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  1. semolina_pilchard

    All Weather / Leather Garment Co. 1940s Horsehide Jacket

    Selling this mint All Weather by Leather Garment Co. jacket because it’s just too big for me. Measurements are Armpit to Armpit: 23" Shoulders: 21" Back length: 24" Sleeves shoulder to the end of cuffs: 24" It’s on eBay (link above), get a better price through here by PayPal F&F.
  2. cloudylemonade

    Explaining the Aero Fit.

    We've noticed some confusion about how Aero's fit, and people questioning why they wouldn't always be the same size in each style, why a size 42" for example will vary so much depending on the style. We've put together a little guide to help with this, hopefully this will be of help to some...
  3. G

    1940/50s German Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    Hi there! I have a vintage possibly German leather jacket, most likely from the 40s or 50s, with no brand name. It has a zipper on the left side, but it is a men's jacket. Germans, back then, were known for putting the zippers on that side. The main zipper has a horseshoe stamp, I believe the...
  4. hodgeko

    Where to Buy Non-Leather Cossack of Campus Jacket?

    Hi, folks. Can anyone tell me a good source for a Cossack or Campus style jacket in maybe moleskin, canvas, etc.? Not looking for leather, and not looking to pay $400+ bucks. I just have the idea that a 30s/40s style jacket like this would look great with the vintage Stetson I just picked up. Is...
  5. O

    Buzz Rickson's B-10 USAAF Flight Jacket Superior Togs size 40

    Buzz Rickson’s B-10 Superior Togs flight jacket, size 40. In very good condition, just a minor hole in the waist cuff (see pics). measurements p2p 57 cm sleeve 61 cm shoulders 49 cm length 60.5 cm asking 300 Euro plus shipping.
  6. O

    Eastman 55j14 G-1 USN Flight Jacket size 40

    Eastman G-1 55j14 flight jacket. Size 40, goatskin, some wear visible (see pics) but still in very good condition. measurements p2p 56 cm sleeve 60 cm shoulders 49 cm length 60.5 cm Asking 375 Euro plus shipping.
  7. P

    Does anyone recognize this 1930s/1940s leather jacket makers label?

    Recently I bought this jacket. It has a label in it. I could find nothing on the internet. The jacket is a long leather trenchcoat with a wool lining. 1930s or 1940s? Does anyone recognize the makers label?
  8. VintageEveryday

    WTB: Shabby 7 1/2 fedora

    Curious to see if anybody has a trashed but wearable (no holes or stains ok with some moth holes) 30s or 40s fedora in need of a restoration for sale. Let me know. I'm looking to refurbish it myself but I don't want one that's in TOO bad a condition.
  9. VintageEveryday

    WTB: 1940s shoes

    Looking for a pair of brown 1940s wing tips or cap toe, brogued, size 10.5 or 11. Budget of $150 maximum. They can be in "poor condition" so long as they don't look destroyed, and won't fall apart or split when I wear them.
  10. VintageEveryday

    Seeking: fedoras, 7 1/2

    Posting someplace else besides the classifieds. I'm looking for a 7 1/2 1940s fedora or a modern one (secondhand, like the Akubra Federation iv or the Stetson Stetsonian). Nobody seems to have any for sale now that I actually have money to buy one. Looking for a tall straight crown, wide brim...
  11. Apple Blossom

    Wearing vintage accessories with good taste in a reasonably authentic way?

    Hello! I'm sorry if this has been posted before, I did try searching first and didn't find what I wanted but I completely understand if this thread has to be deleted. I'd actually intended to ask for help in matching my accessories for Easter (and, I'm still on the lookout for a lovely Easter...
  12. D00R

    Looking for hat information?

    Im not sure if its a Stetson Borsolino Selentino I was hoping this forum could help me find the hat im looking for.
  13. AMan

    Modded 1940s Lakeland Half Belt Leather Jacket to resemble rare Hercules

    Hi everyone! I wanted to show off my other jacket mod that I've been working on. This one took me a huge amount of time. I've been working on it since January. So I found this jacket at a vintage store. It was in bad shape with a lot of cracking. The talon zipper, which was broken, dated the...
  14. Constantine34

    Early 1940's 3 piece Blue wool Union Men's Suit Pristine Condition w/Two Trousers

    Up for sale is a dated December 1941 3 piece Blue Bond Clothes wool two button single breasted suit with Union label. Comes with two matching trousers. One of the trousers is dated on the inside "Dec1 1941". Also has as photographed an old tag sewn on the top of one of the trousers "Shorter...
  15. VintageEveryday

    For All You Larger Sized Men..

    To any man who is a modern size 44-50L, have you had any luck finding any Golden Age sport coats or suits? They seem to be impossible to find. Largest I've seen has been a size 42S. Thoughts on the reasons?
  16. VintageEveryday

    Wanted: 1930s-1940s Sport Coat

    I'm looking for a genuine 1930s or 1940s sport coat (belted, pleated back preferred) in a men's size 46 for under 50 dollars. Or alternatively a 1960s-1970s sport coat that is a good copy of a 30s-40s one. If I'm nuts for seeking one this old, in this size for this price, tell me.
  17. Jacques Terreur

    WANTED: Hartmann Jacket, french cycling jacket chest size 38-42

    hello, i'd like to own a french cycling jacket, here's a photo of the style i'm after: i do know that they're quite expensive, but i am running on a rather small budget, so i am willing to take heavily damaged or run-down ones that need some TLC.... ;) thank you very much in advance for...
  18. T

    Ending 6/15: Vintage larger sizes, compact collection, home stuff, more

    Sale is ending today, but thought I'd post for the fellow gal pals who have trouble finding authentic vintage in larger sizes (range typically from 8-16 modern day sizes) https://www.ebth.com/sales/14111-furnishings-vintage-clothing-decor-more/categories
  19. JennieRage

    Double Breasted 3pc Suit 1940s

    I have listed this suit on ebay now. Huge thank you's to the folks here who assisted me with dating it. :) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1940s-Cadillac-Clothes-Double-Breasted-3-Piece-Suit-/322148621047?
  20. Kiko123

    Higher rise jeans for men: Yay or nay?

    Hello everyone! I've noticed that in the 1940s guys wore higher waist jeans and it got me thinking. I'm 6' but my legs are relatively short and I have a long torso. Do you think I am right in wanting to ditch the low-waist look that is so popular? Will it look funny (like I am wearing mommy...

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