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  1. RedBear

    FS: Whitefeather A1 Jacket - Horween Chromexcel Horsehide - Size 38/40

    Hello Folks, I'm new to posting here, though a longtime viewer. I figured this might be a good place to offer this beauty, which I've decided to part with. Whitefeather Mfg. Co. - 1920s A1 Style Aviator Jacket - Size 38/40 - Handmade in Austria Horween Chromexcel horsehide with gorgeous wool...
  2. Vezio

    Aero Premier Half Belt Review

    Hi, I am for a short time affiliate in Fedora Lounge. Last year I bought a "Aero Leather Premier Half Belt" jacket, that I will review. Everything I will write is only a set of subjective considerations, respect to my personal experience. I liked the Premier Half Belt because it's a pretty short...
  3. Philip Che

    FS: Iron Heart X Alexander Leathers Horsehide Cafe Racer w/ collar

    Price: $750 + shipping and fees Retail $1200 USD size: 36 Condition: 9.75/10 Still have Tags Bought new directly from Iron Heart and worn 3 times - and by "worn" I mean to the office and back. Alexander Leathers/IH collaboration Burgundy Horween CXL horsehide with olive Ventile lining...
  4. Philip Che

    Aero Leathers A-2 Brown Leather Jacket Size Small

    For your consideration is a Beautiful Aero 38-1711-P Type A-2 on sale Price: $500USD Shipped in North America Tagged Size: 36 Retail: £655.00 Condition: 9.5/10 No Flaws. Worn no more than a week Leather: Seal Brown Horse Hide Link...
  5. Asaha

    Simmons Bilt jacket advice

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post here so forgive me if there's a forum rule being broken. As you can tell by the title that I have convince myself to get a custom leather jacket and from Simmons Bilt(or Alexander Leather). I have never owned any custom leather jacket so I had to educate...
  6. PabloRei

    FS: Schott 1928 D-Pocket Perfecto - Horsehide - Size S

    Beautiful and very rare Schott D-Pocket perfecto. It is a deadstock item, 1928 replica. It is in excellent condition, slightly broken in. I would love to keep it but it is a little too small for me. This jacket has a slim fit style, check the measures. Features: Made in USA Genuine black...
  7. K-Pants

    New Jacket: Simmons Bilt Detroit

    SB Detroit Model, sans zippered chest pocket Leather: Horsehide by Clayton of Chesterfield, Black Lining: Black Military Viscose Zipper: 8# RiRi Once upon a time I owned a double-rider but did not appreciate the belt, the epaulets and the jangling chains. So I got rid of it quickly and decided...
  8. V

    Eastman A-2 Seal Brown Horsehide size 48 Mint condition Sale or Trade

    Eastman A-2 Seal Brown Horsehide size 48 I am second owner. First owner said: "jacket was ordered from History Preservation, the company that supplied the repo clothing for the movie "Pearl Harbor"" and costed him over $1000. He said he didn't wear it and I tried it on for about an hour inside...
  9. N

    Aero Bootlegger - Battered Tan

    Hey Loungers! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've gotten a lot of good advice from you guys over the years - thanks for that! I recently purchased my first Aero Jacket, a Bootlegger in Battered Tan Horsehide. I'm already hooked and thinking of a next purchase. I feel like the Battered Tan...
  10. Zinkdiz

    FS : IronHeart x Selfedge Cafe Racer sz36/S

    Hello, As there isn't a presentation post required, I'll use this selling post to make a quick sum up. First, let me say that It's been around a year at least that I'm reading weekly this forum. Mostly for informations about brand, fit pics etc. But never triggered in order to contribute. So...
  11. Phillips88

    Thoughts on leather of Schott leather jackets!

    Most of us know that Schott's leather jackets mostly come in three famous leathers; Steer, Cow, and Horse! Everyone always ask, which is better, stronger, etc.. They all have their pros and cons. I currently have a 6 month old 141 in naked cowhide and in the process of breaking in a new 618 in...
  12. Phillips88

    New Schott 618 Horsehide!!! Questions....

    Hey guys I just received a new Schott Perfecto 618 horsehide in the mail last week. This is my second Schott but the first jacket iv ever had in horse. So far I'm pretty impressed, its definitely a different beast compared to my naked cowhide 141 iv had for some time but of course I was...
  13. jdiddy

    Diamond Dave Buco j100 Shinki HH

    For Sale Diamond Dave Buco j100 Black premium Shinki Horsehide Tagged 48 but fit is more like 44 or 46 Jacket is new , price was 1000 and a 2-3 month wait. Tried on but never worn outside of house. Talon repro zippers all around. Measurements: approx P2p : 24.5 Back : 26.5 Shoulders ...
  14. wolves

    Horsehide McGregor 1950's Bomber Size 38 - $99

    $99 - see ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/McGregor-Horsehide-Leather-Bomber-Size-38-36-A2-Aero-Schott-Eastman-Style-/232056800795?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123
  15. jdiddy

    FS or TRADE: AERO CAFE RACER , tumbled brown HH 38

    Well I gambled and lost , lol Just snagged it off another forum member and it's all I ever want in a jacket but a bit too tight for my liking. Not the jackets fault!!! I have always been between sizes and will need a size larger . This jacket fits and I can zip but it's the breathing part that...
  16. Ricky Sinaga

    F.S. FQHH Aero Highwayman Leather Jacket | Brown | Size 38

    Hi, i'm looking to sell my FQHH Aero Highwayman Size 38 Leather Jacket, have a look : This jacket is very nice with its used effects, here's the details : DETAILS: √√√ Aero Leather ( Made in Scotland ) √√√ Conditions : Wearable in a Good Condition √√√ Size: 38, Measurement : -...
  17. Ricky Sinaga

    F.S. Front Quarter HorseHide Leather KNOPF Jacket | Brown

    Hi i'm looking to sell my Front Quarter HorseHide Leather KNOPF Jacket, have a look : I don't know which year the jacket was made, probably between 40"-50". This jacket is something you won't find easily on the market in last 5 years or more. So, it's nice to collect this...
  18. wolves

    Aero Horsehide 50's Half Belt - size 34 Brown

    Bought from original owner who purchased it directly from Aero in 2010. Brown Cordovan. Has 2 inside pockets, red cotton drill lining. Original invoice from Aero included. A beautiful jacket, just a tad short on me. I'm asking only what I paid for it - $399 plus shipping (shouldn't be more...
  19. wolves

    FS: Schott 641HH cafe racer size 38

    $589 obo See it here in Grailed: https://www.grailed.com/listings/291274 Decided I'll never wear such a heavy motorcycle jacket. It really is beautiful though.

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