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  1. yolo462140

    Where YOU can buy heavy overcoats today (28oz-32oz)

    As we all know overcoats/peacoats of heavyweight (28oz-32oz) aren't the norm anymore, so I'd like to share where you can find them . First, I'd look on Ebay for coats from the 1950s-1960s as they look to be more substantial. Other places include: Hockerty, they sell custom overcoats of 28oz...
  2. yolo462140

    Where can I buy a 20-32oz overcoat in charcoal or brown?

    Preferably that isn't from Ebay or Etsy Looking for an overcoat in dark brown in 32oz pref. Thanks!
  3. KyleHill83

    Buzz Rickson’s B-15 Colvinex size 38

    For sale, my Buzz Rickson’s B-15 Colvinex size 38. Product no. BR12526 The jacket is in near mint condition having been worn a few times only. There are no rips, tears, stains etc. Mouton collar, alpaca/wool pile lining, press studs and Talon zipper are perfect. Only signs of wear are light...
  4. AlexB

    Leather winter jacket - Classic Shearling Jacket vs. Shearling Lining

    Hi everybody, I am currently in the process of specifying Aero Jacket #3 with Carrie. Right now the weather is still beautiful and warm in NYC, but I want to plan ahead for the temperature drop in winter. My first thought was to go with a B-6 jacket in Seal. I like the trim fit and the thinner...

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