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What pens are we carrying today?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by bburtner@moran, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. What type of pens are you " vintage" set guys using today?I am curious. Fountain? rollerball,ball point.And thoughts on the high end excuse me Yuppie stuff Montblanc,Aurora you guys are sharp out there let me know your thoughts so this old guy can figure this pen craze thing out.Do you fellows think that a Meisterstuck writes any better than a "51".Let me know.
  2. Anthony Jordan

    Anthony Jordan Practically Family

    I'm currently using a reach-me-down green Conway Stewart lever-fill that spent some years in an attic but wrote straight out of the box! The Parker Duofold senior is awaiting a repair to the button fill before I can use it again. I've sworn by (and occasionally at) fountain pens since I was about 15, and have never looked back.
  3. DerMann

    DerMann Practically Family

    Parker Duofold Senior with vintage royal blue Quink, Parker Vacumatic Major with Diamine Imperial Blue, Parker "51" special with Pelikan 4001 royal blue, Sheaffer Touchdown Statesman (TM) with Noodler's Legal Lapis, Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral with Noodler's Heart of Darkness, Sheaffer Snorkel Sentinel with vintage royal blue Quink, Waterman 55 with Noodler's Baystate Blue, Waterman 52V with Noodler's Legal Lapis, Waterman Phileas with Waterman Blueblack, Reform 1745 with Noodler's American Eel Blue, Hero 616 with vintage Skrip permanent red.

    Think that's all :D
  4. Parker 51.

    I have dropped and broken too many pens to even want to consider a Mont Blanc.
  5. DeaconKC

    DeaconKC Guest

    A new Sheaffer Javelin I just got for my birthday. Loaded with Private Reserve American Blue it is a very nice combination.
  6. Today I was writing with a Lamy Safari Vista fine point. Yesterday I used my Pelican M800 with a fine point. Both have Levengers Cobalt Blue in them that I added about 50% more distilled water to to make it less smudgy.

    Friday I used the Sailor M1911 with a fine point and a Platinum pen with their 3 tine music nib, both have Namiki Blue in them. Thursday was using my Rotring 600 in fine with Caran D'Ache blue in it.

    I recently gave my Waterman Phileas to my buddy Malachi for his birthday (10th I think.) He got it and a box of waterman blue and a box of their blue black cartridges plus a Borders Books own brand journal to write in.
  7. zeus36

    zeus36 A-List Customer

    My Targa Sheaffers write much smoother than my Montblanc Meisterst├╝ck 149 Fountain Pen. Sure, the huge 149 looks impressive but it is not a great writer! I've exchanged the nib four times with Montblanc before I settled on a bold one. I use it for signatures only.

    Several Parker 51's in fine point serve as my jotters, while a non-vintage Waterman Phileas FP in medium point with brilliant blue ink does duty at work for my journal entries. If it disapears, I'll be upset, but it is easily replaceable.

    I rotate several home-desk vintage fountain pens, but seem to reach for the Wahl-Eversharp desk pen in a post office style inkwell the most. That thing will hold over two bottles of ink. :)
    My Conklin Endura Senior comes in a close second.

    For EDC (every day carry) I choose to go with a modern Cross Roadster Roller Ball and coverted it to use fountain pen ink instead of the Ion gel refill. It puts down a nice medium line using the same Private Reserve brilliant blue ink.

    My back up EDC is a Montblanc #164 in chrome and gold using a Signo RT 0.7 mm free ink refill. Much smoother than the factory ballpoint.

    I have been thinking of trying out some Noodlers inks- if I can find a good deal on the auction site
  8. seres

    seres One of the Regulars

    Currently I'm using a Sailor Mosaic and a Conway Stewart Duro, both inked with Diamine Presidential Blue. I also use a vintage Sheaffer Balance lever fill that my mother purchased new in 1938.
  9. Tried and true 51! That being said. This may I went to China and as I was there was given an old fountain fen. Don't know the make or anything but honestly, it writes just as well. Ugly as sin but writes like an aria
  10. Yesterday & today I have been using my Waterman Charleston with fine nib, it is the Ivory with gold trim model. Writes great. I have it filled with a blend using the PR kit, some 6 different Private Reserve Blues and a drop of Tanzinite for a rich deep blue.
  11. same pen I -carry- everyday.

    Esterbrook J with a 1555 Gregg Shorthand nib.

    Ink today is J Herbin Cacao du Bresil.
  12. DerMann

    DerMann Practically Family

    Well my Waterman 55 unscrewed from its cap clipped in my jacket and emptied all of its Baystate Blue into my pocket and eventually, my trousers. None got on my shirt, though. Two articles of clothing ruined :\

    (For those unaware of Noodler's Baystate Blue, it is not "bullet proof," but still stains most everything it comes into contact with. Love the colour though...)
  13. Dixon Cannon

    Dixon Cannon My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Mont Blanc

    Every day since 1983; My Mont Blanc fountain pen purchased in Salzburg, Austria. Front shirt pocket - and I feel naked if I take it out. Never loan it. Never leave it.

    -dixon cannon
  14. lairddouglas

    lairddouglas Familiar Face

    Today I am carrying.

    1. Re-Intro P51 RB ... Have a friend who machined a RB front End for the P51. Then I converted to a BP. Very nice
    2. Pilot Elite with custom ground needle nib.
    3. Parker 51 Aero with factory needle nib.
    4. Parker 51 with custom ground needle nib.
    5. Sheaffer 800 with factory accountant nib.

    The finer the nib grade the happier I am.

  15. AlanC

    AlanC My Mail is Forwarded Here

  16. French

    French Familiar Face

    3 pens today, only one vintage


    Today I'm carrying a Hero 100 flighter (loaded with Noodler's BayState Blue ink), a Namiki VP, raden finish (loaded with Namiki Blue), and a 1930's Rigen japanese eyedropper (loaded with FPN Galileo Manuscript Brown).

    When the VP runs out of ink, I'll likely ink my 1940's Kumiai urushi coated eyedropper.

  17. Miles Borocky

    Miles Borocky Familiar Face

    Well, keeping with my fetish for classic accessories, I always have a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck in my messenger bag. But it's out of ink right now. So I have to confess I'm using a lousy old fine point rollerball from Office Depot.
  18. tortswon

    tortswon Practically Family

    Uh, oh, my other collecting passion

    I only collect two things, fountain pens and hats. Today I am carrying a 1928 Parker Big Red Senior filled with Noodler's Black ink. I serve as a judge on a part time basis and I am signing orders today using a Sailor King of Pen fitted with a King Eagle nib filled with Private Reserve Ultra Black ink. Best to all my fellow pen lovers, Sam
  19. King of Pen from Sailor

    The Big Red is a fine pen but you got a Sailor King of Pen with a special nib?
    Shazam! That is a mighty fine pen that I can just dream about these days.

    I would like one of those some day and also something from the Nakaya Pen makers too they're supposed to be super.

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