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  1. TheWickerMan

    FS: Simmons Bilt Fortune Hunter (Custom)

    Hi all, Looking to sell a Simmons Bilt Fortune Hunter jacket. I bought it at the beginning of this year from eBay and although I really like it, I feel it's just a bit too short for me - it's a size 42. The custom aspect(s) of it are the two chest pockets and the fact that it might be made out...
  2. A

    FS: Sugar Cane SC80522 FQ Horsehide Sports Jacket (Half Belt) - $850 OBO

    Hello all, I have an awesome Sugar Cane half belt size 40 in a thick black teacore horsehide. I am selling because it doesn't get much wear, and I would like it to go to someone who will get good use out of the jacket. The lining is an olive wool lining with what I believe is cotton sleeves. The...
  3. Dansvintage

    SOLD: The Real McCoys A-1 size 42

    Selling my worn flight jacket in dark seal shinki horsehide. On arms and shoulder there are a few tea core effects showing up. The jacket shows some wear. Leather is gorgeous as you expect from Shinki Hikaku. All buttons are sewn on, original and complete. Measurements taken flat lay with soft...
  4. H


  5. K

    FS: The Real McCoy’s Horsehide Monkey Boots size 9D

    The Real McCoy’s Horsehide Monkey Boots size 9D . Rare! The Real McCoy Monkey Boots Horsehide size 9D. This pair display a shade of purple. Nice woodsman heel, worn a few times for photoshoot. Come with original box these were retailed over $1000 and sold out for a long times now, no idea if...
  6. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    Best leather for a lifelong jacket?

    I'm sure that this question has been asked before, but I can't find the thread. Besides, I get a certain satisfaction from ruffling the feathers of those who would say, "THIS QUESTION HAS ALREADY BEEN ASKED X NUMBER OF TIMES, IDIOT!" That question is this: I'm on the verge of purchasing a new...
  7. mjunderw00d

    FS: Schott 613SH - Size 38 (Horsehide)

    Selling this gently used and modified Schott 613SH (S = slim, H = horsehide) in size 38. I’ve cleanly cut off the epaulettes and belt, giving it a more clean and modern silhouette (a pretty common modification). Asking $600. Retails for $940 plus tax. Overall it’s in excellent condition, just...
  8. D

    The Real McCoys Buco J100 and Aero Sheen Blackened Brown Vicenza size 40 for sale or trade

    Both jackets are size 40. The Aero has been worn a few times, the real mccoys is well worn (most noticeably around front zipper and along some of the seems). I would happily keep both if either fit my fat ass. Aero approximate measurements (the sheen is a board racer with a collar, made...
  9. R

    Lewis Leathers 391T Lightning Size 36 Horse Hide

    For sale is one of my recently purchased Lewis Leathers 391T leather jacket in horse hide. Jacket was made to measure and shortened in the body and sleeve. Red quilted lining with gold satin sleeve lining. Jacket was produced December 2021. Fairly new condition and only worn a few times. Jacket...
  10. Nalazo

    LW Suburban 42 Russet

    Hi gents! Up for sale is a Lost World’s Suburban in heavy Russet, size 42. I bought it used awhile ago and am now finally getting around to selling it since it never fit quite right on me. It’s spent about 99% of its time with me in the closet. No rips or tears and zippers work good. There are...
  11. Acchimp

    Real McCoy Harley repro re-dye with Saphir

    Hello, I’ve got a Real McCoy horsehide jacket I bought second hand and further beat to all hell. I’m thinking of applying some mustang paste to dry before using Saphir Medaille D’or to make it shine. I’m open to opinions on not doing it all or product replacement, just hoping for some guidance...
  12. M

    FS: Like New Schott NYC Perfecto 618hh Black Biker Jacket (size 36)

    I recently purchased this like new 618hh off of grailed and fell in love with it. unfortunately I am a size 38 so I’d like to re-sell quickly so I can purchase a 38 from a friend’s local shop!! This is a steal imho. The jackets minor flaw is SLIGHT wear on the collar (pictured). While it still...
  13. Bennarion

    Aero Premier Highwayman CXFQHH size 42

    Bought new in Aero at the end of 2019 There are natural abrasions on the leather Alpaca lining and pockets 2 internal pockets with snap fastening Leather brown Horsehide Horween Zipper Hookless There are cuffs in the sleeves Actual dimensions of Aero - Pit to pit 22.5 Sleeve 24.75 Back...
  14. S

    Himel Bros x Freenote Cloth Avro Horsehide Jacket size 40

    The Himel Bros Avro is in my opinion the greatest double-rider leather jacket money can buy, and the Freenote Cloth collaboration version adds unique features like a stunning repro linen lining and red Japanese denim pocket bags and cuffs. This jacket is essentially in brand new condition - the...
  15. K


    BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! ARMY OF HIGH-END FOOTWEAR Full Pictures here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IGqZVRgaJePjiKxo3QDxRepZ9xfRP-LK?usp=sharing I will throw in a pairs of handmade custom kilties for anyone who buy too!! Just choose the style and color I will make and ship them together...
  16. BotanPhotography

    Y'2 HR-55 Horse D-Pocket Double Rider

    In my trip to New York last week I purchased this Y'2 jacket at Standard and Strange NYC, along with the Ooe Yofukuten OA-1s. Gen helped me with the fit which I love. This is a nice horsehide that will fade to brown through wear. I hope my reputation for my hair game has continued to be upheld...
  17. Thizam

    Orgueil Car Coat - Black Leather, size: 46 Japan, 56 US

    New Orgueil car coat for sale. I visited Tokyo and stumbled upon this jacket at the Orgueil store near Omotessando. It is absolutely beautiful; the quality is absolute top notch. Unfortunately at the time the store only stocked small sizes so I ended up leaving my name and email with the hope...
  18. A

    Hidden in Plain Schott: the 613SH Perfecto

    As mentioned yesterday in WAYWT, I picked up a 613SH yesterday from the factory sale. [Before you get your hopes up, and line up to get one at 70% off, the 613SH was not a clearance sale item; I bought it from stock. There were CXL 613s in the clearance area though…] Jason Schott, David...
  19. Dansvintage

    FS: Simmons Bilt Roadster Italian Natural Vegtan Horsehide new

    FOR SALE Selling my new Simmons Bilt Roadster made of their well known Italian veg tanned horsehide. I wanted a snug fit but have chosen too snug. - standard collar - antique brass hardware - slanted zipped chest pocket left - inside pocket on right side - two hand Warner pockets (no zipper)...
  20. K

    FS: Double Helix Double Helix Classic 1930s Cossack Horsehide Teacore Jacket size 42

    Having this sweet Japanese Horsehide Teacore Cossack Jacket for sale!! Double Helix Double Helix Classic 1930s Cossack Horsehide Teacore Jacket size 42. The jacket is in a really good condition almost new. The leather is quite soft for horsehide and have amazing grains in my opinions. Great...

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