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  1. A

    Hidden in Plain Schott: the 613SH Perfecto

    As mentioned yesterday in WAYWT, I picked up a 613SH yesterday from the factory sale. [Before you get your hopes up, and line up to get one at 70% off, the 613SH was not a clearance sale item; I bought it from stock. There were CXL 613s in the clearance area though…] Jason Schott, David...
  2. Dansvintage

    FS: Simmons Bilt Roadster Italian Natural Vegtan Horsehide new

    FOR SALE Selling my new Simmons Bilt Roadster made of their well known Italian veg tanned horsehide. I wanted a snug fit but have chosen too snug. - standard collar - antique brass hardware - slanted zipped chest pocket left - inside pocket on right side - two hand Warner pockets (no zipper)...
  3. K

    FS: Double Helix Double Helix Classic 1930s Cossack Horsehide Teacore Jacket size 42

    Having this sweet Japanese Horsehide Teacore Cossack Jacket for sale!! Double Helix Double Helix Classic 1930s Cossack Horsehide Teacore Jacket size 42. The jacket is in a really good condition almost new. The leather is quite soft for horsehide and have amazing grains in my opinions. Great...
  4. GE JD

    For Sale: Iron Heart / Aero Collaboration Leather Horsehide Jacket Size 46

    FS: Iron Heart / Aero Collaboration Leather Horsehide Jacket - Size 46 Fantastic pre-owned Iron Horse / Aero Jacket. Great cut, leather, and condition - obviously well cared for. Supple, slightly broken in heavy CXL horsehide. HD everything on this jacket. It appears from the tag in the eBay...
  5. Vincenz

    FS: Sunset Bay "Georgia" horsehide (small)

    Here's a Sunset Bay "Georgia" horsehide jacket, size 3. Kinda like a US small or a 38 slim (UK). Made in Japan. The hide and cut are awesome, I wear it for 2-3 years now, so it is already broke in, flexible and comfortable and has a nice patina. In very good condition, very few wear, no tear...
  6. A

    Fine Creek Leathers Eric Jacket (sz 46, fits like 44)

    Ok folks, much as it pains me, this is just sitting in my closet. I've come to realise I only need 1 leather jacket, and my Buco J-100 (selling size 44 in other thread as I've copped a bigger size) is my go-to. Sumptuous leather, fantastic minimal styling, all the FCL touches and quality you'd...
  7. K

    RARE The Flat head SKB-20H Black Japanese Veg Tanned Horsebutt

    The Flat head SKB-20H Black Japanese Veg Tanned Horsebutt lable as 26.5 but fit the same as Wesco and Alden truebalance 9.5 2mm Horsebutt Liner: Deerskin This was retail a bit over $1000 I don't think you can get them brand new anymore. This pairs haven't seen a lots of wear so I think its time...
  8. K

    FS Brand New The Real McCoy's A2 size 40

    Having this Real McCoy's Shinki Horsehide A2 size 40 for sale. There is no mark on the leather, cuff, or lining. There is no evidence of the jacket being broken in as it still have a strong smell and still hard. Come with Tag from Real McCoy also this one appear to be an older version. Asking...
  9. K

    FS/Trade Himel Bro Wolverine size 42

    I'm having this beautiful Himel Bro Wolverine size 42 up for sale or trade. There is no doubt why this is the flagship jacket from Himel Bros. The Medium Brown shinki Horsehide have such amazing grain and the fur is just out of this world. Asking $1800+Shipping. Trade preference: Freewheelers...
  10. K

    Clinch black over dye horsehide engineer boots.

    Hi, selling my pair of engineer boots. I bought these from standard and strange during their first run with these. They've been worn less than 15 times and in very good shape. It also comes with the original clinch box. It is on their CN wide last which allows a bit more width than their regular...
  11. P

    FS: Himel Canuck Shinki Med. Brown Oil Tanned Sz 40 (P2P: 21")

    Hello! I’m looking to move on this lightly worn Himel Canuck as it is a bit too tight in the chest for me. Never felt fully comfortable in it so it didn’t get worn much. The jackets retails for $2,650 USD but I am selling it for $2,150 USD. Shipping is included (worldwide) and is shipped from...
  12. Geekrobot

    FS: Lewis Leathers Aviakit Bronx Black Horsehide leather jacket Size 36

    Lewis Leathers Bronx Horsehide leather jacket size 36 for sale. Really amazing cut from LL. Lewis Leathers Bronx Leather Jacket Size: US UK 36 / EU 44-46 Color: Black Condition: Gently Used $650 OBO This is a really great example of a Bronx jacket- I've had a few and this one is...
  13. mjunderw00d

    Used Jacket Wrinkles

    So, I recently posted about trying to find my grail jacket: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/schott-x-3sixteen-grail-jacket.104212/ And lo and behold, I did enough digging to make it happen. I was able to find a used one, but the sleeves have done some heavy creasing. Obviously, over...
  14. Ole K. Vik

    Indigofera Eagle Rising Horsehide Jacket

    This is a catch and release for me. I just have to face the fact that it was a bit on the roomy side. It is a tag size medium, but definitely fits like a large, maybe even a large plus. Please see pictures. Gently worn with very light patina barely starting to show. Horsehide leather, out of...
  15. Mich486

    FS - Bill Kelso Black Teacore Liberty HH Cadet - Sz 38

    Hi guys, Putting up for sale this BK modified Cadet (with a Wingman collar) in black Liberty HH. It’s a nice mid weight veg tan HH with a brown base. I owned also a Vicenza jacket and imho this is slightly thicker although as you know it depends on the batch etc. Ordered direct from BK in...
  16. W

    What To Expect From Horsehide (Appearance, Color, Handfeel, etc.)

    Bringing over a question I posed in Styleforum, in the hopes I may find some informed input here. I have commented elsewhere that while my Real McCoy's horsehide A2 appears to have both a density (surface not thickness) and richness to it, some other Real McCoy's horsehides I have handled...
  17. T

    Lost worlds Horsehide trench coat

    Greetings, I'm looking to buy a leather trench coat. These prove very hard to find, the only one I can find that I really like is one made by lost worlds. http://www.lostworldsinc.com/Vintage_Trench_Coat.htm I've been e-mailing back and forth with Stuart, who I suppose runs LW, and he has been...
  18. A

    Fine Creek Leather Leon Custom 2mm (sz.46, fits like 44)

    If you've clicked you probably know what you're looking at, but just in case: this is the custom 2mm hide version of the Leon from Fine Creek Leathers. It's a "cleaner" version than the standard with a heavier leather; no epaulettes (or cutoffs for that matter). A very fast fader, worn for...
  19. J

    Himel Bros Horse Hide Canuck size 42 for sale!

    Up for sale I have a brand new Canuck Jacket from Himel Bros in beautiful brown horse hide. You know the quality! Gorgeous jacket. Really cool camo lining. Would like to get $1250 for it. This Jacket has sold chest : 21” Shoulder : 19” Sleeve : 25.5”
  20. Mr.Leong

    My Leather Jacket Collection: McCoys and More

    My current leather jacket Collection: 1) The Real McCoy’s BUCO J-24 2) TOYS McCoy A2 “Heavenly Body” 3) Maison Margiela 5 Zips (France) 4) Neighborhood Strabler (Japan) Show me a photo of your best/ favourite leather jacket and also let me know what you think in the comment below!

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