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    Germophobe Seeks Advice for Buying Used/Vintage

    I'm glad that this thread was started. I am looking for some nice vintage sport coats and I'd much prefer to purchase from someone who is on FL. I looked at TweedyDon's site and need to have the missus measure me. About a dozen years ago I purchased a nice Borsalino from Tango Yankee from FL. He...
  2. doggieboy

    Comment by 'doggieboy' in article 'Three Vintage Hats You Need to Buy Today - 5-21-2018'

    That Stratoliner looks really nice. To my untrained eye, it reminds me of the hat that Jeff Bridges wore in Sea biscuit...which I thought he looked great in.
  3. doggieboy

    Coffee, grind your own?

    Good quality coffee, nice grinder and a French press are an essential part of my day.
  4. doggieboy

    Photographs Of Hats Fresh From Surviving The Elements

    A number of years ago I bought a Borsalino from someone on at this forum. They had bought if for their FIL size 7/8 and the size wasn't quite right. He did me a real service and sold it to me for what he had in it. It was a great hat, soft as a bunny's butt and I wore the hell out of it. Maybe...
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    Indy IV (beware... spoiler pics)

    Thats great news about a new IJ movie. Im sorry Sean Connery won't be in it. Might want to stock up on good vintage fedoras before that move comes out.
  6. doggieboy

    What a surprise!!!

    I think photos of folks wearing hats in/near Venice would be welcome to this site.
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    What a deal

    Unfortunately, those are too big for my little melon. Do PB's hats run pretty accurate with regards to size? I ordered a hat for my Dad from PB's a number months ago, but haven't seen it on him yet. (I'm going home in a couple of weeks, so I'll have a chance to look at it) It was a great...
  8. doggieboy

    my first "real" felt hat

    Class...nothing but class.
  9. doggieboy

    Tipping Your Hat

    I gave up picking my nose at the table just last week and now this comes up. What's next?
  10. doggieboy

    stetson forty

    Oops...me too.
  11. doggieboy

    a little harmless venting

    You must of gotten that message from a Communist country. They obviously don't understand the free market. If it's any consulation to you, they are obviously a really miserable individual and quite jealous of your fine collection of hats.
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    do you keep a second hat at work?

    As a matter of fact...I do.
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    An observation ..

    Very true. What really sets the tone is the selflessness of the members who have been around a while. Their willingness to share their knowledge and experience without talking down to us new guys really impresses me. I have no doubt that it causes them in some cases to end up paying more for...
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    summer felt hat ?

    Douglas: Thank you for your response. Eric
  15. doggieboy

    summer felt hat ?

    That's a great question. What were some of the vintage hats that are lightweight felt that are good hats?

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