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  1. Kennyz

    Russet Horsehide US Authentic A-2, 42R

    After some hesitation, I’ve decided to move along this US Authentic A-2. For a long time this jacket was a favorite of mine and a regular wearer - but of late I’ve been favoring wearing different non-A2 styles, so it just sits in a closet and should have a new home. Here are the Details…...
  2. P

    Selling Simmons Bilt ANJ-4 Shearling Jacket Nearly New Size 44

    Hi All, I sadly do not wear this jacket enough to justify keeping it. It retails for over $1200.00USD (Simmons Bilt prices are their website are in Pounds) through Simmons Bilt with all the upgrades on it (horsehide, double button, etc...etc...). Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/1smPlBY...
  3. P

    Himel Heron Size 44 Shinki Horsehide Leather Jacket

    Hi Everyone, Selling this grail of a jacket. It's a size 44 Shoulders: 19 p2p: 23 arm: 25.5 Waist: 23 Shinki Horsehide Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Kac4AKz I'm willing to let this go for $1200.00. It's essentially new. Send me a message if interested Cheers
  4. MemphisBlues

    Buco J100 Size 44

    I don't know if this will actually sell, but I wanted to test the waters and see if this may be of value to someone else. I really like this Buco piece, but I just don't reach for it all that much. I bought into the hype of Buco after reading Rin Tinaka's book, and it's a cool shirt/jacket...
  5. MemphisBlues

    Schott Perfecto Cafe Racer 60s/70s - Size 44

    This is a catch and release. I picked it up on ebay and love it, but I have a few other jackets coming so I need to make room. This is a solid horsehide jacket. Seams are good. Hardware is good. Biswing back. Slanted chest pockets. No holes or smells. Really good shape considering the age of...
  6. T

    aero long half belt fit pic

    Hi there, just wanted to post some fit pics of my aero long half belt. How do you like the fit? Am a bit concerned regarding sleeve length sometimes and would possibly prefer an inch more... Sorry for the crappy pics, currently don't have anybody around me to take good ones... Anyways...
  7. P

    WTB mister freedom jacket (open to style) in roughly size 40-44

    Hi All, Broadly looking for some new jackets for my wardrobe. Open to mister freedom or other brands equivalent. Must be new or excellent condition. I'm 5'10" 190 pounds - so anything that is a largish would work for me (MF sizing is kind of whacky sometimes) THanks
  8. AlexB

    My grail jacket!? Aero Premier Highwayman tumbled brown FQHH

    The title says it all. Aero jacket #3 has just made it home and I’m more than satisfied with its outcome. For the first time I went through the highly recommended Thurston Bros fitting process (See discussion related to the fit jacket here) and included learnings from my other two jackets...
  9. P

    WTB any footwear near size 10.5 in shinki horsebutt

    Hey All, Looking to buy any and all footwear in size 10.5 brannock, made of shinki horsebutt - I find the leather pattern awesome and could use a pair for my collection. Thanks
  10. P

    Selling nearly new brown Himel Bros. shinki horsehide heron

    Hi Everyone, Selling this grail of a jacket. It's a size 44 Shoulders: 19 p2p: 23 arm: 25.5 Waist: 23 Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Kac4AKz Open to offers on it - i'm not sure what it's worth so i'm hoping to feel a few offers out before making the sale on it. I'm sure you all know they retail...
  11. P

    Selling Aero aeromarine natural color horsehide jacket size 44

    Hi All, I'm selling my barely worn natural horsehide Aero jacket. I have this listed on ebay and i'd thought I should also throw it on here. I've sold lots of footwear on R/goodyearwelt if you need references. Let me know if you have any questions. (see attached photos) Asking $800.00 OBO...
  12. Captain Sensible

    Aero Highwayman Black Horsehide Leather Jacket Size 38 Fits Bigger

    Aero Leather Highwayman Jacket Size 38
  13. M

    Johnson Leather Trucker Jacket (36)

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Selling this jacket as I have another in black that gets more wear. Trucker Jacket by Johnson Leather (San Francisco). Whiskey-Tan Leather Horsehide (~2.75 oz) Size 36 Shoulders: 17.5-17.75in Pit-to-Pit: 19.75in Body Length: 22in (Measured from the back...
  14. DarkKnight

    Attractions Shawl Collar Horsehide Coat

    Apologies in advance to anyone who owns a Barnstormer, but look at this delicious thing that you don't own: Living in Japan wouldn't be so bad I don't think.
  15. DarkKnight

    2 Aero Jackets For Sale (Board Racer and Premiere Highwayman)

    Hey all, I'm selling two of my Aero jackets for funds and because they no longer fit me. I'm including the links to the eBay posting which has all details, but I'll also copy that info and a couple of the photos here. Feel free to ask questions! Premiere Highwayman Board Racer
  16. D

    Cockpit USA Flying Tigers A-2 Jacket

    Anyone have any experience with this A-2? I was thinking about pulling the trigger on this eventually, but not so sure about the fit and quality of their HH offerings. I currently have their USAF Modern A-2 in a size 42, but I think I will be selling that one soon as it fits too baggy and likely...
  17. C

    Horsehide leather jacket care/ maintenance

    Hi- How would you suggest caring/maintaining a horsehide leather jacket that spends more time in the closet than anywhere else (and thus may potentially be prone to drying out somewhat)? I know aero on their website suggests doing nothing, but I would like to get other perspectives/ experience...
  18. BowsTrading

    FS: Eastman Leather ELMC Californian Havana 40L

    For sale is my brand new ELMC in havana horsehide a size 40L. Pictures are self explanatory to how nice this jacket is. Looking for $950 shipped and insured Pit To Pit: 21.5" Back Length: 24.25" Sleeve Length: 25" Shoulder:18.5"
  19. Y

    Aero horsehide size 36, model 38-1711-P Type A-2

    Hello, For sale is a horsehide Aero jacket size 36, model 38-1711-P Type A-2 of this link: http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/product-detail.php?id=90. Pics and info is posted here: https://www.grailed.com/listings/5360386-Aero-Leather-Aero-horsehide-size-36--model-38-1711-P-Type-A-2...
  20. L

    Horween FQHH Restoration Help

    Hey guys- I'm new here, but this site was recommended to me by the good people at Thurston. I'm hoping you can help with a problem regarding a stripped jacket. I have an old Vanson from when they still used Chromexcel FQHH from Horween. Long story short the family cat sprayed on it and I took...

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