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  1. PeterRocco

    Tanner's Blend Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.

    Any Members have any experience using Tanner's Blend on there leather jackets. I contacted Horween Leather and they Suggested I use this Product on my Horween CXL Horsehide. Thank You
  2. deswaaf

    Blowdryer + conditioner on Lost Worlds leather (before, during, after)

    The picture above is before any treatment. More about this jacket: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/fit-pics-lost-worlds-suburban-42l-grainy-4-5-oz-fqhh.101666/ Let me begin by saying that I read a lot of advice against doing this, that the leather used by LW supposedly won't need any...
  3. Monitor

    Ultimate Leather Conditioner Comparison (on Reddit)

    Just stumbled upon these fantastic, super informative posts on Reddit and figured no better place than TFL to share them. Don't forget to click on the imgur photo galleries for additional information. Gotta add that all the observations on the conditioners that I personally have used are spot...
  4. H

    Best Leather Restorer/Conditioner

    Hi all, Picked up a Schott 141 in great shape. I searched but didn't find an earlier thread on the following topics. 1. How does one repair/touch up light scuffing at the edge of a Leather Jacket, ie., cuffs, bottom of jacket etc.? Schott suggests using shoe polish. 2. What do you all use...
  5. B

    a leather conditioner that lists the ingredients

    what do you all think of this: https://www.freethepowder.com/products/leather-treatment
  6. Stand By

    Using "Leather Honey"conditioner on my ELC Irvin (demo)

    This is a demo I thought may be interesting to some of you on using Leather Honey conditioner and I’m using my ELC 1942 pattern Irvin for the demonstration. When I first saw this pattern jacket, it was in the old ELC “Golden Book” and it leapt from the pages and said “Buy me! Buy me!” and I...
  7. Jish1969

    What leather conditioner to use

    Hi all, I just dropped a little coin on some Chippewas and was wondering what you all recommend for leather care. I picked up the 20080, which I intend to use primarily for motorcycling and secondary for hiking(to the places I bike to). I have pure mink oil, but there seems to be an even...
  8. L

    Best (green, bio, fair priced) leather conditioner

    Saw hundreds of posts here about leather preservers and treatment , soap, cream, etc. Best best I experienced so far were: N# 1 : Virgin olive oil... no stains no white traces ... perfect for all leathers old and new. Can be applied with a natural sponge or piece of thick cotton. Dries away...
  9. U

    Leather Conditioner Recipe

    ...saddler. Hope some of you may find it useful. LEATHER CLEANING AND CONDITIONING: I get asked on UK horse forums how to make leather conditioner and care for veg tanned saddlery leather, hope this article helps.Firstly a bit about oiling and veg tanned leather.NEATSFOOT OIL, is a popular...
  10. nick123

    Why do boots need leather conditioner?

    Other than being exposed to dirt/puddles of water/more severe knicks and abrasion, why is it that boots need to be maintained much more regularly than jackets? If I have a Horween CXL jacket that doesn't need any conditioner for ten years, wouldn't it make sense that my boots of identical...
  11. N

    Best leather conditioner for "loosening" a stiff jacket

    Hi all, I've always used Pecards for all my leather conditioning needs. But I have a couple particularly stiff old leather jackets that even with a few coats of pecards remain dry and stiff. Is there a conditioner out there I should be using for these tricky buggers? I've heard a lot about...
  12. R

    The best leather conditioner ?

    ...Antique leather dressing available. Obviously it is as many people on this forum mention its use. Currently I am using Mars Leather conditioner, is there any real advantage in Pecards over this make? and if old leather is inherently weak other than preventing cracking do these dressings...
  13. RRackleyAdams

    Leather conditioner for new A2 repro jacket?

    I just got a Havana brown horsehide A2 from Spearhead Militaria. I would like to soften it and darken it slightly and have read about a lot of different options. Lexol, mink oil & saddle soap to name a few. Any thoughts here? On a side note, if I wanted to really darken it (say to a...
  14. H

    Leather conditioner for B-6 jacket?

    Hi, I just purchased an Aero B-6 and was wondering what you guys recommend to condition/protect the leather. I've heard that you do not want to use regular leather conditioner on a shearling as this may clog the pores. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. T

    Where can I buy Lexol or good leather conditioner in Sydney?

    Hi wonderful people, I've done a research on leather conditioner based on the knowledge in this forum (I've been amazed on the knowledge sharing practice in this place) and from my limited understanding Lexol is a good non-petroleum leather condition thus I have decided to give a try (it's to...
  16. Kt Templar

    What leather conditioner do you use?

    For those older jackets that seem to be drying out, what are the arguements for and against mink oil as opposed to something like, say, Pecard?
  17. B

    Leather conditioner

    I got a new pair of boots and I am wanting to condition the leather and hopefully darken them up a bit. I have heard some say that mink oil is good and others say not to use mink oil as it harms the leather or stitching. What do you guys think....is mink oil a bad idea? Does someone have a...

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