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    Favourite Scents

    BLV NOTTE pour femme is amazing! I just got a sample bottle. Description I found: "A sophisticated blend of vodka, alluring acacia, sensuous iris with hints of tobacco. Mysterious and passionate, bvlgari blv notte is recommended for evening wear"
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    Help! Make up that doesn't get into wrinkles??

    You could try applying your makeup with a brush if you haven't already. Whenever I do (I use liquid foundation) it seems to turn out more even and you can't see any lines or anything.
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    40's hair stylist needed in Northern CA

    Go to a beauty school, we learn how to do all sorts of great stuff there:)
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    Airbrush Makeup

    Thanks for the info!:)
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    Airbrush Makeup

    does anybody here use it? I'd love to...it looks so perfect
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    How Many States Have You Visited?

    sadly, only 2 states and one other country :(
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    It's At The Tip Of Your Tongue

    I do the same thing all the time
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    Show us your vehicles

    I don't have a pic of my car, so I'm substituting it with one that is the same year and model. The only main difference is that it's color is black cherry and white instead of green and white...oh, and maybe this one is a bit shinier:p
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    Show us your hair do's....

    Small Town Girl: Thanks, I'm pretty sure that wave set and setting lotion are the same thing...it's just what everybody calls it at my school.[huh]
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    Show us your hair do's....

    Thanks! I didn't actually do this myself...too difficult. I had another girl from the school do it and she used water and lots and lots of wave set, also, the bottom 2 rows are pincurls. Then I went under the dryer for a while and after had it combed out and styled.
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    Show us your hair do's....

    I just got my hair done in fingerwaves today as my personal work for the week at school! I love it:) p.s. sorry for the giant pics...and my strange lipcolor lol (I put on some lip stain very quickly...apparently it was thicker in some spots)
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    Wave Clamps

    oops...I just realized how they are used and I guess I have to be able to do them on myself first before I can put the clamps in lol ...well, I guess I'll have to stop being lazy and practice:eusa_doh:
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    Wave Clamps

    I now have very short hair and it's perfect for fingerwaving...the only problem is that I can't seem do it on myself. I saw somebody mention wave clamps on another thread and was thinking about buying some. How do you put them on? and approximately how many would I need?
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    Under Eye Circles

    I just put lots of white powder, then cover it with my normal foundation
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    30s Gothic revival architecture (& good news)

    Wow...I looove gothic architecture and that building is amazing!

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