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g1 jacket

  1. Observe

    Five Star G1 Black Goatskin Jacket Size L/44 (47" Chest) $150 Shipped CA/US

    Selling this Five Star G1 in Black Goatskin, probably only worn about 10 times. Jacket is great, excellent condition, no issues with it, just culling my collection. Cost $240 new (plus shipping), but you can get it like new for $150 shipped. Mouton collar is detachable, and there is no USN...
  2. M

    FS: 1969 Star Sportswear G1 42

    Amazing 1969 G1. Super clean inside and out. Few small holes in the knits, name tag removed, Castillo stamped inside leather not noticeable when wearing. Collar is all intact, nice and thick, synthetic if I had to guess. Leather is in great supple condition, I’m not sure if it’s cow or goat. If...
  3. M

    FS Goodwear Willis $ Geiger m422 size 42

    Amazing m422 jacket by goodwear. Dark brown goatskin, vintage mouton collar looks and feels so plush. It’s an absolute please to wear. I waited a long time for this one but have decided it’s not quite my style. I know I will regret selling this. Oh well the hobby continues. It’s practically new...
  4. M

    FS: G-1 SPEC. MIL - J-7823C

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I‘m a long time reader of this forum, this is the first time I‘m posting or selling anything here. I‘m thinking about selling one of my jackets, so I wanted to let you guys know first. :) I bought this jacket a view years ago and had it sent from the US to Europe by a...
  5. J

    G1 vertical Usn windflap

    Hi folk, I recently bought a G1 jacket at good price, it has no label, zipper is Scovill, the collar is in dark brown mouton (probably synthetic), it has USN punched vertically on the windflap (U atop the S, and the S atop the N) it is not written as it is generally found: horizontally from...
  6. J

    I was not warned... and I love it!

    So after getting my Eastman A2 slender some weeks ago (which I love!), the addiction is real. Nobody warned me about what would happen after I bought my first A2, but I already have a second jacket (Schott) inbound (see pictures, I found a G1-style in good condition online for 450 bucks, I think...
  7. AlyeskaPilot

    G-1 Opinions!

    Hello TFL! Just wanted to run a jacket by all of you experts out there that I am considering purchasing. It is a DSCP G1. It appears this brand is an actual US Navy supplier, Is that correct? Any comments on the quality of these jackets? Is this a good deal so to speak? I know about the other...
  8. D

    Aero Leather Jacket M422a G1 size 42 fits like 40 Extra thick Goathide Thurston

    For sale is this Aero M422a size 42 which fits a little more like a size 40. Measurements are Waist: 20". Chest: 22". Sleeve length: 25, Shoulders: 19.25". Back Length: 26". Made by Greg (at Aero Leather) of extra thick goat-hide by special request. The inside is heavy cotton drill as opposed to...
  9. Lawless

    WTB Cockpit USA BLACK Mil Spec G-1 sz 44

    I know its a shot in the dark but I'm new here and thought I'd give it a whirl. Heres a link to what I'm talking about at Legendary USA https://www.legendaryusa.com/Cockpit-Mens-USN-Submariner-G-1-Leather-Flight-Jacket.html
  10. S

    Help IDing Alexander Skarsgard's flight jacket from The Little Drummer Girl

    First of all, hello. This is my first post as a new member on this forum. I would greatly appreciate this forum's expertise and help. Publicity shot: https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/2018/08/21/d8d068bf-343d-4ea2-9263-4af6b56b614c/668b1f9f59d329b37de9f114330db0de/180821-little-drummer-girl.jpg...
  11. SilentSkull777

    Buzz Rickson's G-1 (BR80145) Size 36

    Used but not abused BZ G-1 size 36 looking for a new home. Only wore it for a couple of times and really looks new. I still have the original tags and labels. Please see pics for condition. It's a lose 36 fit IMO. It really feels like a size 38 day to day wear. There's only 1 scuff on the right...
  12. kliffjumper123

    Nakata Shoten A2?

    Hello all, I've recently been looking at purchasing an A-2 and came across this on Buyee: https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/f252324037 I was curious to know what some other peoples thoughts on it are.
  13. kliffjumper123

    Interesting A2

    Hello all, I've spent the past couple of weeks scrounging across the internet the US and the Japanese internet alike for a new used A2. I came across one that I'm looking at possibly bidding on but was hoping I could get some information or advice on it. 7 here it is...
  14. kliffjumper123

    Looking for an A-2 (Help)

    Hello all, I'm somewhat new to the whole leather jacket and flight jacket world and subsequently need some help. I currently own a Cooper/US Wings Flying Tigers commemorative jacket in Seal Brown. What I'm looking for is a lighter shade, not necessarily a Russet but more of a ww2 coloration in...
  15. nkang

    Elon Musk Wearing a G1-Style Jacket

    I was checking news today and ran into this picture of Elon Musk wearing a G1-style jacket: Wanting to have a close-up look I traced to the original event. If you can see the jacket close up, go to 1:09:48 as he stands up and sings. Seems like a G1-style jacket without the cuffs and with clip...

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