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New in Town
...so I thought I'd post some pictures and share my Aero experience.

I used this forum quite a bit and it helped me choose my jacket and mods. I learnt a lot from the guys that contribute so now I'd like to share my experience and maybe others can benefit from some things I learnt.

My first Aero was always going to be a half belt. I loved the workmanship and intricate detail in the bi-swing back of the Half belt Deluxe but a slim fit was key so with Dennys advice I went with a modified Aero Premier Half Belt instead.

Other mods were made to the collar, sleeve and yoke seems and I went for a single point yoke instead of a double. Hardware is all brass. I went for the ball and loop pocket zip and D ring buckles on the side adjusters.

I originally wanted brown fqhh cxl but at the last minute changed to black, I just thought that would go with more of my clothes and I'm not sure I made the right choice on that, I think this style may have been better suited to brown.

But anyway, overall I am pretty happy with my first attempt. I have to say, the craftsmanship is absolutely outstanding, there's not a stitch out of place, it's immaculate. I am picky and it exceeded my expectations, the pictures probably wont do it justice.

If I have to be critical it's about the fit. I'd prefer it to be slimmer still. Across the back feels perfect but, for my taste, it feels like there's just a little too much material in the front. I also have the side adjusters as tight as they will go which i'd prefer not to have to do.

This jacket dips at the front but I'm wondering if I'd feel more comfortable with an inch extra length on the back, possibly half an inch on the front. I've only had the jacket 3wks so it will be interesting to see how i feel about the fit after 6mths, maybe my opinion will alter slightly.

I'd be interested to hear what you guys think of the fit and of the modifications I went for and if anyone has questions about the design or purchasing experience ask away.

And thanks again to all those that helped me along the way.


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Wow, a beautiful jacket!
I love the mods on the back. I think they should do that as a standard option.
From the rear, the jacket fits perfect!!!!!
If anything, the front could dip a touch more, but hard to tell with those jeans and un-tucked shirt :p Let out the straps a bit, and those wrinkles in the front should settle down.
How do you feel about the sleeves?
Congratulations on an amazing jacket.
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Call Me a Cab
I wouldn't give the fit a second thought. It fits great in chest and shoulders, sleeeve length is perfect.

Yes, there is some room in the stomach area but that's a good thing for a number of reasons. First, skin tight jackets are uncomfortable. It's okay and maybe even necessary on the bike, but on a casual style such as a halfbelt, you should pick comfort over vanity.

Also, it gives you the possibility to wear the jacket in more seasons as you can layer under it and last, you can still wear it if you gain some weight which occasionally happens.

Really, you did great. Jacket looks great, fits great and tell you what, my first jacket was brown, the next ten jackets after that? All black. Broken in brown leather is beautiful, but black one ages at least as nice. The most beautiful grain and wrinkles in leather jackets I have all seen on black jackets.


Practically Family
Coos Bay, OR
You nailed it brother! To my eyes, he fit looks perfect - both in length and tightness. Anything tighter should be reserved for punks and girls.

I hear what you're saying about this style being better suited to brown leather, but, as the newness of your jacket wears off, and it develops molding, creases, grain, and patina, you will discover that this half belt style also perfectly suits well broken-in black leather.

Isn't it satisfying how finding this forum becomes a major part of the process of learning, modifying, ordering, and appreciating your jacket?

I have the jacket I want, with the modifications I want, in the leather I want... all because of the wisdom and and kind sharing that goes on here. But having had the jacket for four years now, there ARE a couple small tweaks I would make if I had to start all over again - things I had to learn from actually wearing the jacket.

In this, your first post, you already mentioned "my first Aero" ...do you already have an idea of what you might want next?

It's a great looking jacket, and you wear it well. Congratulations!


I'll Lock Up
It's a perfect fit, all you have to do is tuck that t-shirt in and you'll be all set. I think the first vintage-style jacket can be difficult for most people, the proportions and shape are just that bit different from modern styles, but it's exactly what makes them so cool. Give it a few weeks and you'll wonder what you were ever worried about.


I'll Lock Up
Very nice jacket! For a first one you did really well fit wise.

If i had to be super critical i would say the bottom could be a bit big. The chest and shoulders look great, but the waist flares out a bit much especially from the back.
The only thing i would change would be to ask for size 40 taper at the waist. That should give you a neater fit and you will probably not need to tighten the side straps as much.

Maybe something to consider for your next one?

Seb Lucas

I'll Lock Up
There's no such thing as a perfect fit. But that's close. Any tighter and it won't look dignified. The fact is lots of folk put a lot of thought and $$$$ into posh jackets like these, but not many come out of it as well as you have.


I'll Lock Up
Very easy to feel the need for a longer jacket when you start this journey. I did the same. Then you'll grow to be comfortable in shorter (vintage) lengths and eventually you'll probably own so many it won't even matter. It's a trip.


London, UK
A fantsstic jaxcket - a sound example of the sort of variation from standard that can be produced under advice from Aero's experience. Looks great in black! Enjoy it. You can alwys buy the next one in brown..... ;)


My Mail is Forwarded Here
The back is very cool. I haven't seen another aero back design like it. Any other info? How did you come to get that back design?

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One Too Many
Midlands UK
Very nice halfbelt, length looks right for 30's pattern and I particularly like the look of the back. I'd probably need a tad more length in the sleeves, but that's just a personal thing. As to making the body slimmer, if it was a lighter weight hide it might work but reducing the Premier pattern in heavy leather could be a step too far - might look nice in static photos but moving around, wearing and living with it might be a little uncomfortable.


One Too Many
Just chiming in with the others...
This jacket fits you so well, the design is superb! And it will look super bad ass when you wear it every day from now on...
Please, don’t think about fit or your next jacket, just be happy and confident with this beautiful, awesome and special jacket right now. You and your fantastic jacket deserve nothing less.

Dave Harris

New in Town
Excellent jacket marmalade, I’m certainly no expert but to me the fit looks fantastic. It really looks great on you. I’d love to see how this jacket had aged since this post was created. Also, what was the mod that you did to the collar?

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