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  1. Geekrobot

    Himel: An Existential Review

    TLDR; I ordered a bespoke Chevalier jacket from Himel Bros. Leather. It took 20 weeks to complete, more than double their estimated lead time of 2 months. The jacket itself is excellent, but their service was not very good, especially at the price they charge. What was supposed to be a...
  2. VelahrnDaoine

    Bespoke informal suit

    Hello I have always wanted a suit like the vintage ones from the '20 and '30, with pleats, half belt and action back. Unfortunately, you cannot buy a new one, and, living in Poland means that you cannot find a vintage one. So I decided to order a bespoke suit with all that desired features...
  3. P

    recommendation for bespoke leather jacket

    Hi All, I was wondering if you might be able to provide me with a list of some bespoke leather jacket makers. I have been hoping to purchase this jacket for some time now: https://shipjohn.us/collections/clothing/products/langlitz-x-ship-john-veg-tanned-wills-deposit But it appears that...
  4. Lefty

    Ask a question, get an answer

    This seems to work on other sites, so I figure that it deserves a shot here. If you've got a quick hat question and don't see a thread for it, just post it here. Whether the question is about cleaning, anatomy of a hat, brands, etc., this is the place. Here's one to break the ice.

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