Original WW2 Monarch of Milwaukee A2 H/H flying jacket

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Peter McDonagh, Jul 29, 2020.

Any idea of value?

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  1. Peter McDonagh

    Peter McDonagh New in Town

    I have owned this for about 10 years, having bought it in the US. Fits me at 5’10 and 44” chest. I was hoping people here could tell me more about it as it seems to be a custom jacket, with green/gold quilted satin lining and, unusually, hand warmer pockets. Guessing these were sold via department stores at the time but, I suppose it could also have been custom made. No idea of value (other than what I paid 10 years ago).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what you think.

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  2. Lebowski

    Lebowski This guy has numerous complaints from sellers.

    It's not A-2 nor flying jacket, it's just civil jacket from that era made by Monarch.
  3. jacketjunkie

    jacketjunkie Call Me a Cab

    Yup. This is no A-2 jacket and therefore has much less collectors value. Aside from it being a Monarch, which is a known maker of war time A-2s and therefore held in higher esteem than some other company, this is just some generic bomber jacket as many companies made them from the 50s-80s and to the present day. For a vintage jacket it is in good condition, in particular the lining, so it may bring in some money but if I saw this on ebay, I'd be surprised to see it go for much.

    edit: All that being said, it is a nice jacket. If it fits, keep it.
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  4. tmitchell59

    tmitchell59 I'll Lock Up

    Post-war Monarch Civilian A2 as stated above. Monarch was a major manufacture of all manner of nice outerwear. Well known for their Army Air Forces A2.

    this jacket is a bit later, c.1950, with the newer logo. They have a distinctive fit and leather, not as heavy leather as other 50s makers. More along the weight of the Military A2 in horsehide.

    They are nice jackets in the world of Civilian A2. I have seen them on ebay $100-$200.

    DSC04150.jpg DSC04157.jpg DSC04158.jpg DSC00634.jpg
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  5. Maverickson

    Maverickson Familiar Face

    Virginia Beach
    Hi Peter,

    My experience tells me that more often than not Monarch did civilian versions of their mil spec flight jackets. Monarch was a very prolific jacket maker. From what I've seen, I believe it is safe to say that Monarch did a civilian rendition for just about every leather flight jacket contract they did for all services.

    As an avid collector of Monarch jackets I collect both civilian models and their U.S.N. & U.S.A.A. military issue leather jackets in general. From my perspective your civilian A-2 "flight jacket" falls directly into that fore mentioned category.

    If there is one thing I've noticed about Monarch's civilian type jackets, they generally advertise the type of hide used on their label. Especially if an upgraded hide was

    See a few examples I've accumulated.

    As found on my pre War Half Belt
    Monarch Label Late 30s.jpg
    As found on civilian AN-J-3 (leather collared exhibiting both pre & mid War mil spec USN designs)
    Cabretta Leather AN-J-3.jpg
    As found on mid 1930's Half Belt
    Late 30s Monarch Label.jpg
    As found on my War era civilian AN-J-3A (goat hide USN type with mouton collar)
    Monarch Label .jpg
    As found on a my mid 1940's Half Belt
    MonarchLabel .jpg
    As found on my early 1930's horse hide three quarter length shawl collar
    Ancient Monarch Label.jpg

    In the not so distant past I also came across a civilian version of their 1951 model 7823 (AER) G-1 flight jacket contract. But was remiss in not purchasing that jacket out right nor getting an image of it's label.
    Cheers, Dave
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  6. Peter McDonagh

    Peter McDonagh New in Town

    Thank you for your helpful comments. Peter
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  7. Peacoat

    Peacoat Bartender Bartender

    South of Nashville
    @Peter McDonagh Your jacket is looking a bit dry, especially around the collar. Whether you sell it or keep it (I would keep it) it needs a treatment of Pecard, or one of the fine English leather conditioners made in the UK.
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