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  1. L

    RMC - Steinbeck 30s Sports Jacket (Size 38)

    Ok, here’s a classic and rare RMC Steinbeck horsehide jacket well known to all here, great conditions, I would say 95% new, jacket is now in Hong Kong and asking price is only USD1,500. Pls contact if interested cheers.
  2. H

    WTB: Real McCoy's J-24 (42) / Freewheelers La Brea (40)

    Just as the title says I'm looking for a RMC J-24 size 42 possibly a 40. Or a La Brea in black size 40. Feel free to DM or comment
  3. Dredgen Yor

    Real McCoy’s Buco J-24 size 40 to trade for 42 or Freewheelers San Mateo

    Looking to trade or sell my Real McCoy’s J-24 in size 40 lightly worn for a Size 42 or a Freewheelers San Mateo or centinela in 42, wildcard chance I know. Side note..I guess staying home for 3 months is not ideal for maintaining your current wardrobe as-is. 20.25” P2P 24.5” sleeve 17.75” shoulder
  4. Solo

    Shinki A-2 from RMC

    I've unloaded most of my jackets made in steer and suede and decided to keep things simple with just a couple of nice HH jackets. I love Vicenza leather that Aero uses, but one that stands out for me in terms of character and uniqueness is the HH made by Shinki. So here's my Real McCoy A-2 in...
  5. C

    The Real Mccoys Buco J-24 BJ9111 Horsehide Leather Jacket Size 42

    Hey I'm brand new to Fedora Lounge, I am currently looking to move on a couple of RMC jackets. This jacket was purchased new in Canada in March 2018. It's in immaculate condition and barely worn, and well looked after. Size 42. Please see the sizing chart within the attached link...
  6. AMan

    WTB: Real McCoys Buco Jh-1 Leather Jacket in Brown

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to acquire a Real McCoys Buco Jh-1 in Brown. I'd be a 40-44. I'd rather go by pit-to-pit measurements since it's likely stretched. Please let me know if you've got one and are willing to sell. Thanks! Al

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