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  1. K

    Buzz Rickson USAAF wool flight jacket L

    Selling my Buzz Rickson wool flight jacket. In as new condition. Beautifully crafted piece. Chasing $150USD Shipping to be discussed with buyer. Paypal FF
  2. Antique Indian Motocycles

    1930s motorcycle breeches with amazing patina/grain

    If you are searching for maximum patina and grain, this is it! The ultimate stuff to totally scare your ol'lady or for dapper riding your vintage iron. Motorcycle breeches made 90 years ago. Fits like jeans waist size US 34 / 36. Cotton lining. Leather is showing a large variety of browns. In my...
  3. P

    Original WW2 Monarch of Milwaukee A2 H/H flying jacket

    I have owned this for about 10 years, having bought it in the US. Fits me at 5’10 and 44” chest. I was hoping people here could tell me more about it as it seems to be a custom jacket, with green/gold quilted satin lining and, unusually, hand warmer pockets. Guessing these were sold via...
  4. O

    Real McCoys A-2 horse hide seal brown Rough Wear sz. 40

    Real McCoys A-2 horse hide seal brown sz. 40. Rough Wear contract. Very thick horse hide, full of character and great patina. Perfect knits and Talon zip. Measurements p2p 55 cm shoulders 46 cm sleeves 62 cm length (from bottom of collar) 61 cm asking 475 Euro + shipping
  5. O

    Buzz Rickson's B-10 USAAF Flight Jacket Superior Togs size 40

    Buzz Rickson’s B-10 Superior Togs flight jacket, size 40. In very good condition, just a minor hole in the waist cuff (see pics). measurements p2p 57 cm sleeve 61 cm shoulders 49 cm length 60.5 cm asking 300 Euro plus shipping.
  6. O

    Eastman 55j14 G-1 USN Flight Jacket size 40

    Eastman G-1 55j14 flight jacket. Size 40, goatskin, some wear visible (see pics) but still in very good condition. measurements p2p 56 cm sleeve 60 cm shoulders 49 cm length 60.5 cm Asking 375 Euro plus shipping.
  7. 7

    Original Irvin RAF flying jacket wanted

    Im looking for an original Irvin in good wearable condition, one that will fit a size 40-42 chest, if anyone is looking to sell theirs let me know! always looking out for other originals also. (A-2, B-3 B-6, m422a, m-444/445, b-10/15) etc. let me know what you have for sale. Thank you!
  8. O

    Buzz Rickson's A-2, Vintage Foster USN 55j14 G-1, Real McCoys C-2

    1) Buzz Rickson's A-2 flight jacket, horse hide, size 40. 2) Late 40s Vintage 55j14 G-1 L.W. Foster Sportswear goatskin USN flight jacket, size 40 3) Real McCoys C-2 USAAF wool vest, size 40 (fits like small) 1) Buzz Rickson's A-2 flight jacket, horse hide, size 40, Rough Wear specs. Used but...
  9. C

    WW2 Peacoat

    Hi Everyone. I found out about the existence of this forum from the amazingly well written vintage peacoat guide. My chest measurement is a 41 so I ordered a peacoat according to the guide that was 21.5 inches armpit to armpit. It fits really snug, but not uncomfortable. If for some reason I...
  10. rustles

    A2 flight jacket Leather patch help

    Hey everyone I do appreciate everyone's advice regarding jacket designs for my A2 jacket. I did finalize one design i'm gonna go with and I really would appreciate your help with this. I found out my grandfather was in the 1st weather reconnaissance squadron during WW2 and I looked up if they...
  11. rustles

    Finding leather blood chits for an A2 flight jacket

    Hey everyone, I decided to buy a cooper a2 flight jacket on ebay and I want to make it into a chine Burma flight jacket from ww2. I'm having trouble finding a good leather blood chit for the jacket, and I am wondering fi any of you happen to know where I can find a good priced leather blood chit...
  12. rustles

    Remaking a WW2 version A2 Pilot jacket with nose art pait on the back

    Hi Fedora Lounge I assumed this is the right place to ask this but I am planning on putting together a ww2 style pilot jacket, I been looking at potential jackets on ebay (been making sure there's no seams on the back, just smooth like the originals) and worse case i may buy a miltec one...
  13. Selig

    Trading U.S. Authentic A2 jacket in Goatskin size 36

    Looking to trade my U.S. Authentic A2 bomber jacket in goatskin size 36 for an equivelant in size 40. Even though it is a size 36 it fits more like a 38. I'm usually a size 40 so this is just a little tight on me. Brand new, no blemishes to the leather, lining or wool cuffs. Pictures upon...
  14. Distant People

    British Army Kit Bag / London Scottish Officers' 1920-1940

    In excellent shape. Welcome any further information on it! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172675768424?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  15. V

    Eastman A-2 Seal Brown Horsehide size 48 Mint condition Sale or Trade

    Eastman A-2 Seal Brown Horsehide size 48 I am second owner. First owner said: "jacket was ordered from History Preservation, the company that supplied the repo clothing for the movie "Pearl Harbor"" and costed him over $1000. He said he didn't wear it and I tried it on for about an hour inside...
  16. Hawkmoth

    U.S Navy Buckle.........?

    IMG_0365 by Hawkmoth posted Oct 25, 2016 at 10:18 AM I know it's not a Jacket, but I am hoping that some of you vintage appreciating folks may be able to help? I bought a few of these Buckles a year or two back . Told they were New/Old stock from WW2. I can't find any reference to them...
  17. JMH89

    Any ideas on these USAAF trousers?

    I've been trying to work out what these trousers are, they don't look like regulation officers pinks or greens. Any information would be much appreciated! Pilot backstory: At the outbreak of war John Trevor Godfrey enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Force. He transferred to the 8th Air...

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