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fit help

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    Does anyone have a Real McCoy AND a Buzz Rickson N-1?

    I have a Real McCoy's N-1 (2022 Khaki Plain) in size 38, but I'm leaning toward buying a Buzz Rickson N-1 in Navy. Comparing the two, it looks like a size 36 in the Buzz Rickson might be a similar fit to the McCoy's 38. Can anyone who has both brands offer a size comparison between the two? I'm...
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    Fit Check: Iron Heart A-2 Deck Jacket

    I'm torn on this IH A-2 Deck Jacket I picked up recently. The body fits great and the jacket itself is incredibly nice and well constructed. It's also comfy. However, the sleeves are really bothering me. They are slightly long and seems to bunch up between the elbow and the shoulder, making it...
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    Fit Check: Real McCoy's N-1

    I picked up this size 38 RMC N-1, but I'm wondering if I should size down one. I'm 5'6" and 150 lbs. The chest and length seem fine, but the shoulders and sleeves are a bit large. It looks like sizing down might bring the chest in by a out 2 inches. Any thoughts or familiarity with their sizing...
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    How tight should a leather jacket fit?

    I have a 39in chest and 30in waist, but pretty broad shoulders for my height. I'm having a lot of trouble finding a leather jacket that fits the way I like. I am after the fitted/tailored look, but don't want something that is skin tight and impossible to move in. I tried on several Schott cafe...
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    Doubt to choose length Board Racer j100.

    Hello Fedora guys. I am going to place an order for an Aero Board Racer J100, and I have questions about the length of the jacket. In my previous order I requested a length of 25" and received 24.4" (0.5" tolerance from Aero) I found it too short once put on. This time I want to order more...
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    Aero Half Belt deluxe fit check

    All, as the title says, last fit check on a Half belt deluxe. Size is a 40 and due to my lumpy potato sack/semi pear shaped torso, their will be some adjustments made. Wearing a t shirt plus a button down shirt during the fit pics. Lower section will be bumped up a size (note in the fit pics...

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