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    Austrian army alpine sweaters

    Hi where can i get one.Sportsmansguide are soldout so is Swisslink.There are some on E-bay in europe but they only ship in Europe.Thanks for any help. Brian
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    old-fashioned hiking boots

    Hi anything new. Brian
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    old-fashioned hiking boots

    Mountain boots Hi Ladies and Gentlemen Who knows where i can purchase New vintage syle mountain boots.Thank you for your time. Brian
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    Hi where can i purchase Sanders shoes in New York City.Thanks for any help. Brian
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    Bullitt wear

    Hi can someone describe what Bullitt wore in more detail, the right colors, styles etc.And a good source for clear pictures.Thank you. Brian
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    Name Tag Placement on A2

    Thanks Spitfire it is a good link. Brian
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    Name Tag Placement on A2

    Thank you Speedbird for the advice.About spitfire:( , Nothing impresses me more than a tough guy behind his keyboard. Brian
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    Name Tag Placement on A2

    Hi does anyone know the exact spot on the WWII A-2 where the leather name tag goes.Thanks for any help. Brian
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    Italian regular Police uniforms in Italy during ww2

    Hi try this site and there Forum.www.comandosupremo.com Brian
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    GI's on German bikes

    Hi It's a KETTENKRAD. Brian
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    Removing iron-on transfer

    Thanks Mike,had one to many last night. Brian
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    Removing iron-on transfer

    Hi How do you remove a iron-on transfer without damaging the fabric.Thank you for any help. Brian
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    Toys Mccoy

    Hi Does anyone have the E-mail for "Toys Mccoy" Thanks for any help. Brian
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    Hi who sells the Toys McCoy clothes in Montreal or Japanese vintage,thanks for any help. Brian
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    Steve McQueen "Cooler King" sweatshirt look in The Great Escape

    Anybody, im at a Cul De Sac.Thank you.