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Vintage Sailor Dresses

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by MrsJingles, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. MrsJingles

    MrsJingles New in Town

    I'm dying to find a wiggle sailor dress or pattern, but I'm not finding much luck... Do any of you have sailor outfits? What do they look like? Where did you get em?

    Let's have a sailor blowout!

    Here's my favorites:



    And my absolute favorite (obviously):

  2. The main thing that makes a sailor dress is the collar. If you know a little about pattern alteration, VintageSewing.info has instructions from 1942 about making a sailor collar. It would be easy to find

    Or, you could look for a modern pattern with a sailor collar and adapt it to whatever pattern you're using.
  3. Joie DeVive

    Joie DeVive One Too Many

    Quite a few of us here share your love of sailor dresses. I don't happen to have one. I'm also hoping to find one.

    Sailor patterns do tend to be rather sought after, but you can find them, both modern and vintage.

    Here are a few vintage ones you could look for (sorry no pics :( ):
    Hollywood 1158, Advance 8665. McCall 4670(40s/pants), McCall's 4142, McCall's 4395, Simplicity 3673 (as seen in the most wanted patterns thread), Simplicity 4350 (more 60s), Simplicity 2331 (my personal favorite)

    Good luck with your hunt!
  4. Heres my sailor outfit I made:


    For the shorts I used the folkware pattern for hollywood pants nad the top I drafted off of my husbands 1930s sailor uniforms. The hat military issue. Hope this helps you.

  5. LelaViavonie

    LelaViavonie Practically Family

    Samantha.. you look beautiful.. I love the outfit you made!

    I too have been on the hunt for a sailor pattern.. but no luck. Hopefully when my sewing skills get better I can create something :D
  6. Miss Dottie

    Miss Dottie Practically Family

    There was a seller on eBay

    Who used to make and sell black and red sailor dresses. Might be worth checking there. I'll see if I can find the name of that seller.
  7. MrsJingles

    MrsJingles New in Town

  8. I see the lady on ebay who does repros (is it Toprunway?) also has a wiggle style sailor dress that she makes.
  9. The top one is one that Top Runway makes! :)
  10. MrsJingles

    MrsJingles New in Town

    Are they quality?
  11. I just placed my first order, Fleur is the gal to ask- she has already had a frock from there.
  12. MrsJingles

    MrsJingles New in Town

    Well then! Are they quality?
  13. Smuterella

    Smuterella One Too Many

    I don't have any yet but have seen a few and yes - they are lovely
  14. deadpandiva

    deadpandiva Call Me a Cab

    Yes. I received my first dress on Thursday and it was worth every penny and then some.
  15. live vintageous

    live vintageous Familiar Face

    Okay, who is this ebay woman? I tried searching Toprunway but couldn't find. Could someone PM or post her Ebay name?
  16. Bettie Page Clothing do two variations on a very cute sailor dress! One's a wiggle dress and the other is more of a circle skirt style. They're navy blue with white trim on the collar I think, very pretty! Have a look, I think they have their own site. Miss Molly
  17. texasgirl

    texasgirl One Too Many

    Here's a dress I won on ebay. The seller said it was a USO dress. I posted it in another forum-women/WWII forum, and they don't think it is. Oh well, it's still really cute. I think I could still wear it to a WWII event as a civilian? Any thoughts?

  18. Middy Blouse

    Just FYI, in case you want to Google for more info on the subject, outfits like this are traditionally know as Middy Blouses (middy short for midshipman).
    Originally little boys in the late 19th century were dressed like this, but the fashion soon became popular among girls as well. And there are obviously an infinite number of variations on the theme.
  19. Mojito

    Mojito One Too Many

    It's a very cute dress, TexasGirl! I've had a "thing" for sailor style since I was a kiddie (perhaps no wonder, given what occupation I wound up in!), but only ever owned one sailor dress, a silk one given to me buy an aunt. When I was 12 years old, my mother and I hunted all over Thailand one vacation for one, but couldn't find just what I wanted. In more recent years, I didn't take the opportunity to buy a 20s middy blouse in excellent condition when one was available...I've regretted that ever since.

    A few years ago, there was a lovely exhibition on "Sailor Style" at the Australian National Maritime Museum - everything from eighteenth century art work and uniforms to Chanel's 20th century creations. The Musee national de la Marine in Paris will be running an exhibition this year on a similar theme, Les marins font la mode (25 Feb - 26 July 2009), which will explore the dialogue between naval attire and fashion. I understand that there will be couture work exhibited. Look forward to seeing the exhibition catalogue!

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