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  1. R

    Aero leathers sheene fit check and advice

    Hello all, I just received my fit jacket. I know Carrie will be able to make recommendations but I figured the wealth of knowledge on here could also help in this process. Overall I like the fit, it’s a little long in the body and sleeves. I’m also getting some bunching up of leather behind my...
  2. R

    Custom Aero leather jacket

    Hello all, this is my first time posting. I’ve been fiendishly reading through posts on here for awhile now in regards to a custom leather jacket from Aero. I have placed my down payment and currently have a sheene fit jacket on its way. I have been very torn by what leather I want to choose...
  3. BotanPhotography

    Midnight Blue CXL Hooch Hauler

    I wanted a Hooch Hauler for a long time, as it is absolutely my favorite model and after seeing Ton’s Halfbelt in Midnight Blue I had to get it in the same color. The wonderful Chloe at Aero helped me with this order and request. I think they absolutely nailed it. The lighting isn’t perfect in...
  4. J

    I'm looking for some lvc(levis vintage clothing) jackets

    I tried to find these jackets since 2018,but I can't find it.. anyone can sell these jackets for me? I usually wear 36 or 38 size 1. lvc duck canvas triple pleat blouse 2. lvc 2003fw blue black leather jacket (I'm not sure about this jacket's real measurement) 3. lvc beat brown leather jacket...
  5. Gutmann

    For sale USAAF Type B-3 Contract No. 42-22899-P, size 46, seal brown

    Dear fellow Fedora Lounge members, I am selling my beloved Aeroleather B3 (Contract No. 42-22899-P), size 46 in seal brown. As I finally accepted the fact that it is a bit to big for me and that I don't wear enough... and that I need to let some jackets go... to make room for new ones ;-) some...
  6. BotanPhotography

    New Aero D-1

    I've actually wanted a real shearling jacket from Aero for a long while, but I knew I absolutely did not have the patience for the extra long wait for the custom order. Luckily, this D-1 in my size popped up and I snagged it asap. I was a bit worried that the 25" sleeve would be a bit long on...
  7. BotanPhotography

    FS: Aeroleather A2 Vicenza 42-18775-P

    Hey everyone! I started hitting the gym hard in the past year, and it means I quickly outgrew this jacket. I have worn it maybe three or four times. The P2P is 21.75", and the sleeve length is 25". Shoulder is 18" and back length is 24.5" There are more details and photos here, the jacket still...
  8. adfrost

    For Sale: Aero M-422a, Size 48

    I've had this jacket for a very long time. Bought "used" a decade ago, but basically unworn by the original owner. I rarely wore this and now that I have a collection of G-1s that fit me well, I'd love to part with it. It's pretty much in mint condition; no signs of wear anywhere on the jacket...
  9. BotanPhotography

    Aero Leather Indian Ranger

    This jacket is very special to me. I originally got into leather jackets in the first place because my father was a biker, and he passed on his crosszip jacket to me. Looking at it now it's just a ratty old chrome tanned crosszip probably bought from some random shop, but when he gave it to me I...
  10. Feliksas

    Aero Ladies Motorcycle Jacket - Size 4, Black Italian Horsehide - 650 gbp OBO

    Howdy folks, I bought my girlfriend an Aero ladies motorcycle jacket in the fall, but it was too cold to wear by the time that we got it, and now that it's spring, she finds that it's not quite form fitting enough. It has literally only been worn twice, once in the winter when she got it, and...
  11. BotanPhotography

    New Aero Leather August

    I think I mentioned before that I had an Aero A1 in Seal Vicenza being altered currently. I decided that since I already had a perfect A2 in Seal Vicenza and a Rockafella in the works in Blackened Brown for me, I don’t really need the A1. Instead I told Aero they could keep the A1 and I picked...
  12. BotanPhotography

    My New Aero A2 Vicenza 42-18775-P

    I actually picked this up off the stock page, and then traveled down to Galashiels to pick up in person. It's in Seal Vicenza, rust knits, and mustard lining. The pit to pit is 21.75", and the sleeve length is 25" and luckily it fits me perfectly at 5'10 and 175-180 pounds (depending). Just got...
  13. M

    Premier Highwayman: A Bumpy Journey

    Evening gents & ladies, This is just a post to give credit to my experience with the team @ Aero Leather and the ups and downs of this journey. To give a transparent background of the entire story, I'll explain the 6 month history I have with the company and the certainty that I'll wish to...
  14. Vezio

    Aeroleather B6 Back and sleeves lenght doubt.

    Good morning everyone, I'm Vezio. I'm new of Fedora, and this is my first public post started directly by me. I often read the forum, especially about Aeroleather jackets: congratulations to all of You for your knowledge and for the contribution You give to this very interesting forum. I'm...
  15. Gutmann

    Aero Leather A2, 1950's Flight Jacket, UK44/L, seal brown, as good as new

    Dear Gents, I am selling my Aero Leather A2/1950s Flight jacket size UK44 in Vincencia horse hide. Asking price is 699 EUR. Details: . VINCENCIA HORSE HIDE SEAL - LEATHER AS SMOOTH AS POSSIBLE . OLIVE SATEEN LINING . BROWN KNITS . UNDER COLLAR STUDS THROAT LATCH LIKE A-2 . 2 X PATCH POCKETS ...

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