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You know you are getting old when:

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by GHT, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Once you get to the top of the stairs, there's nowhere to go but down.
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  2. That's actually the same thing. Mortality-wise, as the past gets longer, the future becomes shorter.
  3. when you look in the mirror and dont like what you see, because your no longer the young person you use to be

    it can be terrifying like the scene from What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? with Betty Davis

    baby jane hudson.jpg
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  4. Not so much in a mirror, but as a follow-up to this June 20th post...

    ...I didn't have to take the written or driving test, but they did have me read their eye chart and have an updated photo taken. Now, every time I look at the photo on my license I think, "Jeez, who's that old man?" :p
  5. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    "It's lonesome on the top."

    So, better beeing in the middle. :D
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  6. When you were young & in love....
    Nothing else mattered! :rolleyes:
  7. And many now are four generations removed.
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  8. You really know you’re getting old when when you’re surprised to see someone from your generation in the crowd.
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  9. You know you are getting old when you
    forget why you are getting old. :)
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