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premier highwayman

  1. mrfoxhunter

    New Aero Premier Highwayman FQHH

    Hi Fedora Lounge, I registered on the forum back in 2013, January 2013 to be exact. How time flies. This is my first post here but hardly my first time on the forums. As they say "first time poster, long time lurker". That does sound creepy to me. Around 2006 I started getting into leather and...
  2. M

    Premier Highwayman: A Bumpy Journey

    Evening gents & ladies, This is just a post to give credit to my experience with the team @ Aero Leather and the ups and downs of this journey. To give a transparent background of the entire story, I'll explain the 6 month history I have with the company and the certainty that I'll wish to...
  3. Sree

    STYLE- Seven (Board Racer with August collar) 46 Size - For Sale

    For sale is a gorgeous 46 Size STYLE- Seven (Board Racer with August collar) with single point yoke (like on standard Highwayman), plain back (no vertical split seam and NO internal and NO external kidney panel), Four-Pocket front (two horizontal chest pockets and two hand warmers), sleeve zips...
  4. Marmalade

    My Aero Premier Halfbelt just arrived...

    ...so I thought I'd post some pictures and share my Aero experience. I used this forum quite a bit and it helped me choose my jacket and mods. I learnt a lot from the guys that contribute so now I'd like to share my experience and maybe others can benefit from some things I learnt. My first...
  5. Witchtrip

    Need Aero Premier Highwayman customization advice

    Hello, This is my first post on TFL. I'm anxiously awaiting a fit jacket from Thurston Bros for my first custom Aero Premier Highwayman. I've been scouring the threads absorbing as much info as possible on the available options. I've pretty much got it sorted, but there are a couple of final...

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