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lost worlds

  1. N

    LW Suburban 42 Russet

    Hi gents! Up for sale is a Lost World’s Suburban in heavy Russet, size 42. I bought it used awhile ago and am now finally getting around to selling it since it never fit quite right on me. It’s spent about 99% of its time with me in the closet. No rips or tears and zippers work good. There are...
  2. Jejupe

    FS: Lost Worlds California Highway Patrol size 48

    For sale is my LW California Highway patrol size 48 in black horsehide. LW flight satin lining in body and sleeves with fur lining in cuffs. Good condition with no visible flaws. All zips work, no stains and no holes in the lining. I don't have a belt for this jacket. Measurements: Chest: 67...
  3. Cornelius

    LOST WORLDS Russet Brown Horsehide Leather - questions, images, and experience

    Greetings Loungers- I've had an idle interest in the Lost WorldsBedford coat for a few years. Being chrome-tanned horsehide at 3/4 length, it seems like this would be a good coat in my climate for early spring and late fall, where unexpected precipitation is likely, and perhaps even on warmer...
  4. Christopher Randall

    Lost Worlds 44 Jacket

    Bought this one about month ago from fellow fedora lounge member. Awesome jacket but just little too big on me. Like to get $750 shipped in conus. Which is what I paid for it. Below is the original ad. https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/fs-lost-worlds-test.101131/#post-2746641
  5. Christopher Randall

    Lost Worlds National Racer Pine Green Deer 44

    Bought this jacket week or so back from another Fedora member and unfortunately it’s a little big on me. Pretty much sucks cause it’s a sweet looking jacket. Below is the link to the original ad. I would like to get $850 which is what I paid for it. Includes shipping in conus...
  6. warrior-poet

    FS: Lost Worlds J.A. Dubow B-3 (40)

    Lost Worlds J.A. Dubow B-3 tagged size 40 in superb condition (only worn a few times) full details (and Stu's marketing hype) available here: http://www.lostworldsinc.com/B-3_Sheepskin_Flight_Jacket.htm). This jacket is a real tank. It has a very nice knobbly, dense cream shearling and the shell...
  7. Christopher Randall

    Lost Worlds Horsehide Suburban Russet Shearling Lined

    Lost Worlds Horsehide Suburban Russet Shearling Lined Size 44. This jacket is like new and is pretty heavy. Bought this little over month ago from another fellow on fedora lounge and have decided that it needs to be in a colder climate. Will sale for $1100 shipped in conus
  8. Jejupe

    Lost Worlds’ founder Stuart interviewed

    I don’t know if you guys have seen this or not, it’s pretty recent interview of Stuart by a finnish site: http://www.keikari.com/english/an-interview-with-stuart-clurman-from-lost-worlds-inc/
  9. MemphisBlues

    Lost Worlds Leathertogs "B" aka Buco J-31

    Anyone seen this beauty up on the site yet? http://www.lostworldsinc.com/Leathertogs%20'B'%20Vintage%20Horsehide%20Motorcycle%20Jacket.htm Better yet, anyone buy it yet? I'm curious how this would compare to other makers who do a similar version. I have a Freewheelers Centinela and the arms...
  10. MemphisBlues

    WTB: Lost World's J-24

    Looking for the 4+oz stuff, ideally in a size 44 or 46. Maybe a 42 if the measurements work. Color is open. Prefer horsehide over other hides. Crown zippers would be nice. New or used doesn't matter. Whatcha got?
  11. Jejupe

    Question for Lost Worlds J-23/J-24 size 46 and 48 owners

    I’m in process of getting one of these, and I’d like to know how the measurements change from size 48 to 46. So if you you have one of these beauties in these sizes, I’d like to know pit to pit and shoulder measurements. If you have standard length, also back and sleeve measurements are of...
  12. MemphisBlues

    Lost Worlds Buco J-100 Sz 46 Long

    This is a custom black LW jacket made back in 2016. It's constructed out of 3.25oz chrome-tanned horsehide and has all the usual craftsmanship you would expect from Lost Worlds. It has NOS Scovill and Talon brass zippers. 100% pure nylon lining. It's in used condition, but far from beaten up or...
  13. Phillips88

    On the search for a new leather jacket!! Help!

    Hey guys I’m in need of some advice. I’m in the market for another cafe racer jacket. I don’t mind at all the be patient with this one. As long as it takes to get the right one no matter the wait or price. Iv got several leather jackets but with this one, I want it to be absolutely perfect! No...
  14. SFGII

    Lost Worlds Buco Rider has arrived

  15. P

    WTB Lost Worlds Suburban SZ 46 or Roadhouse SZ 46 or Both

    i currently have a Lost Worlds Suburban SZ 44 that I love. But, I'm looking for just a skosh more room as advised on the LW web site and I have read here from other people's experience. I would prefer US because shipping is pretty dear from Europe, but I'm willing to talk if you have a nice...