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Familiar Face
Hey guys, I'm looking for some jackets that Eddie Vedder wore between 1994 and ~2000.

Mostly looking for some help to identify these jackets. For all of these, I know exactly what I'm looking for, but most of them I don't really know any way to search for them, as they are just a bit too generic to specify the small details I want into search engines.

I am looking to purchase these jackets if anyone happens to have them, or find them available online. I'm typically a size Medium/Large, or ~40-44.
My normal measurements are:

Shoulders: 17.5" minimum, typically wear 19"
Chest: Anywhere from ~20" to 25"
Sleeves: ~23-25" Typically 24" for comfortable length. 23" slightly short look.
Length: Trucker jacket - Roughly 23"-24", typical jacket - 27"-30", 27" would be ideal to 30".
I'd be looking for a similar fit to Eddie's, so some slightly oversized, one's slightly small, some just right.

I'd venture to guess that every single one of these were thrifted, likely around the time he wore them. Some he wore a time or two, others he wore a lot.

Sears seems to be in line with a lot of these, around 50-80s sears stuff. That's where I normally find similar things.
The biggest theme with these is that they're mostly just simplified takes on already established styles of jackets. (Trucker jacket with seams from pocket to hem missing, plain colors, etc.) (I might stretch the term "outerwear" out a bit here.)
Some of these were definitely women's clothes, so this isn't exclusively from the men's section.
Another fairly common thing is an elongated collar, typically between 4-4.5" long, instead of the typical 2.5-3" collar.

Side-Hack Assn. Jacket:

These photos are from late 1994 to summer 1995.

100% Olive Green Nylon

Big points here are: Three stripes across the chest(Looks like the bottom one is gold, the middle is 2 small stripes, one white, one gold, and the top is white.) White exposed zipper, drawstring at the waistline, with Bomber style collar(still nylon material, short standing collar, without any corners.) Hard to say for certain, but looks like there are *no* pockets on this jacket.

There is a patch on the back that says: "Side - Hack Assn" with a logo in the center.
I believe this is an 8" patch, I have seen one on ebay before. I believe it was added sometime after the jacket was produced, but before Eddie obtained it.
There is currently a seller on Etsy who is making a slight variation of this patch, however his largest size is 5". If anyone knows anything else about the patch, information would be appreciated.(Will include a photo)


Here's a photo of the Patch I found. It has since sold.

Now I've found a few jackets that are very similar from Sears.

Here are 3 different versions of that same jacket. I've seen it in a few other colors as well, and I think atleast one other design. I assume there's also a variant with the 3 stripes on the chest like Eddie's. I'd assume his is this same jacket.
This is listed under Sear's Oakbrook Sportswear line.

Blue Corduroy Trucker:

This is a photo from the Mopop in Seattle that I took myself last year.
He wore this jacket from ~1995 up until sometime in 1997.(I think. that's the last known appearance that I can find.)
The back is just plain, straight line across the shoulder seam, no seams down the back other than the side seams. No adjustment buttons on the waist.

It's 100% cotton Corduroy, in a Dark Navy Blue color

Big points on this jacket: Elongated collar, about 4.25"(I think), pockets ~1 inch lower than chest seam. Pockets roughly 5.5" down the side(not including the point at the bottom, just from the top corner of the pocket to the bottom corner of the straight edge.) 5 Button design instead of typical 6 button. No seams between pockets and hem.

The collar leads me to believe something from the 70s.

Now this one, I have a very similar jacket to already, though I had to have it altered quite a bit to get the correct details, I highly doubt that his was altered in the same fashion.



Brown Corduroy Shirt(Blouse?):

These photos are from 1996 and 2006.
He wore this shirt from 1996 up until 2006. It was VERY Raggedy by the time he stopped wearing it. likely fell apart.

100% cotton Brown/kahki/grey(Color is hard to gauge for certain, it looks a little different in almost every camera appearance during the 10 years he wore it. I believe it probably started as a deep brown, and gradually faded away to a mid brown/khaki through the years.) Corduroy

This is definitely a women's top.

Big points here are: Elongated collar, 4 inches I think. No pockets. (I don't know what to call this so hopefully I can explain it well enough.) Front and back are longer than the sides. Front kinda has a slight point where it would meet the other side of the front, while the back is rounded completely. Has buttons on left side of placket. Cuffs are not split up the arm, only around the cuff.


Denim Trucker Zip Jacket:

This one is a pretty plain Trucker jacket, minus the seams between pockets and hem, only other big difference is a zipper instead of button closure.
The collar also looks a little different than typical, just in shape, not length. Might just be me, let me know what you think :)

100% cotton Olive Green/Grey Denim

Has metal buttons for pocket, waist adjustment and cuff closure, small hole in center, where riveted to the back of the buttons.
Zipper is on the left side of the placket. I believe this might also be a Women's jacket.


These photos aren't that great. Here's some videos that also show this jacket.

Eddie is wearing the jacket this entire concert.

Eddie is wearing the jacket for about the first 40 minutes of this concert.

I spent a lot of time to type this out, I'd like to bump it weekly, and add updates if possible.
If any link or photo is broken, please let me know. My internet went out frequently while typing this out.


Familiar Face
bumping early to line up with my other post.
Received an email about a reply to this post, but never got to see the reply, not sure what happened with that?


Familiar Face
I'm finding some vaguely similar jackets to the Denim Trucker Zip Jacket, by looking for 50's work/mechanic jackets.
Though I haven't found anything that's quite the same model jacket, lot of that same trucker style cut with zipper. Haven't seen many with chest pockets in the right positions, most have them about the middle of the length of the front, rather than the upper chest.
I'm seeing some grey's, but not really any in that same olive tint.

So far this is probably the closest I can see. though it's got all the patches on it, as well as pockets in wrong positions, and missing the waist adjustment tabs.
It's a start, at least.


Familiar Face
I don't seem to be able to edit my original post anymore, but the Green Trucker Jacket seems to actually be corduroy, looks to be really fine(atleast 21 wale I'd imagine.), had to find higher resolution images to even be able to tell.
Sorry I'm not sure how to get the photo without a watermark, and It's not worthwhile for me to spend $500 for editorial rights with it, when I'm not making any money from the photo.

I suppose that makes the search for it a bit narrower.
It's a very dingy olive green color, that shows as a pretty soft grey in most light.

Here's a few more photos, some from the OP, but higher resolution. same spiel about watermark.
gettyimages-85418735-2048x2048.jpg gettyimages-688542544-2048x2048.jpg gettyimages-688542570-2048x2048.jpg gettyimages-688542626-2048x2048.jpg gettyimages-688542668-2048x2048.jpg gettyimages-688542672-2048x2048.jpg


Familiar Face
Hey guys, still looking, any help would be appreciated :)

The Windbreaker - I think it is just another variation of that same Sears Windbreaker. I ended up purchasing the one with the vertical stripes on the one side. I can't see any reason why I couldn't have a local alterations shop cut/reposition the stripes? They seem to be independently sewn on.


Familiar Face
Oops, I'd also like to add this jacket.

It's just some Leather Trench coat. Looks a bit short for a trench coat, but bit long for a waist coat or blazer. Eddie is a short man though. I don't know if those last 2 sentences mean anything for anyone else though.
Looks like it's roughly knee length. little short on him, so lower thigh perhaps? I assume roughly knee length is a fairly standard length of Trench Coat?
Looks like there's a lining that goes all the way to the lapels, and cover most of the collar as well.
There's no belt on the back, and 2 side vents.
Pretty plain jacket. So not sure that it's anything too specific.
Biggest distinguishing detail to me is the pocket design. They are quite large, and at a slant. Patch pocket kinda style, on the outside of the jacket, instead of going inside the jacket. Looks like his pockets might be tearing off, but core design of them is still intact in these photos. 3 button design. Strap around cuffs instead of buttons.
gettyimages-857695-1024x1024.jpg eddie vedder 1990s beth liebling wife sunglasses.jpg IMG_20190702_185859_897.jpg


Familiar Face
Weekly bump post
(Maybe I could do these twice a week? Let me know! I don't know if that might help get more results, but I'm still looking for all of these!)

I'd also like to add this:

Boy Scouts Explorer Shirt:
This one is common enough to find on Ebay, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding one in my size.(There are currently 3 on Ebay that might be my size. I have sent them all messages asking for measurements, as they do not have the shoulder measurement listed anywhere. None of them have responded to me.)
Most of them (I'm assuming) Are in Boy's sizes. And really only go up to roughly 17" shoulders. Which would fit, but be very tight on me.
I am looking for the long-sleeve model.
I'm looking to find one with at least 18" shoulders. Most of the other measurements should work themselves out at that sizing, but I'm looking for around 22"-25" pit to pit, 28"-30" length, 23-25" sleeves.
Now these are a bit smaller than my normal measurements, I'd prefer the higher range on these, but I'm trying to be realistic with what I've seen for other shirts.
Now I'm only looking for 2 patches on it, The Explorer nametape over the right chest pocket, and the Logo on the left chest pocket. Looks like a slanted "A" going through rings.
Most for sale do have other patches, which is okay. But they are irrelevant to me, and I'd just remove them. Which is no real issue, other than some of them may be inherently more valuable than others, adding more value to the shirt, but no more value to me personally.
A lot of people are also trying to sell whole uniforms as a set.
One guy(who claims his shirt has 18.5" shoulders, sure it does, but just want confirmation.) Agreed to sell me his shirt for a reasonable price breaking up the set.
Then he stopped replying to my messages, when I agreed to his price, and asked for confirmation on that measurement.
Here's a photo, pretty plain shirt honestly. This shirt has the two patches on the front I'm looking for(Which are abundantly available on their own.) plus a few on the sleeve.
P0 (3).jpg


Familiar Face
A forum where people want to dress like Eddy Vedder perhaps.
I don't know of such a forum.
So in Lieu of that, I've posted here, asking for assistance if anyone knows what any of these jackets might be.
I've also thrown in another shirt, as it's within the same realm of what I'm asking - However, instead of not knowing what it is, I'm looking for a specific size.
I had asked prior to posting if this would be allowed, and was told that it should be fine.
This is all outerwear(Some are a bit argueable, I'll agree, though they are posted with the intention to be worn as outerwear.), and this is the outerwear forum.
If it is not, please let me know. I will cease bumping this post, and will look for a different forum to post in.
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Not much interest here in your type of outerwear Jerome. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? Have you browsed this section of The FL forum to see what style members here prefer..?? Perhaps you should look for a rock'n'roll Forum that might be more your flavor. We welcome practically everyone here but most often those joining the FL have observed whether or not their interests are compatible with others here.
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