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  1. Nalazo

    LW Suburban 42 Russet

    Hi gents! Up for sale is a Lost World’s Suburban in heavy Russet, size 42. I bought it used awhile ago and am now finally getting around to selling it since it never fit quite right on me. It’s spent about 99% of its time with me in the closet. No rips or tears and zippers work good. There are...
  2. yolo462140

    Where can I buy a 20-32oz overcoat in charcoal or brown?

    Preferably that isn't from Ebay or Etsy Looking for an overcoat in dark brown in 32oz pref. Thanks!
  3. steur

    FS Tress& Co fedora hat size 7 1/2

    For sale is this Tress Pathfinder fedora in brown heather felt. Size 59 or 60 (no label inside the hat). Measures 21x17cm inside. Overwelt brim at 6cm and the crown at 10,5 cm at the center dent. Unlined and the crown patch is worn out, but a very nice early Tress. Asking $ 65 shipped Combine it...
  4. Bahabp100

    FS Schott suede trucker type 3 size 42 beige color brown lining in VG used condition

    For Sale is a Schott suede trucker type 3, size 42 beige color, brown lining in very good used condition. Made in the USA. All working snaps. Measurements taken are in pictures. No rips, tears, holes, stains, smells It measures approximately Pit 22 Sleeves 25 Front length 24 Back length...
  5. TonySimprano

    FS: Aero Highwayman brown

    Jacket is sold! Hey everyone, selling my brown Aero Highwayman. This jacket is awesome, the craftsmanship is exactly what you expect from Aero and the leather is thick and rich. The jacket has barely been broken in, and comes with a gorgeous horses mane down the back (marking where the actual...
  6. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    FS - Three Random Jackets (Small, $100 + shipping)

    Hello Everyone, I'm just trying to clear out my closet and attempt the whole "minimalism" thing, so here are three random jackets that I'm selling as a set ($100 + shipping to anywhere in the United States). The first is a Levi's trucker that used to be black, until I wore the hell out of it...
  7. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    FS - Thedi Flight Jacket (Brand New)

    Hello Everyone, I posted about this brown/teacore/vegetable-tanned cowhide jacket (Thedi model MTC-1279406) back in September when I first received it from Thurston Brothers, so some of you may have seen it then. This was my dream leather jacket, and I think it's absolutely beautiful, but...
  8. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    FS (possibly) - Brand New THEDI Aviator (Cowhide, Small)

    I honestly don't know what to make of the following situation. I recently purchased a custom Thedi jacket from Thurston Brothers, and went through the process of getting sized, choosing the details I wanted, and then waiting...and waiting...and waiting... And on Saturday, I finally received the...
  9. Orash Schmid

    Help recognizing Schott jacket model?

    Hi guys! This is my second post ever so I hope I am posting on the right thread. My first post got tons of replies and it helped me alot. I am thinking about ordering this Schott jacket but the website (Asos) has very little info about it. Can anyone recognize what model this is? I would like...
  10. PanosChris

    FS: Two stingy brim fedoras with felted edge

    For sale two stingy brim fedoras with cav edge. Cavanagh, gray Wears smaller, around 56.5 Next, Knox custom, brown Wears true to size. Fantastic felts in both and wear similarly so posted together. Send PM for more info, I'll make a fair offer for both.
  11. steur

    FS Gallinat brown homburg in size 7 1/8

    For sale is this lovely Gallinat brown homburg in size 57 (7 1/8 American). German made despite the French sounding name. Bound brim at 6cm and crown at 11cm at the center dent. Probably made in the late fifties or early sixties. Asking $100 shipped Paypal only
  12. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    Levi's X Filson Oiled Tin Cloth Trucker Jacket - (SMALL) - $500

    PER REQUEST, I'VE ADDED SOME NEW MEASUREMENT PHOTOS. Hello everyone, I want this rare jacket to end up with someone who will actually appreciate it, so have decided to try here before posting it on eBay. It's a size SMALL and in excellent condition, so let me know if you're interested. Also...
  13. J

    Aero 50's Halfbelt in Tan Steerhide size 38

    For your consideration is a Aero 50's Halfbelt in Tan Steerhide in size 38. Tweed lining. Loved the leather and style but unfortunately a bit loose for my slim body and arms.. Measurements: p2p: 22.5 sleeve: 25 length: 26 shoulder: 18 Paypal $525 shipped and insured to CONUS. (DM for local...
  14. steur

    FS Gallinat brown homburg in size 7 1/8

    For sale is this lovely Gallinat brown homburg in size 57 (7 1/8 American). German made despite the French sounding name. Bound brim at 6cm and crown at 11cm at the center dent. Probably made in the late fifties or early sixties. Asking $80 Shipping to the US is $30
  15. steur

    FS Mayser fedora in brown size 60 (American 7 1/2)

    Second one to try and scratch the itch for some larger sized gentlemen over here. Mayser fedora in brown. Size 60 with the bound brim at 6cm and the crown at 11cm at the center dent. Very thin felt with a nice hand, which made me buy it. Sold by Ernst of Köln, who also sold hats under his store...
  16. PanosChris

    FS: Akubra Homburg 57

    For sale an Akubra Homburg, size 57, color is acorn fawn. Soft and malleable felt, smooth finish. Condition is new, bashed and never worn. Asking price 90$ plus actual shipping. Ask for more details. Panos
  17. H

    Vintage Champ Pork Pie 6 3/4 "Chocolate Brown"

    This is a great vintage Champ pork pie. The Chocolate brown felt is in great shape with just one small pull near the binding, on the back of the brim. There is a wide gross grain ribbon with a nice bow and a wind trolley in a darker brown. The liner is white satin and is in good shape with...
  18. Hjmarquez

    Like new Steerhide Aero Highwayman - Brown size 40 (fits like 44)

    The return of the "Like new Aero Highwayman". I was the winner of this gorgeous jacket just last week (Thanks Randy!), but have to say it was a complete impulse buy. I was looking for a double rider, saw it on eBay and couldn't pull away. But alas, I'm still in the hunt for a double rider and...
  19. steur

    Cavanagh fedora in brown size 60 (7 1/2)

    Cavanagh in brown. Size 60 with the raw edge brim at 5,2cm and the crown 11cm at the center dent. The overall Cavanagh quality is all there. Excellent condition inside and out. Asking $75 shipped.
  20. srpntn

    Vanson AR2 in MI9 Brown Leather

    Santa (myself) was very nice to me this morning with quite a find from a rarely worn Vanson sold by the original owner. I've been looking for a brown motorcycle jacket for non-riding wear that is a little more relaxed. I called Vanson and spoke to Constantine with the label number and found this...

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