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  1. F

    Peacoat / Pea coat throat latch pattern

    Some time ago, I was looking for a pattern for the detachable throat latch that was a feature of Navy overcoats before & during WWII (including the enlisted peacoat & officer’s bridge coat). These were needed to keep the fold-down collar in the upright position during windy, cold, and rainy...
  2. D

    FS: Eastman Leather WWII Type A-2 Size 44 XL - Monarch contract

    Eastman Leather WWII Type A-2 Size 44 XL (Extra Long) - Monarch contract. Beautiful horsehide. Asking $849 OBO. If you are looking up the Eastman Leather A-2 contract reproductions, the quality and value of these jackets goes without saying. This is a well but gently worn and broken in Monarch...
  3. ryvncvrp

    Taking offers on my N-1 Jacket!

    This jacket is perfectly faded, perfect condition n-1 jacket with sun fading on back and arms. Believe it's late 1940s/early 1950s. Perfect mix of colors. Tag is hard to read but also has Conmar zipper. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  4. R

    For Sale: WW2 A-2 Leather Named Flight Jacket Rare 2nd Command Control Squadron Patch

    I have a WWII A2 leather flight jacket named, “ E.J. Cichon”, below the tag is a 2nd Command Control patch in 5-inch diameter (cotton embroidered on felt). The jacket is in great condition for its age and the leather is still soft. The Talon zipper is in working order. Waistband, wool cuffs, and...
  5. Edward Reed

    Donut Dollie wire tray (mobile canteen ephemera)

    I'm into the ephemera and downtime lifestyle of the WWII soldier and got interested in the mobile canteen aspect of it. Coffee (tea) and donuts were a common staple... Doughnuts were an easy item to make and offer through mobile canteen services trucks. I located an exact matching hand made wire...
  6. P

    Original WW2 Monarch of Milwaukee A2 H/H flying jacket

    I have owned this for about 10 years, having bought it in the US. Fits me at 5’10 and 44” chest. I was hoping people here could tell me more about it as it seems to be a custom jacket, with green/gold quilted satin lining and, unusually, hand warmer pockets. Guessing these were sold via...
  7. Edward Reed

    M3 Flak Helmet restore

    well, not a full restoration ... an M3 Flak helmet was the last "must have" item I needed for my collection. This bucket has no dents or dings and has all the original webbing and chin strap albeit the original flocking is pretty much gone. Its missing one ear pad (as they usually are) but it...
  8. mattmiller1973

    Does Aero make the most `Period-Correct' B-3 Jacket?

    I'm looking for the most `period-correct' B-3 jacket that I can possibly find. Reason: my grandfather flew a B-24 in the second World War out of Horsham St. Faith (458th Bomb Group, 755th Bomb Squadron) and was shot down over Boppard, Germany before being transferred to Stalag Luft 3. I'd like...
  9. 7

    Original Irvin RAF flying jacket wanted

    Im looking for an original Irvin in good wearable condition, one that will fit a size 40-42 chest, if anyone is looking to sell theirs let me know! always looking out for other originals also. (A-2, B-3 B-6, m422a, m-444/445, b-10/15) etc. let me know what you have for sale. Thank you!
  10. P

    WWII Navy pea coat

    New member and never posted before. I have my dad's authentic Navy pea coat, size 40 that I wish to sell at this time; it's in near perfect condition. He served on the USS Coolbaugh from Mar 44 to Dec 45. How do I go about this on this site? I can take photos to post if you tell me how to...
  11. Selig

    Trading U.S. Authentic A2 jacket in Goatskin size 36

    Looking to trade my U.S. Authentic A2 bomber jacket in goatskin size 36 for an equivelant in size 40. Even though it is a size 36 it fits more like a 38. I'm usually a size 40 so this is just a little tight on me. Brand new, no blemishes to the leather, lining or wool cuffs. Pictures upon...
  12. Wells

    WANTED: WWII Imp Boondockers

    Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone had a pair of WWII Impressions Boondockers they wouldn't mind parting with. Looking for a size 8/8.5. Hell, I'll even take a 9, haha! Cheers, lads. Brandon

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