers of this type if frame but are no longer in business. RONSIR ZYL small.jpg Art craft small.jpg
  12. Those guys are awesome to deal with.
    Great Ronsirs.
    I have a pair like that, with the briar finish as well. Really need to get my prescription updated in them.
  13. Melvin

    Melvin New in Town

    The style's called a "rimway". They didn't come along until the 1930s. The style continued to be popular into the 1950s and beyond. The difference was they came to be made of plastic and used a filament wire instead of screws to hold the lens in place.

    Fulvue was an American Optical patent from 1931. My guess is those are probably from around 1935 or 1940. I'm not sure but I think the basic style was in their catalog for quite some time after that.
  14. BR Gordon

    BR Gordon One Too Many

    I'm getting ready to order my first pair of vintage style P3 shaped wire frames. Vintage wire frames appear to be more narrow than modern frames, don't extend beyond the sides of the head. Is there any rule of thumb on frame width for the 1930s look?
  15. FedoraFan112390

    FedoraFan112390 Practically Family

    What are the closest modern frames I could get to these?
  16. Try Shuron.


    These are my Shuron 'Freeway' model frames. Check their website, you can buy from the direct. They are very helpful folks.
  17. MisterGrey

    MisterGrey Practically Family

    Incorrect. Rimway was the original, four-scre model; hence the "numont" (new mount) name for when two-screw mountings came along. The lesser number of screws was advertised as being more cosmetically appealing and offering less periphereal interference.
  18. Vintage-like....

  19. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender




  20. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member


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