Three Vintage Hats You Need to Buy Today - 5-21-2018

By Nathan Flowers · May 21, 2018 · ·
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  1. Nathan Flowers
    You know you want it. Royal Stetson in an amazing blue, size 7-3/8 Long Oval. This one ends soon, so you should bid now!

    Here's a Stratoliner with box in size 7. Killer box with this one.


    And finally, a Cavanagh with a Cavanagh Edge and a wide black ribbon in size 7-1/4.


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  1. Wilki
  2. doggieboy
    That Stratoliner looks really nice. To my untrained eye, it reminds me of the hat that Jeff Bridges wore in Sea biscuit...which I thought he looked great in.
  3. KW Hoffman
    Nice hats. Does anyone know the crown measurements?
  4. CBest
    I LOVE this site. I am learning so much about hats. It will really help me in my hunts for treasure !
  5. Supafly.tnt
    These are great looking hats I wish I could find vintage clothing to fit my size in Georgia
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    1. ChieffaloAmericana
      ChieffaloAmericana renovates vintage hats of the highest quality, as rebuilds vintage cuff links and western style buckles.
  6. bighatsmallpond
    excellent I have been looking for a lighter blue to go with a suit I have anyways.
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  7. Oldsarge
    None of them would fit.
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