Himel Bros x Freenote Cloth Avro Horsehide Jacket size 40

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Superglu, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. Superglu

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    The Himel Bros Avro is in my opinion the greatest double-rider leather jacket money can buy, and the Freenote Cloth collaboration version adds unique features like a stunning repro linen lining and red Japanese denim pocket bags and cuffs.

    This jacket is essentially in brand new condition - the smell of the leather is still fresh. I'm selling it because tragically it's too small for me. You can get it (only this size left) on the Himel Bros website for $2,850 plus taxes/duties or you can get it here for a $1,000 discount.

    Size 40 (fits like a slim M)
    Price: $1,850
    US shipping only (included in price)

    Length: 25"
    Shoulder: 18"
    Chest: 21"
    Sleeve: 24.75"


    - Made in Japan replica 1940s zippers, featuring decorative leather welts. All pull-tabs come with leather grips and decorative spot work.
    - Internal tobacco pocket.
    - “One Hundred Tigers” reproduction 1950s 100% linen liner.
    - Red 10oz Japanese denim pocket bags and internal cuff.
    - Kidney belt area, underarms, and cuffs lined with smooth buffalo leather.
    - Underarm expansion gussets for expanded range of arm motion.
    - Guterman 100% cotton thread, 16/4 gauge, from one of the oldest continuously operating thread companies in the USA.
    - Bench-made in Toronto, Canada, by Himel Bros. team of master craftspeople.

    Named for the legendary English-Canadian aviation company, this jacket’s design springs from two rich sources: Aviator’s jackets, and early D-pocket motorcycle jackets. Incorporating features from both styles makes the Avro both a highly functional motorcycle jacket, as well as a powerful aesthetic statement. The Avro is designed after early Leather Togs jackets, a small shop which produced more innovation per square foot than any other turn-of-the-century leather brand. With many moving parts and small pieces of leather, the Avro is the most complex pattern in the Himel Bros. catalogue. Features include the D-pocket, historically used to contain handguns or maps, a beautiful sunburst-style back, typical of early 1930s Canadian sport jackets, and a cool chinstrap tucked beneath the collar. The jacket is constructed from a heavyweight Horween American horsehide tannage, custom-tanned for Himel Bros. to accurately represent the characteristics of toughness and wear typical of early motorcycle jackets.

    These limited-edition Avro jackets are lined with a reproduction “One Hundred Tigers” print from the early 1950s, customized by Freenote with vivid red accents. This liner is made from 100% linen, for a cool and comfortable jacket perfect for all the variations of California weather. The pocket bags and cuffs are made from a red Japanese 10oz denim, and the jacket is reinforced at points of stress with smooth Canadian Buffalo leather.

    IMG_0347.jpeg IMG_0348.jpeg IMG_0351.jpeg IMG_0352.jpeg IMG_0353.jpeg IMG_0354.jpeg IMG_0355.jpeg IMG_0358.jpeg
  2. Bfd70

    Bfd70 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Hot damn!
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  3. Infinitum

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  4. JohnG518

    JohnG518 New in Town

    Would love to see how this fits! Could you post a fit pic or two? Dangerously close to my size….
  5. Jin431

    Jin431 Call Me a Cab

    Bay Area CA
    wow! lovely piece!
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  6. TooManyHatsOnlyOneHead

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    Holy freaking cow. Too small for me, but it would have been super tempting if it was a big medium.
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  7. Superglu

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    Sure! Here are some fit pics on me. For reference, I'm 5'8, 165 pounds, 40" chest diameter, 18" shoulder width, and 33" waist diameter.

    IMG_0416.jpeg IMG_0400.jpeg IMG_0386.jpeg IMG_0403.jpeg IMG_0410.jpeg
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  8. marker2037

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    Curacao/NJ, USA
    I'm not exactly seeing where it is too small on you. Looks good from those pics.
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  9. Superglu

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    Thanks, I appreciate the compliment! It's fine with just a t-shirt but it's hard for me to layer under it, which is something I'd need to do more often than not since I live in New York and it's either too hot or too cold most of the time.
  10. Superglu

    Superglu New in Town

  11. Jroot

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    Sent you a DM
  12. Itsbecomingaproblem

    Itsbecomingaproblem New in Town

    Still for sale?
  13. Superglu

    Superglu New in Town

    SOLD! Thanks for the interest everyone.

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