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  1. tangecon

    Johnny Depp Fedora

    Hi there! I'm looking to buy a Johnny Depp style fedora. Any recommendations? Will also buy used Stetsons, Borsalino & Akubras! Looking for 7 1/4 58cm
  2. M Brown

    Akubra Federation IV - Size 7 1/2 / 60

    Akubra Federation IV in Dark Brown. Brim: 70mm x 63mm (Side) This is the Deluxe model with the softer fur felt. I am the 2nd owner of this hat and the only reason I'm selling it is that my wife has convinced me that my big head needs a bigger brimmed hat. I think she's right, as she usually...
  3. C

    Akubra Angler arrived uncomfortable. So I modified it!

    I was able to modify my Akubra Angler hat after discovering it would have costed over $100 to ship back to Australia. Now I will keep it! I had to modify it in 3 ways. So the hat was fitting too round (pressing front and back and loose on the sides), and I was able to correct this with a hat...
  4. F

    My Year-End Hat Modifications

    In this thread, I will be posting my year-end hat modifications for basically my entire hat collection. If this thread needs to be moved, please do so. Armed with a glue gun, double-sided tape, hatbands from Panama Hats Direct, and a pocketknife, I have added new hatbands to most of my hats...
  5. PanosChris

    Akubra Woomera 57

    For sale an Akubra Woomera made to order hat (3-4 months waiting time). Color is Santone fawn and condition new in the box as it arrived. Size 57 Difficult color to capture, the last pic is the most representative I think. Price 90 USD plus shipping (from Norway). Send PM if interested...
  6. crhIndyfan

    EBAY: Akubra Federation IV Deluxe Fedora - Size 61

    Hi all, this is my first post on the Fedora Lounge so I am a little embarrassed to be trying to sell you something, but here goes: The item I am selling in the famous Akubra Federation IV Deluxe. The hat is a size 61 and is new and unworn, and remains unbashed and in its original condition. I am...
  7. H

    Worried Akubra Buyer's Success Story!

    I have been interested in an Akubra hat for a few years but being a tall and lanky man I always worried about what the hat would look like, would it be too tall, what would be the best hat to buy? I emailed Hats By The 100 a few times and they recommended the Territory or Riverina but after...
  8. D00R

    Looking for hat information?

    Im not sure if its a Stetson Borsolino Selentino I was hoping this forum could help me find the hat im looking for.
  9. PanosChris

    FS: Akubra campdraft 57

    For sale an Akubra campdraft, size 57 (US 7&1/8), color silverbelly in imperial quality felt. It wears big as most campdrafts do. Surprisingly for the model the felt on this one is very soft. Condition is new, bashed and never worn. Asking price 85$ plus actual shipping. Ask for more...
  10. PanosChris

    FS: Akubra Homburg 57

    For sale an Akubra Homburg, size 57, color is acorn fawn. Soft and malleable felt, smooth finish. Condition is new, bashed and never worn. Asking price 90$ plus actual shipping. Ask for more details. Panos
  11. Edw8ri

    Akubra questions

    What is the difference between the Adventurer and the Federation? Thanks.
  12. AnthonyG70

    Two Outback Type Hats, one is Akubra (55 cm)

    Details 2 Australia Brown Fur Felt Hats -Akubra Style Material & color: Fur Felt, textiles; Light Brown Marked size: 55 on Akubra tagged hat. Other has no size tag. Crown circumference: Akubra - 21"; Other - 22" Crown height: A - 4"; O - 4.5" Brim width: 3" on both Condition » Some marks and...
  13. Beef

    Akubra Cattleman in Fawn Size 59cm

    For sale is a "like new" Akubra Cattleman in Fawn, Size 59 because it turns out that I should be using one size up. I purchased it from hatsbythe100 less than a year ago, and it has only been worn a handful of times. Asking $95 shipped. If you have any questions, please message me. Thank you!
  14. AbridgedPause

    For Trade: Akubra Tracker - Size 56 / 7 US - Black

    Trade only please. Interested in exchanging this Akubra size 56 for an Akubra size 57. Any model or colour considered. I got this hat a few years ago when I was figuring out my Akubra hat size, only to find out that I'm a size 57. Akubra "Tracker" Size: 56 / 7 US. Color: Black (pictures make it...
  15. AbridgedPause

    For Trade: Size 56 Akubra and Size 7 Stetson

    Trade only please. Interested in exchanging these 2 hats for 1 Akubra size 57, any model or colour considered. Pictures included at bottom (more can be taken upon request). or: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gt1qYuVysv4vuCp99 Akubra "Tracker" (similar to Cattleman) Size: 56 Color: Black Brim: 3 1/2...
  16. VintageEveryday

    Seeking: fedoras, 7 1/2

    Posting someplace else besides the classifieds. I'm looking for a 7 1/2 1940s fedora or a modern one (secondhand, like the Akubra Federation iv or the Stetson Stetsonian). Nobody seems to have any for sale now that I actually have money to buy one. Looking for a tall straight crown, wide brim...
  17. VintageEveryday

    Wanted: Fedora 7 1/2

    Looking for any tall, straight crowned fedora (4.5-5 inch crown when dented) 2.5-3 inch brim hat, budget of $130. Can be modern, can be poor quality but wearable vintage (so long as it's 1940s or earlier). A good example of what I'm looking for would be the Stetson Stetsonian or the Akubra...
  18. Lefty

    Ask a question, get an answer

    This seems to work on other sites, so I figure that it deserves a shot here. If you've got a quick hat question and don't see a thread for it, just post it here. Whether the question is about cleaning, anatomy of a hat, brands, etc., this is the place. Here's one to break the ice.
  19. nightcruller

    New Akubra Campdraft, taupe, size 57. $90 or trade

    Hi folks, I'm a first-time poster here, though I've lurked around a bit in recent months. Last week, I received the taupe Campdraft (sz. 57) I'd ordered from hatsbythe100, and quickly came to the conclusion that the color just doesn't match my wardrobe or skin tone terribly well. Unfortunately...
  20. Naltak

    Akubra stiffness

    Hello folks, I have been lurking on here for some time, reading through a lot of threads and enjoying every minute of it. I just took a plunge and ordered my first fedora from Hatsdirect. It's an Akubra Fedora in carbon grey. I'm not particularly after the Indy look. I just like the fedora style...

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