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What was the last TV show you watched?

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Lady Day, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. I agree that the cinematography is a strong point for both shows. I have read a lot of really nice reviews for Jessica Jones and believe that it will get better. Too often, the first episode doesn't do it for me, but down the line when evrything jells and as I become vested in the characters, the show shines. I expect this to happen with Jessica Jones because the parts are there.
    Luke Cage looks to be entertaining. As much as I enjoyed the character in the seventies comic books, I am happy that they have updated his attire.
  2. No more flashy yellow shirt and huge chain for a belt. But he still says "Sweet Christmas!"

    I realized the one thing I should have added to my comments about Jessica Jones... It is much rougher and scarier than you might expect. There are some seriously disturbing aspects of the story, but they're dealt with head on, not just used for shock value. Now mind you, I've seen plenty of sick stuff even on 8pm network series like Gotham, but Jessica Jones pushes the envelope. Consider this a warning, perhaps - and also a recommendation. The show has guts.
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  3. And that is an aspect that gives promise to the show. It is what made the first episode more han just a superhero show.
    Where concerned with Luke Cage: don't forget his shiny metal head gear. Style over comfort.
  4. I considered mentioning it! But what the heck was it? A tiara? A circlet? A hood ornament?!?

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  5. "They will have a new showrunner" what does that mean / what is a showrunner?
  6. The showrunner is the senior production executive, usually credited as an Executive Producer and/or Creator. They typically oversee the general direction of the show in writers' room conferences, selection of and notes to the season's directors, DPs, production designers and costumers, editors, composers, etc. Since a season has many of these roles filled by multiple people simultaneously (as many episodes are in various production phases at once) the showrunner acts like a film producer watching over the entire production - but not of just a single feature film, of an entire season.

    There are two varieties of showrunners: visionary creators running their own shows (Gene Roddenberry, Joss Whedon, Matthew Weiner, Tina Fey, Ryan Murphy, Brian Fuller, the Sherlock and Game of Thrones duos), and hired guns brought in to streamline production or change a show's direction between seasons. So the announcement of a new showrunner can either be good news or bad - it may just be that the original one is moving on to a new project and allowing someone else to continue his/her vision, or that the network has decided that they want to change direction and/or produce the show more cheaply.

    (The classic example of the second is when NBC/Desilu replaced Rodenberry as the showrunner on Star Trek with Fred Frieberger for the third season - explicitly to reduce the show's budget... and implicitly to weaken the show [along with moving it to the Friday 10pm "death slot"] so it would be the final season, since the show was considered an expensive failure.)
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  7. Thank you so much for the very clear and detailed explanation - that all makes sense.

    And in "Man In the High Castle's" case, I hope it is the later, because the current vision is outstanding and doesn't need changing at all.
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  8. Remember, the seventies were not known for their good fashion.
    It looks like it is on upside down and would be painful in a fight.
  9. Seasons 5 and 6 of GoT.

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  10. DavidJones

    DavidJones One of the Regulars

    Just finished watching season one of "The Expanse" on Netflix.
  11. A couple more episodes of Once Upon a Time with the girls, and once they were abed, an episode of Peaky Blinders, season one, episode three, re-watched, then to lighten the mood, an episode of The IT Crowd!
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  12. DNO

    DNO One Too Many

    That's probably a pretty good measure of a production.
  13. Largrly forgettable, nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is, though not the worst they've done either. Most notable for being that hack Moffat's final episode in charge, so hopefully (despite the new assistant already grating in the few seconds she's been on screen thus far) this is where the show takes a turn for the better again. Long overdue.

    Bit too "action", but it was the first one I enjoyed since the end of season two. Most of the negatives (Mary as ninja spy, Mary and John's relationship, Mary and John's child, Mary) were a product of having to tie up the loose ends of the poo-storm left behind by series 3. (They seem to be pretending the "Abominable Bride" episode didn't happen, which is fine by me.)


    I was disappointed they gave Mary a heroic death. I'd have much rather the old biddy had done something genuinely spontaneous and shot her in the head rather than aimed the gun at Bendy. Still, on the plus side she's gone, hopefully they'll get rid of thd kid too, and... No, wait.... Moffat is writing the next episode, so it'll be sone crapfest retread of two men and a baby, stuffed into his usual 'me so clever' rubbish.

    Still, it seems more and more of the viewing public are seeing Moffat's naked emperor for what it is, so hopefully this series will see the show cancelled, and Gatiss can go eork up Lucifer Box for Netflix without a lesser writer dragging him down all the time.

    Isn't that what on-demand does, really? I don't brlieve traditional television will be relevant or last much beyond 2030.
  14. "Man in the High Castle" Season II, Episode 5

    It was a really nice touch to have the Japanese Trade Minister "discover" a Twinkie, examine it with circumspection and, then, use chopsticks to eat it with. Well done and funny.

    It looks like Obergruppenführer Smith and Inspector Kido are going to rumble and while my early lean is to the Obergruppenfuhrer winning, I could see Kido winning. These are two well-matched opponents.
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  15. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    I loved the Twinkie scene! :D
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  16. Three more episodes of Narcos on Netflix. So glad we gave this show a chance. Another example of quality television. Great writing, acting, and directing. It is a treat to watch Wagner Moura who portrays Pablo Escobar. He commands your attention.
  17. "The Crown" Episode 9

    The scenes between Winston Churchill and his portrait artist, Graham Sutherland, were intense. Lithgow is absolutely killing it as Churchill.

    Claire Foy is doing an equally impressive job playing the Queen. One thing she is doing really well is subtly showing herself growing in confidence in the position of Queen. Also, she has that talent the really good ones have of showing emotion more through facial expressions than body English.

    "Man in the High Castle" Episode 5 Season 2

    The Kaiser Darrin that Joe Blake's Aryan "girlfriend" drives is ridiculously beautiful (she's not hard on the eyes either).

    The Lebensborn as the disaffected youth of the victorious German state is an interesting alternate history parallel to the West's flower children / hippies of the '60s.

    Obergruppenführer Smith has a horribly warped morality, but interestingly, he does have one. That is one man you don't want to get on the wrong side of.
  18. A couple of episodes of The Last Kingdom on Netflix. :D
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  19. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    I was very, very impressed with Lithgow's portrayal of Churchill. And that was a terrific episode with the portrait painter. I was rather appalled that in the end, he had the painting burned.

    Smith is one of the most complex characters on TV that I've seen recently.
  20. Churchill is a human being writ very, very large: huge ego, huge intelligence, huge heart, huge courage, huge insecurities. For my money, one of the true heroes of the 20th Century, but a great example of the complexity and inconsistencies of real-life heroes. And the man could write and deliver a speech.

    Agreed on Smith - writer and actor have come together to create one of the most interesting characters in a long time.

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