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  1. Jejupe

    FS:Aero Aeromarine size 50, natural Vicenca

    Due to my recent weight loss, one of my favorites has become too big for me, so it's looking for a new home. A rare opportunity to get a larger sized Aeromarine from second hand market! This one is made of natural Vicenza, lined with cotton tartan and it's still far from being broken in and...
  2. D

    Ordering my first leather jacket - a sunburst - probably Aero

    Hi, I'm really interested in a sunburst back, and I've been e-mailing with Holly from Aero. I don't really like zippers on jackets, and prefer buttons, but the sunburst on Aeros website is with a zipper and a pretty boring collar. I kinda want something like the Aeromarine in terms of...
  3. P

    Selling Aero aeromarine natural color horsehide jacket size 44

    Hi All, I'm selling my barely worn natural horsehide Aero jacket. I have this listed on ebay and i'd thought I should also throw it on here. I've sold lots of footwear on R/goodyearwelt if you need references. Let me know if you have any questions. (see attached photos) Asking $800.00 OBO...

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