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    China-made G-1 jacket

    The photos look OK. There have been many variations of the G-1 over the decades,( USN actually issued naugahyde versions in the early 1970's) so if you are not a stickler and find something you really like, and it fits well physically and within your budget, go for it.
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    Tell a story about your first leather jacket...

    My first leather jacket was a black Schott civilian style flight jacket that my parents gave me for Christmas of 1970. Some people would mistake it for a motorcycle jacket, but I would just sigh and say it didn't have enough zippers. I just about wore it out over the years and gave it to a...
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    Show us your vintage home!

    There's a great picture for next year's Christmas/holiday cards!
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    Show us your vintage home!

    It looks like it might be in a good get-a-way spot for some well earned privacy. There does not appear to be a fireplace in the photos. Does it have a fireplace?
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    My flight in a B-25. And the jacket for the occasion was ...

    You certainly had an experience to cherish for the rest of your life. My father rode in B-25's many times as an Army Airways Communications System inspector when he was in Brazil during WW2. He said it was the noisiest airplane he'd ever been in. Ear phones offered some protection from the...
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    Your golden-era model railroads!

    P51, The figures look appropriate for the scenes. Your detailing is fine and the scenery/layout is worthy of Model Railroader.
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Cooper A-2 in the AM.
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    EAA B-17 Experience

    Some years ago while at the Reading, PA WW2 Weekend, portraying an AAF chaplain, I was given the privilege to sit in the nose of a B-17. A memorable experience since I too enjoyed the 12 O'Clock High Series (mostly the first season) as a teen. Both my late father and father in-law served in the...
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    Show us your vintage home!

    One of the certainties about old houses is that everything starts to wear out. Our 1892 Queen Anne has had major face lifts since we bought it over 20 years ago. We have tried to keep as close to Victorian styling as possible. I wouldn't go as far as installing a coal furnace like the...
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    Can anyone tell me more about this jacket? Willis and Geiger A2

    If you are holding out for an A-2 with less wear you made the right choice. However, you may be spending a bit over $50. It depends on how authentic you'd like the jacket to be and how much you are willing to shell out. Good luck.
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Tha That D-1 looks fabulous. How does it fit? Do you have other angle shots of the jacket including the back?
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    It stayed on the upper 50's F today so my Cooper A2 was quite comfortable.
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    Original A2 by Star

    High Hope, it sounds like you are a reasonable person who knows how NOT to abuse something as valued as your "new" A2. Take care and enjoy your conversation piece. PK
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    Cooper A-2 question

    Jeepjeep13, For what you paid you did fine. I have a 10 year old Cooper which still looks neat & doesn't show any wear. Enjoy and wear it in any weather. Occasional treatment with saddle soap will keep it supple.