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cafe racer

  1. Nick Noon

    Aero modified cafe racer for sale

    £575 - brown FQHH - I’ve worn it for about 3 months so not fully broken in but it’s a good way there. P2P - 21.5 Sleeve - 26 Shoulder 19 Length 25.5
  2. thedennissystem

    Real McCoys Brown Shinki Horsehide J-100 Cafe Racer size 40

    Almost brand new J-100 Cafe Racer from RMC. Constructed of exclusive to Real McCoy’s Shinki Horsehide. Size 40 The most comfortable jacket I’ve ever worn. Retail price is $1900 Chest: 20.75” Shoulders :18.5” Length: 25.75” Sleeve: 24.75” Will let go for $1350
  3. I

    Schott 654 - XL - Brown

    Lovely Schott 654 size XL in brown. Outstanding jacket, but am looking for something more suited to riding the motorcycle. Excellent condition, still have the (detached) tags! For fit reference, my chest size is 43.5-44", I wear a size 44 Schott 141 and size 46 Vanson Model B. $350 shipped...
  4. F

    Schott Perfecto Leather Jacket size 54 Limited Edition 75 of 200 Signed

    Hi, you are looking at a super rare Schott N.Y.C. Perfecto black leather motorcycle jacket in like new condition. size 54 Made in USA. It's a Limited Edition #75 of 200 and signed by Oren Schott himself. You really are getting pretty much a new jacket and totally ready to wear. Please...
  5. lina

    Buco CR with back lettering

    I am slightly tempted by this late model (made in Spain) Buco that I just saw on ebay. A couple of things slow me down: 1. I don't need it. (But yeah, that doesn't count!). 2. Could be too tight on me. (And the lister says not only "no return" and " no refund" but also "no complain"; and I...
  6. lina

    Brooks CR jacket dating?

    Looking around at Brooks jackets hoping for a deal and came across this one, with a less common back, but with the older tag. Just out of curiosity, wondering if anyone can place this style in relation to the more well known versions of the jacket.
  7. A

    The Flat Head Cafe Racer (sz 44)

    Retails for $2150, sold out almost everywhere. Shinki horsehide, all the trimmings, I'm sure you're all well aware. Looking for $1650. Size 44. Measurements (inches): Chest 45” Shoulder 20” Length 27.5” Sleeves 25.5” Description (from Rivet & Hide): The Cafe Racer from The Flat Head uses...
  8. MemphisBlues

    Schott Perfecto Cafe Racer 60s/70s - Size 44

    This is a catch and release. I picked it up on ebay and love it, but I have a few other jackets coming so I need to make room. This is a solid horsehide jacket. Seams are good. Hardware is good. Biswing back. Slanted chest pockets. No holes or smells. Really good shape considering the age of...
  9. Captain Sensible

    Aero Cafe Racer 42, Iron Heart Superblack 21oz Denim Rider 42

    Aero Thunderbay cafe racer in heavy grainy steerhide, size 42 but is generous. Weighs in at around 2.3kg. Some wear around the cuffs/edges as shown in pics. Lovely grainy soft heavy leather. £350 net shipped worldwide. Iron Heart IH-9527J Denim Riders Jacket Superblack Non-Fade. Size...
  10. Darylh

    NOW SOLD Vintage Schott 141 cafe racer brown leather motorcycle jacket size 44 with liner

    Nice condition early model 141 in dark brown. Original liner, brass hardware etc. The early 141's are a bit slimmer in the fit than the later versions. Fits like a medium to large. See approx measurements below. looking for $265 USD shipped from the UK. Pit to pit 24" Arms on the outside 24"...
  11. MemphisBlues

    Vintage Beck 666-RS size 44

    This is a catch and release. I found this jacket on the bay and the measurements all checked my boxes. Unfortunately, the cut of the jacket just didn't fit the way I'd like. The jacket has obvious signs of wear, but no holes or cracks through the leather. This is most noticeable in the...
  12. MemphisBlues

    WTB: Vintage Schott Perfecto Cafe Racer - 1960s

    Probably a long shot, but looking to see if anyone has this in a size 42/44. Maybe a 46, depending on the measurements. This would be the one with the slanted chest pockets, preferably in black. I'm not sure if these would be in steerhide or horsehide, but I'm open to either. With or without...
  13. lina

    What jacket is your Daughter wearing today..?

    Ha, how's that for a variation on a theme? I was very happy to find this small women's Brooks CR on the Ebay (for a steal!) for my daughter, and I made her pose for some pics with me. She was not too excited about it, but did her daughterly duty for the sake of the board.
  14. Oakbark

    Harley Davidson AMF cowhide, cafe racer leather jacket, Vintage, from Brooks 60-70ss

    Up for sale this AMF Harley Davidson cafe racer jacket in zize 40 US PRICE 85 USD $ The material should be cowhide in its lighter version, is not very thick, so it's confy for whatever type of use: wearing it with a t-shirt or a jumper The color is a brown caramel with a beautiful vintage...
  15. T

    Help Buying First Jacket

    Hey folks, I am planning on buying my first leather jacket in the next couple of months, and after lurking on this forum for a while I figured this would be the best place to get some insight. I'm looking for a cafe racer that looks great, is well made, and will last a long time. I don't ride a...
  16. Suburban Dad

    1975 Brimaco 742 BLACK 42 fits 40 - smoker, the previous owner was...

    Anyone interested in a 1975 Brimaco 742? It's in fantastic condition. But while there is no old moldy smell that you get with leather jackets, it definitely smells like cigarettes! The previous owner was obviously a smoker. Smells more like a cigar than cigarettes, but still smells too much for...
  17. Suburban Dad

    Schott CAF1 limited re-release!

    Only 45 created. One thing different from the original CAF1: Talon front zipper. Nice touch. It says slim fit, but the first run was known to be big. I ordered two sizes. Free shipping. Free exchange shipping. https://www.schottnyc.com/products/mens-vintaged-steerhide-black-leather.htm?
  18. M

    FS: Vanson AR3 size 40

    Hi all, New to the forums although I've visited before. I am selling a Vanson AR3 size 40 with the shoulder and elbow armor. I bought it in September at Filipacchi and wore it on the bike for a few months so it is lightly broken in but very new looking still. It is a great jacket but I have...
  19. AlexB

    Four month review - Aero Board Racer black FQHH or leather jacket romance

    Hi everybody, I used the days off, between Christmas and New Years to jot down some impressions and experiences with my Aero Board Racer that I ordered beginning of August via Gasoline Alley in Munich. I know that there are many threads addressing the J100 styled jackets around here, but...
  20. lina

    If you're a smaller size, here's a cool Tauber's CR cheap...

    I have no connection to this sale, but just came across it: https://www.etsy.com/listing/604605491/vintage-tauber-leather-cafe-racer?ref=search_recently_viewed-5&pro=1 So cheap! I really like these Tauber's with the padded elbows and shoulders. A good find for someone who can wear a 38...