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  1. S

    Lost worlds Ryder Horsehide Jacket, Sz 34

    Lost worlds Ryder Horsehide Jacket, Sz 34 Ryder 34 with extra pocket. Substanial jacket that will last you a lifetime and become a hereloom piece. ^_^ Does not wear much, super clean, immaculate condition. This jacket costs $1750 + tax + shipping from lostwords. You can have it for $650 PP...
  2. VelahrnDaoine

    Bespoke informal suit

    Hello I have always wanted a suit like the vintage ones from the '20 and '30, with pleats, half belt and action back. Unfortunately, you cannot buy a new one, and, living in Poland means that you cannot find a vintage one. So I decided to order a bespoke suit with all that desired features...
  3. Marc mndt

    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    If you've got a quick jacket question and don't see a thread for it, just post it here. Whether the question is about fit, design, patterns, choice of leather, makers, hardware etc,. this is the place.
  4. J

    Aero 50's Halfbelt in Tan Steerhide size 38

    For your consideration is a Aero 50's Halfbelt in Tan Steerhide in size 38. Tweed lining. Loved the leather and style but unfortunately a bit loose for my slim body and arms.. Measurements: p2p: 22.5 sleeve: 25 length: 26 shoulder: 18 Paypal $525 shipped and insured to CONUS. (DM for local...
  5. Marc mndt

    LVC x Aero Rockabily / Rockafella halfbelt horsehide jacket size XL

    Up for sale is this beautiful LVC horsehide halfbelt, made by Aero. Somewhere in the beginning of the 2000s we bought this Levis Vintage Clothing jacket as a present for my father. I don't think he ever wore it and I forgot all about it. Few months ago when visiting my parents I found the jacket...
  6. A

    Aero Wool and Horsehide Jacket Sz 40

    Hey everyone, I’ve got this old Aero wool and horsehide jacket for sale. I picked it up a year ago from a seller in Paris, selling it now because I’ve ordered a new modified one from Thurston. The leather is FQHH, just recently broken in. The wool is navy blue Melton as far as I can tell. It...
  7. J

    My new Aero 1930 Halfbelt FQHH

    Hi My name is Roman and I was reading a lot about Aero Jackets in this forum. It took a while to make my decision and yesterday I have got a brand new Aero 1930 Halfbelt in natural Front Quarter Horsehide bought from Thurston Bros. After a very nice dialog with Carrie at Thurston Bros I...
  8. M

    My first jacket worthy of this lounge, just joined - AERO!

    New here. Just got my very first "custom" jacket this morning! (it was custom made for somebody else, but it's still custom! I got it used.) Aero 1930's Half Belt, size 42, (Black?) Vicenza Italian Horsehide Leather! Um . . . WOW! I'm 42 and so is my chest. It took my entire life to move...
  9. Marmalade

    My Aero Premier Halfbelt just arrived...

    ...so I thought I'd post some pictures and share my Aero experience. I used this forum quite a bit and it helped me choose my jacket and mods. I learnt a lot from the guys that contribute so now I'd like to share my experience and maybe others can benefit from some things I learnt. My first...
  10. Ricky Sinaga

    F.S. Vintage Emporio Armani Double Rider Halbelt Leather Jacket | 42

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my EMPORIO ARMANI Double Rider Collar Halfbelt Leather Jacket. The reason i'm posting this jacket here is because of its vintage look. Made from Nappa Leather with fantastic worn look and very comfortable liner that makes you don't want to wear off this jacket. Have a...

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