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Vintage Motor Clothes

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by David Conwill, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. My good friend, Barnstormers clubmate, and managing editor Dan Beaudry recently wrote a piece for the Hemmings Daily on vintage motor clothes (for both automobilists and motorcyclists). I thought it might be of some interest to those here.

  2. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    Outstanding!! I think I saw you on YouTube!

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  3. Nice photos. I especially like the boots in the first photo.
  4. Dan had those made by Mattimore Boots in Laramie, Wyoming. He was a bit intimidated by them at first, but now he loves them.

    @101 Pathfinder I believe the Barnstormers did show up on YouTube a bit, though alas I was called home early Saturday morning to deal with a sick kiddo and missed all the racing this year, so you probably only saw my clubmates.
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  5. Thanks, those are gorgeous - if everv the pound recovers against the dollar, I'll be looking a pair of those.

    (BTW, what's the hostility with the "shark nose toes" on the jackboots? I've googled but couldn't find anything. Is that just a preference, or were they an SS thing? I can totally understand any retailer not wanting to be caught up in selling stuff to the True Believers....).
  6. I'd never heard that name ("shark nose toes") before but it would appear that might be the case!
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  7. fireman

    fireman Familiar Face

    Basically yes, a characteristic of German WW2 boots is the "shark nose" toe. Apparently it is very important to German reenactors...."shrug". As a history buff, I have lurked on reenactor forums and email lists in the past. The guys who do German are the most obsessed with small details.
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  8. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    Now I'm curious. What are shark nose toes? The Germany Army was still wearing so-called jackboots when I was there in the 1960s but I didn't notice anything peculiar about the.

    By the way, if you like pointy-toes cowboy or Western boots, you can also buy pointy-toed overshoes to match. Don't remember where right now but they are available.

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