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  1. F

    FS: Left Field x Vanson Commando S leather jacket

    Good afternoon, selling my Left Field x Vanson Commando S leather jacket. It is in really great condition. size is Large. It's a great jacket but I now I need a medium Commando or something similar in size 42. You are welcome to pass by and try it out if needed, just PM me if ever you are...
  2. horweak

    Custom Langlitz experiences?

    Hey all, I've been thinking about pulling a trigger on a custom columbia for a while now. I haven't ordered the catalog or spoken to anyone there yet. I wanted to hear some of your experiences first. How expensive? How long did it take? How easy are they to work with? Any outrageous sizing or...
  3. S

    For Trade: Langlitz Columbia

    I would like to trade my Langlitz Columbia for another of the same model. I don't know if many folks have a jacket like this, but I love the style and the leather (old not new style langlitz leather) and its just a shame this doesn't fit me anymore. I am looking for a jacket that's a slightly...
  4. F

    Schott CAF1 cafe racer leather jacket

    Cool cafe racer from Schott that is called the CAF1: here is some info from their website: We've resurrected the original cafe racer. Based on an over 50 year old model, this jacket is ready to wear. This jacket means business. It is ready to begin the break in period, it will be incredible with...
  5. P

    FSOT Ship John x Langlitz Leather Vegetable Tanned Wills Large

    I purchased this jacket from a fellow forum member, and have since decided it's not exactly for me. I spent a long long time finding this jacket, and it's likely the last of it's kind in this condition, but the time has come to sell or trade it. It looks like it has been worn 1 or 2 times max...
  6. S

    Langlitz USA versus Langlitz Japan

    Hi all - I bought a Langlitz Columbia recently, but sold it on, as the medium cowhide leather at Langlitz USA has recently changed. It's less dense, more spongy and dry, and while I'm sure of high quality, it's just not to my liking. I was wondering if Langlitz Japan might still have the...
  7. P

    FSOT Ship John x Langlitz Leather Vegetable Tanned Wills NEW Medium

    I bought this about a week ago thinking that it might fit. Sadly, it's too small (deep down I knew this was probably going to be the outcome). In any case, I now have this medium veg tanned wills jacket for sale or trade. Ideally, I would like to trade this for a size large or potentially even...
  8. Bahabp100

    Gail (RIP) from Schott: her thoughts on fit and custom jackets

    Was just reading this on the Schott forum and it seemed interesting enough to post here as well as a tribute to her: Our employees, most have worked for Schott about 20 years before the first Schott Retail store was opened, personally this is my 38th year. It is easy when you have an actual...
  9. Smallrod

    FS Langlitz K9 Racing Shirt Med

    http://ebay.us/J9YMg0?cmpnId=5338273189 Listed on ebay if anyone is interested.
  10. P

    WTS Ship John x Langlitz Black Veg Tan Leather Wills Jacket Size: Medium

    I am devastated that this doesn't fit. These jackets are impossible to get. Please shoot me a message if you are interested. Measurements are included in the photos. Ship John x Langlitz Black Images: https://imgur.com/a/sMcNgV5 Size: Medium Link to website...
  11. Bobby Schneider

    Langlitz Columbia 38

    Too short on me, I’m on a only one jacket rule. If it was 1 or 2 inches longer I would keep it. I just wanna get what I paid for it. It’s shiny and the leather smells good For skinny guys with shorter torsos than I would be great 425 shipping included
  12. P

    Buying Ship John jacket (and other Ship John clothing)

    Hi all, I have been in the market for quite some time looking for a Langlitz x Ship John Veg Tan Leather Wills Jacket If you have one in size L, please let me know (Note: I am also interested in other ship john products in size Large... so if you have those too, let me know) Thanks!
  13. Jejupe

    New Langlitz custom "Mike" - jacket

    Long story short, I visited Langlitz in Portland in March and ended up ordering made to measure heavily customized jacket based on old racing jacket they had on display at their workshop. The original had name "Mike" on the chest, so I call mine the Mike Jacket. I finally received the jacket...
  14. thedennissystem

    FS - Vintage The Flat Head Padded Moto Jacket sz 40

    For sale is this insane vintage padded leather jacket by The Flat Head in the style of a Langlitz Leathers Padded Columbia jacket. Zero wear, but as this jacket is over 5 years old there are spots where the leather is fading slightly. Includes fur mouton collar add-on. Short, rider inspired fit...

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