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  1. Justhandguns

    Have you seen this rubbish?

    Haha, but not everyone is paid to write their rubbish opinions on public media no matter how stupid it is.
  2. Justhandguns

    Have you seen this rubbish?

    Absolutely. And you just wonder why even the vegans want their vegan leather jackets as well. They are in high demand as a fact......
  3. Justhandguns

    Have you seen this rubbish?

    Some other lady wrote something completely the opposite in GQ. (Not that I agree the jacket fits like a glove on 'Luke Skywalker'). https://www.gq.com/story/old-guys-in-cool-jackets
  4. Justhandguns

    Have you seen this rubbish?

    So this Miss Twigg is not really specialised on any specific topics right? She still writes for SCMP about 'high' fashions (Hermes, LV etc) in China and Asia, so you can pretty much gauge her taste of fashion is.
  5. Justhandguns

    Vanson Model B opinion

    Another quick way is to rub a wax candle along the zipper. It will do the job nicely. The jacket actually looks pretty good. If you want to hide the holes, you can probably buy the zipper on fleece liner (of the correct size) from Vanson to cover them. You can also try to use some leather balm...
  6. Justhandguns

    $10,000 VISVIM Jacket

    I now present to you the Visvim A2 that violated most of us on this forum some 10 years ago! FFS, this A-2 from 2012 even looks good in comparison to...... I always thought that Visvim is already a bit out of fashion, literally, but they always come back with things to amaze (amuse) us even...
  7. Justhandguns

    Lewis Leathers , Good quality?

    I guess it's almost a sin to say it here. They don't seem to get much love here. We have been here long enough to know what the 'standards' over here are. Lewis just don't fit well with many of the requirements, the hides that they use lack characters, the sharp but slim cuttings of their many...
  8. Justhandguns

    Anyone on Filmjackets.com Forums?

    Ah, I didn't realise that the Filmjacket forum is gone. I haven't been there for a couple of years already. There were huge amount of info about some famous film jackets there (particularly the Indy jacket...). It would be nice to get it started again somewhere. else.
  9. Justhandguns

    Ever wish western companies would compete?

    No chemical smell, I am very impressed with the quality of the jacket, even though it is not a 100% faithful repro, it is a pretty good one. The hide is soft and supple, less 'wrinkles' than the ELC offerings, but for me, it is good enough. Haha, well, just make one exception for me this time...
  10. Justhandguns

    Ever wish western companies would compete?

    UK Academia is certainly worse than that.... small pool of money with whole lots of high IQ personnel, it is as nasty as the politics. Bartender Edit: Small snip here - let's steer clear of the politics, please. The Japanese have a completely different mentality that it is hard for us...
  11. Justhandguns

    Harley Davidson Momoa series by Vanson

    Back pocket for accessing your left kidney, just in case.......
  12. Justhandguns

    Anyone else still waiting for jacket weather ?

    Bought a B6, can't wait for it to drop below 10°C...... Judging from the climate change here in the UK, I guess I will have to wait till Dec.
  13. Justhandguns

    Good Harrington or Barracuda Jacket..

    I have two Jump the Gun Harrington, made in the UK and pretty well made. The yoke, like Edward had said, is sewed down which means there is now vent at the back compared to the Barracuda 'original'. The JTG jacket is probably more of a slim cut compared to some originals. I think I paid...
  14. Justhandguns

    Any idea what tannery this comes from?

    It looks to me that those are QC stamps only, not brand. The few characters translate to 'All Japan' or 'All Nippon'. The lower words mean 'approved'.
  15. Justhandguns

    Real Mccoys A2 Alteration

    1" or 2" extra usually is not a problem, unless it is on the sleeves. And on top of that, Japanese jackets tend to be made 'smaller'.

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