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  1. H

    Looking for recommendations for bomber/moto racer mash

    Hello all, first time poster here after some referrals from reddit. I have been researching leather jackets for a few days as I am looking to buy my first one. I've had a PU leather jacket in the past but it flaked. Though I absolutely loved the look of it as it looked kind of like a mix of...
  2. C

    FS: Buzz Rickson's William Gibson MA-1 Jacket - Size 40 Long

    I bought this jacket pre-owned, but it looked completely unworn when I received it. Sadly, I find it fits me just a bit too small, so I'm looking to sell it. I'm based in the US. Looking for about $375. Let me know if you have any questions. Please see the garment measurements I took below...
  3. B

    Minimalistic MA1 or similar mid-range options

    Hi folks, first post on the forum. I recently bought this black leather bomber from Thursday Boots and while it is relatively nice for a fashion jacket, I found their sizing did not meet my expectations for fit and overall cut, so I returned the jacket. I should note my initial goal with this...
  4. Z


    Looking to trade this for a similar jacket. Ordered to Australia and paid customs like $300 and after paying additional customs to return it’s not worth it. Jacket is AMAZING but jusst slightly too small across the shoulders. Think I needed a large, unfortunately. I’m 6”1’ and a 41in chest and...
  5. M

    Overland Baseball/Bomber Leather Jacket Size Medium

    Overland Leather Baseball Jacket. Selling this jacket as if no longer fits the way I want it to. Bought it new last year from Overland. It’s a medium and I need a large. From sports events with the kids to dinner-and-movie dates on the weekend, this sleek, sporty leather baseball jacket will...
  6. Roger Wilco

    Avirex B-3 Size 42 For Sale, or Trade for Size 40

    I adore this jacket, but always felt it was a little big. Does anyone with a size 40 in similar condition want to trade? As you can see (attached photos), the jacket is in impeccable condition with unscratched/unmarred exterior and still fluffy-as-new interior shearling. Thanks and Happy...
  7. H

    B6 Shearling - 46 - Good Wear - John Chapman made

    I received this beautiful got this jacket from @Jejupe and am reselling it. I'm US based and am just looking for what I paid 1250€ ($1350). He did a great job describing it. I believe this was 1 of only 3 made. "For sale is my rare gem: a B6 I picked up from John Chapman of Good wear in person...
  8. S

    Aero leather AN-J-3 size 38–40

    Make: Aero leather (Scotland) Model: AN-J-3 Size: fits approx 38-40US; see measurements in pics (don’t go by the sizing tag). Reference, I’m 5’8”, approx160lbs, 39” chest, 32” waist. Material: vegetable tanned goatskin Color: dark brown Age: approx 1 yr old Condition: like new...
  9. Bahabp100

    FS SCHOTT 184 SM size 50 Naked Cowhide mid to late 1980s Nice

    FS SCHOTT 184 SM size 50 Naked Cowhide mid to late 1980s with Very soft hand, this naked leather feels great . Used but not abused. For sale at $120 includes priority shipping in USA dispatched the very same day direct to your door. Good to Very good condition with No rips, tears, holes...
  10. Bahabp100

    Flight Apparel Industries Inc A2 in size 44. Purchased new National Museum of the US Air Force 1984

    Flight Apparel Industries Inc A2 in size 44. Purchased new at the National Museum of the US Air Force in 1984 (see receipt and catalog) and hardly worn since. An A2 Brown Leather Flight Jacket Men’s Sz 44 Very good to excellent condition. Made in the USA Manufactured at the airport in Hammonton...
  11. M

    a BUNCH of nice clothes and jackets from Pure Blue Japan, Ironheart, Unbranded and Schott

    All clothes are like new. First person to offer(and pay) $1,500 gets it all :) Pure Blue Japan indigo sashiko type II(indigo) size Med Schott slim fit 928J bomber size small(blue) Schott slim fit 928J bomber size small(black) Ironheart IH-526J-22 22oz raw denim Type III jacket size 40 THREE...
  12. Bobby Schneider

    FS Schott 645 Size M & 184SM Size 40

    Hello amigos, For your consideration I have this 2 schott jackets: Schott 645 Size M asking $325 shipping includes CONUS Chest 21 Shoulder 17 3/4 Sleeve 25 (exterior) Back length 30 Schott 184SM Size 40 asking $125 shipping included CONUS Chest 23 1/2 Shoulder 19 1/2 Back length 24 Sleeve...
  13. jerome230

    Help with finding some jackets?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some jackets that Eddie Vedder wore between 1994 and ~2000. Mostly looking for some help to identify these jackets. For all of these, I know exactly what I'm looking for, but most of them I don't really know any way to search for them, as they are just a bit too...
  14. Nickelman2005

    WTB Schott I-S-674-M-S Size 46/48 Black Leather Flight Jacket

    Love this forum. Have been lurking and learning for quite a while. I would love to purchase a Fedora Lounge pedigreed Schott Bomber/Flight jacket with the non-removable "sherpa" liner, in heavy black leather, in reasonably good shape. Please let me know if you have one you're willing to part...
  15. T

    Nine Lives Cthulu Bomber Jacket

    What are your thoughts on this jacket https://www.sondersupplies.com/products/nine-lives-skin-of-cthulhu-sashiko-black-indigo-bomber-jacket and does anyone have any experience with it?
  16. mattmiller1973

    Does Aero make the most `Period-Correct' B-3 Jacket?

    I'm looking for the most `period-correct' B-3 jacket that I can possibly find. Reason: my grandfather flew a B-24 in the second World War out of Horsham St. Faith (458th Bomb Group, 755th Bomb Squadron) and was shot down over Boppard, Germany before being transferred to Stalag Luft 3. I'd like...
  17. B

    Early Aero A2 A-2 Bomber Jacket Russet Brown 36

  18. Raven2k360

    Looking for Info on Excelled B3 Jacket

    Hi guys, New here, but been creepin' on a bunch of threads while in registration limbo...lol. I stumbled across the forum looking for leather softening tips for cheaper jackets, and also found a great thread or two on the Navy G1 jackets. Now onto the subject at-hand... I recently picked...
  19. Solo

    Suede Bomber Jacket PRL in Large

    For sale is a beautiful bomber suede jacket made by Polo Ralph Lauren. This jacket is made of very high quality suede in heavy weight. It is in excellent condition and will last a lifetime. The color is beautiful olive brown with tartan lining that really goes well with different outfit...
  20. B

    FS: Cooper G1 Jacket 40L

    I have a 40L Military Issued Cooper G1 jacket that I am letting go. Looking for $120 Paypalled and shipped. In great shape small white spot on arm and small rubbing mark on the left sleeve. New to TheFedoraLounge, but I have good feedback on different watch forums, and can provide references.

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